sure by all means post it,  the whole thing is dear to my heart as well, it's like so many lost in drugs, Love the lord here,  was dead without Christ , saved in 1975, traveled America on foot for 3 years with my wife, have an MDiv, and a Phd in the making, but remain simple for the people why not Jesus did so, he know all, and I have little knowledge if any worth while  when it comes to his might and love, I have no idea why I have lived this long all that has come at me and often far from home alone with my lord is mind blowing. The joy, ah Oh I love the bliss he gives in surrender. have a few girls and pretty and love them married now, seems like they grew to fast I miss the family times a lot.

 Ministry here started 12 years ago, went through an NDE was not good, they said I should have died, the experience of it  was unbelievable, but fastened  my life to God, his word and the truth , it would change me forever,, science guy by trade  and worked in lots of defense stuff and now once again will face unreal might in it's power connections and the truth potent large investors.  I can not share, its simply amazing in all realms life is not boring here, but also stunning , with you all that you say is  perhaps very truer than you may think... .
 I am German by Birth my folks came here, what people are interested in us for is the strange mind abilities, My dad was incredible in math not me , I seem to have failed it? not sure why. Here's something, My dad knew about all that stuff  the fly devices and the science weíre just barley speaking of, what gets me is this those who are not found were driven by deep cultic connections and made the cross over, that is simply amazing I had heard that in the 1960's image knowing all that and much more, that I can assure of and we are going to see itís mask undone and it will simply overwhelm people,  unless the lord does otherwise, the populace will never be able to deal with it when it is brought forth. you both will I see that ,,, God lets us see, only Jesus can save us out of such hideous power.. My mom died Christians saw a death came for 1 year, lost two sisters to the mess.
 I have had two major heart issues dear brother and sister,, the last one was perhaps my last chance, they burnt the face of the entire chamber in the top section to kill the bad nerves, what a deal and the pain later. I have been developing some sudden very rapid beats and chest pain been hiking today though,, they claim itís the Angina have no idea what and when just know nothing has ever been easy for me. The lord showed the life he gave me is not my own, he would spend me by in reaching out, for his glory, through deep desire , and into an abyss at times, of people who live in utter darkness, that is never easy to see. I been wordless in some of those events.
The cults wow that's a whole  world onto itself, I got inside of them and man itís nuts and the rage and intensity of them is really awful...God speaks to us in silent times, we must all pray for each other in knowledge and wisdom, there is so much coming. I leave it all before the Lord I am undone often. I love the articles you have, fantastic I can assure you  info may more truthful than you know, I came across some books here one for you to read itís called the Occult and third Reich by Gene  Michal Angerbert 1974 publication, wait to you see what he says was going on and itís just tiny piece of so much more.  what you will see I can assure is true.... It will be something you need to think through carefully.  enjoy tired right now ... got to rest been out all day, night fall I may be out again.. 
your to kind in those words...blessings to you and your family always may each of stay form in the faith always. My friends, joy...