The Rise and Fall of Truth & Freedom!

America's Success was just a BLIP, says the professor." [1]

Berit Kjos  ~  August 22, 2013

Purging the Memory of Our Christian Roots

"Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ." Colossians 2:8

1. Corrupting History

"What if everything we’ve come to think of as American is predicated on a freak coincidence of economic history? And what if that coincidence has run its course?"[2]

That question is not mine! I totally disagree with Professor Gordon assumptions! But as America turns from factual history to false theories, we need to be on guard and take a stand!

Robert Gordon is a pessimistic atheist and his message of doom is based on ambiguous speculations. Yet his irrational views have gone viral in liberal eastern states. His fame is rising fast and his disturbing philosophy seems to please the elite establishment. After all, it shifts the burden of blame for today's economic disasters away from the Obama administration and attributes it to mere FATE: just another inexplicable 'BLIP in time and history.

Some call the 72-year-old atheist and economist at Northwestern a "declinist and an accidental social theorist."2 Looking ahead, he sees little hope for America:

"There are many ways in which you can interpret this economic model, but the most lasting—the reason, perhaps, for the public notoriety it has brought its author—has little to do with economics at all. It is the suggestion that we have not understood how LUCKY we have been. The whole of American cultural memory, the period since World War II, has taken place within the greatest expansion of opportunity in the history of human civilization."[3]

Was LUCK a major key to America's growth during the last century? Of course not! A century ago America would still be considered a Christian nation where a majority believed in God and lived by His moral values. That's no longer true today! Among the most anti-Christian influencers are government leaders, Media manipulators and our children's teachers!

Does Gordon's BLIP help explain the pathway toward a New Word Order -- the global government envisioned by wealthy and secretive elites for over a century? Not at all! Funded largely by Rockefeller, the United Nations headquarter was intentionally established on American soil. The course through the century had been well planned, and the accelerating fall of American freedom is no blip or accident!

Many critics dismiss Gordon's beliefs. After verbalizing his objections, Rush Limbaugh posted a transcript on his website. Here are some interesting excerpts:

"...over the course of the 25 years of this program, and particularly in the most recent five years, you have heard me discuss the people who believe America was founded in an unjust and immoral way -- and, as such, believe that America is illegitimate...

"Well, I'm holding...a really long piece in the July 21st issue of New York Magazine. Here is the headline: 'The Blip.' ...Every editor, every producer will see this. Everybody who thinks they're hip and cool in New York will read this...

"Here's the thesis of this piece: Everything positive about American success has been coincidence, and it's now over. We really have seen the best. This is it!...

"Robert Gordon is the chief thinker in this piece. He is a professor of economics at Northwestern University in Chicago. He is a declinist. He is one who believes in the decline of America.... America accident. It's a coincidence, and it has run its course. It's over....

"This decline was inevitable, it had to happen, and therefore -- the biggie -- it has nothing to do with Obama, nothing to do with Obama's policies, nothing to do with the failure of liberal policies. This was ordained, just as the founding of this country was an accident....

"Now, they can't say act of God because they don't believe in God. And I think, by the way, folks, the fact that they don't believe in God means that they're always searching for some meaning...."[1]

That useful "meaning" will probably not be based on actual facts and honest research. Most likely it will reflect the egocentric ambitions, clever strategies and dishonest explanations of elite leaders who use false arguments to promote their plans.

Keep in mind, the rise and fall of nations is not a matter of fate, luck or "blips"! Whether people believe it or not, there is an undeniable pattern to history. In the past, when nations trusted God and followed His moral guidelines, they lived in peace. When they rejected God, He withdrew His protection and allowed enemy forces to destroy their land. That principle -- and the consequences of ignoring God's guidelines -- is repeated again and again throughout the Old Testament.

No wonder our nation is in trouble. Ponder some of the snares that mold the American minds today:

1. Craving occult fascinations rather than God's Truth and His nearness.
2. Sharing corrupt entertainment rather than fellowship with God's His people.
3. Mocking Christianity rather than sharing His wisdom and love.
4. Corrupting minds with seductive books, movies, games and "music" instead of trusting God.

God's Word are fast being outlawed in the military, in schools, in the public square, etc. Christian students whose conscience compels them to reject perversions and follow His guidelines are mocked and punished. Sad to say, our sovereign God who established our nation is now despised by the new, anti-Christian media- and government guides of America!

