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Excerpts from

For Many Shall Come in My Name

by Ray Yungen

From Chapter 2: The Advent of "Ancient Wisdom"





A Targeted Generation

Prior to the late l960s, occultism in America was relatively obscure and considered an eccentric pursuit. If such ideas were discussed in public, the person expressing them would have been considered peculiar.

The l960s changed all that in a relatively short period of time. I remember once having a conversation with an elderly lady who had been involved with occultism all of her life. She recounted to me how New Age thought “hadn’t really gotten anywhere until the hippies came along, then things really started to get off the ground.” Her observation could not have been more accurate.

Many people think of the 1960s as a time when a bunch of outlandish young people acted up and tweaked the nose of straight society. In reality, it was a social and cultural revolution of gigantic proportion. These shifts in attitudes during the 1960s deeply affected the social fabric of the entire Western world.

The youth/drug/rock counterculture, as it was called, could be broken down into three basic segments:

The Radical Political Element: Collectively known as the New Left, they wanted to off the pig (kill police), smash the state, and give power to the people. In other words, they considered themselves to be the politically motivated vanguard who would lead progressive elements of society in a broad-based socialist revolt against what they perceived as the capitalist/imperialist coalition of government and military. In addition to those who wanted revolution, there were many who simply wanted to see the war in Vietnam end.

The Hedonists: These were the ones who really just wanted to party. This meant getting stoned, engaging in promiscuous sex, listening to Jimi Hendrix or the Jefferson Airplane, looking hip, and giving lip service to whatever seemed to be fashionable at the time. They had no real commitment to anything other than their own pleasure.

The Spiritual Seekers: These were the ones who had spiritual insights from their involvement with drugs (mainly LSD) and Eastern mystical practices. They were into yoga, 1-Ching, tarot cards, astrology, Zen, Native American lifestyles, Atlantis, UFOs, ESP, Eastern gurus, reincarnation, holistic health, and other such interests. In other words, instead of Marxism and pleasure seeking, these people were delving into the Ancient Wisdom as the answer to the world’s problems. What made them significant is that they numbered in the millions.

Those in New Age circles have rallied around and taken very seriously a book called The Starseed Transmissions, purportedly channeled from a being [demonic spirit guide] who called himself “Raphael.” Many highly respected New Age leaders, such as Jean Houston, have praised it for telling us what the intention and plan of the New Age is really all about. The book gives some keen insights. In it, Raphael describes the mission he and his kind are pursuing:

"There is but the flimsiest of screens between your present condition and your true nature. It is our mission to assist you in bridging this gap, to awaken you from sleep, to bring you to the fulfillment of your destiny."[12]

According to Raphael, the 1960s played a key role in this mission. This is very apparent in his comments about that time period.  He speaks of their (Raphael and his fellow spiritual entities) first large scale entry into our “historical process” in the late 1960s:

"At that time, the members of your species most responsive to our descending vibrational patterns were those who had not yet assumed clearly defined social roles. Within them, we could plant the seeds of our Life-giving information with the greatest chance for successful germination.... We chose the years 1967 to 1969 for this first large scale experiment, because at that time in your global civilization there was an entire generation coming into maturity that was receptive to change on a planetary scale."[13]

What Raphael said he and his kind were going to do has happened just the way he explained it would. The generation that embraced these metaphysical ideas in the 1960s has been the catalyst for the current surge of spiritual transformation that is now permeating our society.

Because of this, occultism is no longer a proper term for the Ancient Wisdom since it is not hidden from view or kept secret any more. In fact, just the opposite is now the case. Being anything but hidden, it is highly visible and available to anyone. I heard one practitioner on the radio put it very aptly when he said that in the last twenty years occultism has come out of the closet, and it will never be driven back in.

Another metaphysician made a similar concurrence by stating:

"At one time such cosmic knowledge was hard to come by. It was known as the mystery teachings, or the occult (hidden) teachings, or the secret doctrine and it was only available to selected individuals in secret retreats which have always existed on Earth. Now it is available to all who are interested."[14]

The New Age Around the World

The New Age phenomenon is by no means confined only to America. In virtually every country in the world you can find evidence that it is having an impact. In countries such as India, Japan, and Nigeria, it has been the traditional spirituality for centuries. In many others, especially countries that have been traditionally Christian, the New Age movement is expanding Germany is a good example of this. Consider the following quotes in a West German magazine from the 1980s:

"[The movement] has exploded in the BRD (West Germany) - [since] 1986 an infrastructure has spread out.... it is very typical of the early phases of a mass movement.... Germany is over-ripe for New Age,” says Gerd Gerken of the Creative House. “In this country there is a high potential for the transformation.”[15]

Great Britain has also been engulfed in the New Age tide. One annual New Age festival, the Glastonbury Festival, has been in existence since 1970 and draws a crowd of 150,000 each year.[16] A sympathetic English clergyman had this to say:

The popularity of the Meditation movement today is beyond doubt. All sections of society, religious and secular, urban and rural have felt its impact. It is everywhere apparent, from the now familiar groups meeting regularly in church halls for the practice of Yoga to the recent invasion of rural Sussex by Buddhist contemplatives.[17]

The New Age view has become so respectable and mainstream in Great Britain that some very notable personalities have no qualms about endorsing practices that are distinctly metaphysical. One popular healer in London who uses occult energies in her work has the openly public support of none other than Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, widely known as Fergie:

"Alla [the healer] has been a tremendous help in guiding me in all aspects of my physical and emotional well being. Whenever I go to see her, she recharges my energy and enables me to cope with the many challenges and demands of my busy life. She offers me sound practical advice that I’m sure would make sense to anyone who is struggling to find time to focus on their health in the midst of a hectic lifestyle.”[18]

This healer is also endorsed by Elizabeth Hurley, one of the most beautiful and high profile models and actresses in Great Britain.

Back in the Soviet Russia of the 80's, there was a thriving interest in Aquarian pursuits. A book on citizen diplomacy to the Soviet Union at the time revealed:

"Growing numbers of Soviets are experimenting with and avidly pursuing interests in meditation, yoga, vegetarianism, exercise, massage, encounter groups, gestalt groups, est, underwater birthings, crystals, psychic healing, clairvoyance, telepathy, Aikido and transformationalism... Literature on yoga, sufism, Buddhism, Vedanta, Cabala, the lost knowledge of ancient civilizations, and other esoteric subjects is available and finds a wide audience.. .we know for certain that many top officials are involved in these activities themselves.”[19]

Today, Russian metaphysical pursuits are still going strong, very strong! In her fascinating book on modern Russia, Moscow Days, journalist Galina Dutkina explains:

[T]here have never been so many people involved with the occult sciences and paranormal phenomena in Russia as there are now. Two years ago the evidence of this was only bubbling on the surface like foam, but now it has penetrated throughout everyday life. Wherever you look on television or in the newspapers, astrologists and magicians, shamans and traditional psychics, warlocks and witches, healers and medicine men, seers and clairvoyants....

"There are numerous schools, courses, and academies of all types where you can learn these crafts yourself, where there are courses in telling fortunes by the stars, healing, casting spells, and harnessing or simply invoking the forces of darkness or cosmic energy."[20]

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