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They’ll Take Sweden

By Bruce Bawer ~ May 27, 2013


Just a Matter of Time


"...as the tumult in Stockholm not only continued but kept spreading to more and more neighborhoods and then to other Swedish cities, the media in that country, by and large, kept pretending that it was all about things like unemployment and social marginality, all of which were supposedly aggravated by Swedish racism....


Of all the reports I looked at, the one that most effectively epitomized the asinine, mendacious approach of the Western media to this latest nightmare was a piece from Reuters ....the Reuters piece was headlined “Sweden riots expose ugly side of” – no, not of “European immigration policies” or “Islam,” of course, but of the “Nordic model.”....

Those accusations seem dubious, to say the least, given that the Stockholm police, far from treating the city’s delinquents with the aggression they deserved, seemed determined not to hurt or offend them in the slightest. ...one strongly suspects, because of Swedish authorities’ manifest terror of doing anything that might open them up to charges of insensitivity, let alone brutality and... racism. ...

....immigrants to Sweden get “welfare, access to the educational systemup to university level…access to public transport, libraries, healthcare….And still they feel that they need to riot.” Carlqvist....called the riots the work of immigrants who “don’t like Sweden” and don’t “want to integrate,” but who’ve settled in the country “because they know that Sweden will give them money for nothing.”....

“Journalists should strive not to exacerbate xenophobia,” she pronounced, acknowledging that “we opt out of stories and events that can be easily put to xenophobic purposes. We do not quote everything we hear and do not tell about everything we see.” What can one say about someone who’s so proudly honest about systematically lying?

The most stirring piece I ran across... was an editorial in Saturday’s Jyllands-Posten. (That’s the Danish daily... famous for printing the Muhammed cartoons in 2005 and for standing up to the ensuing turmoil and death threats.) Headlined “The Swedish Lie,” the editorial underscored the fact that the goons in Stockholm aren’t just “youths” – as the euphemism-loving Swedish media would have it – but Muslim bullies, products of a “Middle Eastern culture of violence,” who are “turning their aggression on other people’s property and the public order” in what is “clearly a demonstration of power.”

The editors noted that for years, self-congratulatory members of the Swedish elite have contrasted their country favorably with Denmark, which they smeared as racist for its relatively open immigration debate; the self-delusionary implication was always that Sweden – by virtue of its, well, virtue – was immune to the “conflicts, clashes, criminality, welfare fraud, so-called honor killing, innumerable assaults on women, [and] waves of violence” that plagued the rest of Western Europe.

But in fact, the “ruthless macho culture” from which these perpetrators spring “knows no national boundaries,” and thrives especially on situations in which it meets with no significant opposition. And it’s precisely this –  as the editors of Jyllands-Posten sagely, devastatingly, and eloquently pointed out – that makes Sweden, more than other nations, “a paradise for the masked men of violence, who, under the cover of night and the media’s complaints of police violence, can see their will realized and, house by house, month by month, gang by gang, show who’s boss, while Sweden sleeps.” It’s time, the editors urged, for Sweden to wake up.

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