“Agenda 21, the action plan to implement the principles and agreements of Rio, is a blueprint for constructing the new world order called for at Rio. It is vital that people grasp this new vision of our future and understand how they can contribute to its realization.” - Maurice Strong, Forward, The Earth Summit’s Agenda for Change.1

“With the end of the ideological conflict that dominated a generation of international affairs, a new world order, shaped by a new agenda, will emerge. If the physical degradation of the planet becomes the principal preoccupation of the global community, then environmental sustainability will become the organizing principle of this new order… For the first time since the emergence of the nation-state, all countries can unite around a common theme.” - Lester R. Brown, speaking on the Rio Earth Summit.2

Forcing Change, Volume 7, Issue 1
January 2013
Agenda 21, p.1.
Teichrib Life, p. 15.
Carl Teichrib, Editor.
Agenda 21
“Whatʼs old is new again.”
To some extent Agenda 21 fits this mold. Emanating from the 1992 United Nations Rio Earth
Summit, officially known as the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development
(UNCED), concerns were raised by political researchers during the mid-to-late 1990s about the
dangers posed by federal agencies looking to implement Agenda 21 management principles, particularly
as it related to property rights, energy and industry, and agriculture. Research articles were
published, hearings took place, education campaigns were launched, and the topic was a talking
point on some radio shows. Arguably, it wasnʼt a mainstream issue - not in the sense of being a nationally
recognized news story. Nevertheless, an energized effort to inform the public did make
headway during that time.
Then came the “war on terror,” instantly becoming the international talking point. Paralleling this
was the intensified battle over climate change. Agenda 21, it appeared to many, had faded into the
background. Ironically, and not unknown to the research community, the Kyoto convention on climate
change was launched through the Earth Summit process and was an extension of the
Agenda 21 concept. All of this said, researchers and environmental lobbyists understood the long
term relevance of Agenda 21, and a back story political struggle continued between advocates of
private property versus those pushing socialized management. In this sense Agenda 21 never
went “out of style,” although the general public was largely ignorant of the controversy.
Now, approximately 20 years after UNCED and the release of Agenda 21, it has once again become
a political focal point, especially in the United States. Consider the following.
In 2012 the Republican Party passed a resolution opposing Agenda 21, and in January 2013 a
Missouri House committee found itself with an Agenda 21 ban proposal. In Oklahoma, two Agenda
21 ban resolutions are on the table, and anti-Agenda 21 legislation is before the Virginia House of
Delegates. Educational meetings are springing up across the country as political researchers seek
to inform the public about this critical issue.
On the other side of the coin is the fact that the Obama administration has put forward
environmental and economic platforms that are reminiscent of Agenda 21, and has enhanced the

federal funding of Local Governments for Sustainability, also known as ICLEI - a global Agenda 21
support organization working with more than 600 jurisdictions in the United States. On another
front, agri-industry giant Monsanto joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development
(WBCSD) on January 22, 2013. The WBCSD, established to draw global businesses into the Earth
Summit framework, partners with more than 200 major corporations in the pursuit of Agenda 21
sustainability concepts.
And last yearʼs Rio+20 conference, meant to bolster the original 1992 UNCED package, helped
reawaken the topic.

Today, right or wrong, Agenda 21 is being dragged into an assortment of arguments, fueled in
large part by the heated rhetoric of left-right pundits. This doesnʼt mean itʼs unimportant; It is, as it
has already impacted national, state/provincial, and local management policies. But like so much
else that can become emotionally charged, we tend to lose something in the noise.
That said, the purpose of this essay isnʼt to explore the text of Agenda 21. Many other researchers
and writers have done this. Rather, we need to focus on what Agenda 21 is, and what it was hoped
to be. This second part represents an underlying story, revealing the heartbeat of Rio.
Revisiting Agenda 21
Agenda 21 is not a binding treaty. It does not have a legal and contractual
mechanism in the same manner as multilateral treaties or
conventions. However, this doesnʼt mean its benign. Far from it.
Instead of being a treaty with enforcement mechanisms, this cornerstone
UNCED document places the emphasis on voluntary implementation.
Each country that signed Agenda 21 agreed to it as a
framework, a structural instrument used by nations to shape their own
domestic policies for a common “global good.” In this sense it is a visioning
blueprint meant


I know you are right. I am going to give my pastor the attached file. I am watching people come up against me for having a Bible Study in my apartment complex. I had a man come up to me today and say, "man Martha, "THEY" just want to throw you to the lions". I should have come back and said, "No worries, I have the Lion of Judah on my side."

