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Subject: Re: May I quote you?

Thank you Karen, for so clearly illustrating todayís cultural corruption in your comments below.  Itís so sad Ė for families as well as our nation.
May I quote a portion of your statement below in an upcoming article?  If so, Iíll send it to you before I post it.

Subject: Re: Brian Benzel
While you were being trained to identify change agents, I was being trained in the New School for Social Research how to apply those sex ed classes, how to use the right words get the right emotional responses, create guilty or excitement or the desire to experiment.   Then we were to create the atmosphere of need for after school classes for more discussion on the growing problem of teen pregnancies - that these classes promoted. Teaching Biology became how to have sex...

Discipline was removed from class as well as a dress code. You could see the decline as kids began talking back out loud with the - "oh yeah why don't you do something about it," answer..  Respect for teachers was on the decline
I was so disgusted that although I finished the 60 credits for my doctorate, I never wrote the thesis to become a guidance counselor. I owe my first husband an apology. He kept telling me to stop trying to manipulate him. I guess I learned too well.
The saddest part looking back was the affect on the new teaching staff. We didn't want to teach this crap, but then they started changing books.  You could see American history changing then disappearing.  We (teachers) complained and I always got the older books for my classes but one summer, the old texts were gone. So was mention of money, debt, interest, basic economics.    No more education, just indoctrination. I had to quit.  It was a hard sad decision, but we all knew that teachers who spoke out never got supported.  It is those kids of the 80's-90's that are our legislators today.  There were taught to lie and accept lies in school.  Drugs, drinking, sex were common in school.

Today, those kids are running the government /academia/Wall Street, Banks. NO wonder nothing makes sense.   They are probably still drinking and doing drugs and writing new educational / government regulatory programs.
Karen S