CATEGORY . American Psychiatric Association: Half of Americans 'mentally ill' : the American Psychiatric Association’s new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders takes obfuscation and euphemistic language to a whole new level, calling temper tantrums “disruptive mood dysregulation disorder” and labeling grief “major depressive disorder.”/ Overeating? That’s “binge eating disorder.” Are you forgetful? You can be treated for “mild neurocognitive disorder,” ....Based on the broadened definitions and categories, the new edition asserts that nearly half of all Americans will face a diagnosable mental illness at some point in their life. That’s up from fewer than 6 percent just eight years ago. The sharp increase comes as the federal government begins to implement the government-controlled Obamacare system and Democrat lawmakers use mental health issues as a reason to curb gun rights./Critics are expressing concern that the new edition of the manual could be insidiously used by government to label certain Americans with mental disorders as a pretext for curbing rights of all kinds./...“While even key DSM contributors admit that there is no scientific/medical validity to the disorders, the DSM nonetheless serves as a diagnostic tool, not only for individual treatment, but also for child custody disputes, discrimination cases, court testimony, education and more,” the group said..../The DSM “is driven not by science, but instead caters to the pharmaceutical industry,” the commission contended. ... The report said: “As the diagnoses completely lack scientific criteria, anyone can be labeled mentally ill, and subjected to dangerous and life-threatening treatments based solely on opinion. … Therein lies the underlying problem of DSM – it isn’t a medical diagnostic system. It’s all based on opinion – and faulty at best.”
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