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Common Core Forcing Marxism/Nazism on America’s Children

By Sher Zieve  ~  April 12, 2013


"Common Core Standards are being mandated and implemented by the Federal Government via organizations such as National Governors Association, Achieve, and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)....


"The comparison of Nazism and Common Core (CC) are uncanny. ...Nazism had Leaders and Master Teachers in the National Socialists Teachers League that visited schools and kept data files on Teachers. The Obama Administration funded 10,000 Master Teachers (MT’S) to train Teachers on CC and the MT’s will keep data files on students and Teachers. Students were taught to spy on parents and teachers. CC will have students as young as 5 participating in the evaluation of Teachers.


"In Nazism, the curriculum was rewritten to provide a Nazi (government) approved curriculum.. Common Core curriculum is being rewritten to provide a global approved curriculum. Nazism kept huge data files on students and teachers and Common Core will data mine the students with over 400 different data points on each child, their family and teachers from pre-kindergarten to workforce….


"... the Master Teachers will be instructing the Teachers to not teach our nations framework or any form of nationalism. Instead they will be trained to be 'good global, sustainable citizens' prepared for a global world....They will become a 'managed work force' for the New World Order…


"Many will be forced to choose a career path by 9 years old based on the data mined on each child.. Children will be separated based on how their data is analyzed to see if they will comply or be rebellious and will be placed into groups accordingly…


Communist China has this method. The Chinese government decides what 'career' you will have.. No longer will a child be able to strive to achieve his or her own goals.. They will be 'managed.'"

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