But i didn't. I just listened to him as he told me what others are saying about me. A Wardorbe from The King is the next study I am going to do. I have taught on spiritual warfare for many years. I have taught many how to keep up the war efforts since the battle is non stop.

So, that's what I am going to do. I won't stop Berit. I'm a Christian all the way. Yes, it's getting harder, but I'm not in this to go the wide and easy road. I took the narrow path years ago and I wasn't kidding them, and I'm not kidding now. Right now, my concern is Halloween. It makes me sick to my stomach to see our pastor's kids wearing halloween costumes. He wouldn't answer my call when I told him I had a video and a small informational documentation on Halloween. I know he will not stop. I can feel it in my spirit. I sent you my doc. Let me know what you think. I'm on your page everyday. I copy and paste poems on my facebook. They are beautiful and encouraging. Be Blessed.

Yes, it's sad to see the gradual corription, but we knew it was coming. All the more for us to be prepared. Don't do as the world just becuz we live in the world. I am committed 100%. I have always been this way since 93' when The Lord told me that He was coming soon and He needed my help. I know He didn't need my help, but He knows that I am a Martha, and being needed is part of our make up. Give me a reason and I'll bake a cake and take on any prayer, n study and preach. Just how us Martha's are made up.

I almost gave up myself. Especially when I moved to Ohio. This place is so dark. Mason's rule this place. And everyone is good with it. I exposed their lies and my friend said, "You know, mason's send money to me so I can do missions. So, until we are back from our mission trip, please don't say anything." Needless to say, I no longer am friends with her. Many other things happened and I needed to cut all ties. It's rough, but I'm not givin in or giving up. God is to be praised and I will stand firm in this battle. It's almost over.
Love Martha

From: Berit Kjos <berit@crossroad.to>
To: 'Martha Burrell' <jcforgaveme@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 12:24 AM
Subject: RE: plea for help

It’s so sad to the see the gradual corruption in the churches across the country, Martha. All the more, He becomes our best Friend! I know very few people who are totally committed to Him these days.

Did you see these two encouraging devotions?

Yes, I will join you in prayer –especially for you but also for families and children and our nation through this next week of spiritual darkness.

Just like in OT days, today’s churches are adapting God’s Word to the increasingly depraved world system. Occult entertainment is becoming more exciting to people than our wonderful Lord!

But remember, Martha, He has always kept a remnant close to Himself. He will keep us and guide us along an increasingly narrow and unpopular road. But oh how blessed we are in Him!

With His love,

From: Martha Burrell [mailto:jcforgaveme@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 1:53 PM
To: hope@crossroad.to
Subject: plea for help

Thank you for your stand on everything. I have been on your site now for about four days. I have ordered a few books and I can't wait to get them. I have been seen as a "wacko" since I became a Christian in 1983. Immediately, the Lord opened my eyes to the books, the games, the movies, the "harmless foolishness" of this world. I have been shunned and gossiped about for three decades now, but I cannot and I will not stop telling people that what they do or watch effects their minds and their Christian walk.

I don't know what else to do but to show and tell the truth. The Lord had me update a paper I use to hand out about Halloween. I found your site during this time and of course, you have incredible information that I actually used. I know I emailed you about this when I ordered the books and bible study. But, I almost feel like I am alone in the world when I do this. It's a lonely place to be when you are exposing the masons or Halloween. My pastor practices Halloween. He won't be involved in a secret society like masons, but has no problem putting his four daughters and our church in the hands of satanist. I don't want to be shunned again. I don't want to have people look at me like I'm a wacko because I expose the darkness. BUT ISN'T that what we are suppose to do? Berit, I do not know what else to do but ask you for prayer. I am going to be addressing these issues with my pastor very soon. I asked him If we could met. I know he doesn't want to stop, but I know that is one of the reasons our church is not growing. He is our leader and he is leading us right into the hands of the devil. The Lord placed me here in this church two years ago. When I first moved to Portsmouth, Ohio, I went to a church called Pleasant Green Baptist Church. there are 6 masons on their elder board. I brought it up in a meeting once and I was shunned. I left there and found another church here, called, Christ Community. There Associate Pastor, Ralph Clay, is a 32degree mason. I'm not kidding about this. I know the Lord has called me here. My health has been so attacked that I spent 2011 in bed. Now, I'm up and want to fight. HELP ME PLEASE.

I need to take a stand now and I request you and Andy to stand in prayer with me as I do this. I just can't sit around and watch as everyone I know particapates in Halloween.
Blessings, Martha