Dear Berit,

Greetings from Ireland! I hope you are well. Great to see that Lighthouse Trails is bringing out the update of your book.

I’ve just posted a new paper on my website. It is rather long (35 pages) but I felt it was necessary to cover the material. It is called ‘The Externalization of the Hierarchy’ and explains the terrible plan embodied in Alice Bailey’s book by the same name. It also draws particular attention to the dangers posed by meditation and contemplation.

Here is the Scribd link:



If the prophetic End-Time scenario set out in the Book of Revelation is unavoidable (and it is), then we should expect to see certain unmistakable signs that the world is advancing in that direction. Indeed, we should be able to infer specific elements of Satan’s Plan, as they relate to the End-Time, from the events described in the Book of Revelation.It is a sad fact that very few Christians today are taking seriously the profile of Satan that is presented for our benefit in the Word of God. If they did they would realizethat Satanmust have a plan – a very detailed and highly sophisticated plan – if he is tohave any chance of achieving his vaunting ambitions. He wants to control the world openly, not just covertly as he does at present, and to be worshipped in place of God by all humanity(See Isaiah 14:12-14). To do this he must undermine and destroy trueBiblical Christianity. He must also destroy the Jewish people in their entirety. This is because Jesus stated that he will return only when the Jews, as a nation, call upon himin a spirit of true supplication and repentance – “For I say unto you, Ye shall not seeme henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.”(Matthew 23:39).We know from the Book of Revelation that Satan’s Plan must address the three mainareas of human endeavor – religious, economic, and political. We will focus mainlyon the religious aspect since it is the one that is least understood. A strategy aimed atworld domination very clearly requires an integrated system of global governmentand a centrally controlled economic regime. However, the essential features of an all-inclusive system of religion – not to mention the steps that are needed to bring it about – are harder to