Ancient Judah and Israel (more often than not) rejected God, ignored His guidelines, and sought the occult idols of the surrounding pagan nations. Consequently, God withdrew His loving protection and left the people to their own futile resources. They faced famine, wars, disease and destruction -- until they understood their folly, confessed their sins, and followed their Shepherd once again..

Today we are marching in their footsteps and repeating their foolish march to destruction -- not because of an inexplicable blip, but because the people love evil more than good. The consequences for America will be devastating!

"The whole world is under the sway of the evil one!" 1 John 5:19

2. Corrupting Science: Using propaganda &  false conclusions to spread a "global crisis"

Edward Hunter's book titled Brainwashing (published in 1960) is actually an exposé of Soviet strategies for mind control. It includes this revealing statement:

“The methods used to make ‘learning’ and  [enforced Communist] confession palatable and workable are borrowed freely from…evangelism, psychiatry and science. The language and ideals of each of these fields were taken over and given new meanings and new interpretations in accordance with communist need. Brainwashing is a combination of fake evangelism and quack psychiatry in a setting of false science.”[4]

Like today's distorted historical record, the environmental movement has dismissed factual science. To create a more useful and manipulative "science," manipulative scientists are distorting facts and mocking factual truths. For example, the Club of Rome, an elite think-tank of bankers, UN leaders, CFR members and scheming scientist shares the UN vision for global socialism. Their purpose is well summarized in their own deceptive quote below:

"In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. In their totality and in their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which demands the solidarity of all peoples."[5]

In other words, we must all learn to think alike!  And the new kind of "thinking" must focus on visions based on planned propaganda, not on the facts and truth that would undermine the globalist's goals.

The initial membership of the Club of Rome consisted of the richest and most powerful leaders behind the scenes. Their interest in the environment :

In other words, it's agenda does not include true research into actual science. It's self-given task is to hide the truth and use the environmental movement to deceive the masses.

Stanford University Professor Steven Schneider (Nobel Prize winner along with Al Gore) summarized the challenge well:

"...we need to get some broad based support, to capture the public's imagination.... So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubts.... Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest."[6]

Christine Stewart, Canadian Minister of the Environment echoed that sentiment. Like Steven Schneider, she apparently felt no pang of conscience when she promoted her useful lies:

“No matter if the science of global warming is all phony... climate change [provides] the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world.”[7]

The fact is that our world's climate keep changing! For example, 1000 AD was warmer than today. As atmospheric physicist Fred Singer wrote back in 2007,

"The earth continually warms and cools. The cycle is undeniable, ancient, often abrupt, and global. It is also unstoppable. Isotopes in the ice and sediment cores, ancient tree rings, and stalagmites tell us it is linked to small changes in the irradiance of the sun."[8]

But that FACT doesn't slow the Green Agenda. Its grand purpose not only demands favorable propaganda, it also needs doomsday predictions that trade scientific facts for intentional deception. It also calls for unthinkable censorship. Contrary voices must be silenced.

It's happening in the UK. "Only a few years ago the Greens were merely a fringe group, today they are at the center of British politics," wrote Paul Johnson in his Forbes article titled "The Menace of the Lobby:"  

"This is largely because of the backing they have received from a majority of scientists over the issue of global warming, especially the unproved theory that it is caused largely by human activities. The Royal Society, the most prestigious of British scientific institutions, has thrown its weight strongly behind the Greens. Scientists who are known to be skeptical of global warming find it hard to get academic jobs and impossible to receive university funding for their research....


"How many Greens are there? It is assumed they number in the millions.... The environmental fervor of most Greens borders on fanatical. Some call for the denial of climate change to be made a criminal offense....


As a result a mass of legislation is being turned into law, subjecting any activities that increase greenhouse gas emissions or are seen as 'crimes against nature' to severe financial penalties.... It won't be long before all households feel their effects."[9]

America follows close behind. Under the banner of Sustainable Development, the UN/US plan for government control over all water, land, food and housing is progressing at full speed. Few Americans are even aware of the vast networks of regulatory agencies and community partnerships that are implementing the new system through Agenda 21 -- often disguised as Smart Growth or other pleasing labels for this all-consuming UN agenda.

"...we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us;
nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon You
." (2 Chronicles 20:12)


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