The Illuminati are Laughing:
How the Global Elite have set the Stage for World War Three

By Jeremy James

July 1, 2013


The Illuminati are laughing. It is just too easy. Their inter-locking schemes are working like a dream. The covert process of enslavement is creeping across America and the world at large, but few seem to notice. Given the rate at which their grand plan is progressing, it may not be long before the world as we know it is changed forever.

Let’s consider some elements in that plan and how they fit together. We would hope that the evidence set out in this paper will encourage more people to think seriously about the global Marxist agenda and how it is being implemented.

We will begin with some extraordinary anomalies in modern history that make little sense until one sees how they fit into the wider picture. After that we will examine developments specific to America itself and how they are helping the Illuminati Marxist cabal to create a global totalitarian government.

1. Pakistan’s Nuclear Missile Arsenal One of the most extraordinary military developments in the past fifty years has been Pakistan’s nuclear missile arsenal. The level of industrial and technological maturity needed to develop a nuclear device is beyond dispute. The same may be said for the successful development of an intercontinental ballistic missile system. The cost in each case is considerable, both initially and in terms of ongoing maintenance and battle-field readiness.

Today we have a wealthy and highly educated country – Iran – working flat out to develop both of these military capabilities. Yet it is having difficulty doing so, despite having commenced its program in the 1990s.

On the other hand, Pakistan, a relatively backward country by comparison – with a mediocre standard of university-level education, a fairly primitive industrial base, an under-skilled workforce, and a low-income, under-capitalised economy – carried out its first nuclear weapon test in 1998 and is believed to now have 50-100 nuclear warheads.

It also possesses ballistic missiles with a range of 1500 miles and nuclear-tipped cruise missiles with a range of over 400 miles. The latter have near-stealth capability and a high degree of maneuverability, requiring an advanced level of technological expertise to both design and manufacture.

The following table shows the enormous disparity between the two countries (Figures relate mainly to 2011):

  Iran Pakistan
GDP (ppp) [bn $] 1,000 515
GDP per capita [$] 13,400 2,900
GDP industrial sector [%] 38 26
Gross fixed investment of GDP % 31  11
Foreign reserves [bn $] 69 14
69 Literacy % 77  55
Education expenditure % GDP 4.7 2.4

In light of these startling figures, it is impossible to explain how Pakistan could be so far ahead of Iran in these high-tech, capital-intensive areas. Iran is over twenty years behind in developing these military capabilities, despite being much wealthier, far more highly educated, possessing a much more sophisticated industrial base, and having an enemy – Israel – whom she has declared repeatedly she is determined to destroy.

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