Eyewitness to total tyranny – and how 1 man detonated it

Exclusive: Darnelle Mason's hair-raising tribute to spy-chief defector Ion Mihai Pacepa



By Darnelle Mason

It is very difficult to explain to the Western world the oppression of Romania during [during the 1980s]. ... Romania functioned like a besieged country during wartime occupied by a foreign enemy. Food and electricity were rationed. In the cities, Romanians waited in long lines for bread and gasoline, and meat was a rare commodity. The only “meat” I witnessed in stores was chicken feet. All news from the West was banned....

"... it was expected that all meetings and conversations with Westerners would be reported to their local Security Police. Phones were tapped, mail was censored and anything that had to do with Western international contact was heavily monitored and scrutinized. Romanians were not allowed to stray from their own city without prior permission from local authorities, and mobile militia roadblocks made sure of that!...

The ever-present and enormously pervasive Security police – the Securitate – swiftly punished any mode of dissent. Just like the German Gestapo, they utilized a gross proportion of the citizenry to inform on each other....

In contrast, if you were a brave Romanian priest, pastor, poet, writer, teacher, scientist, farmer, student, etc., and had the courageous conviction to stand up and resist your government’s putrid assault on the Romanian mind, body and soul, you were promptly dealt with. Initially, you would be placed under surveillance, then moved to the illustrious prison system and be tortured and beaten, or just mysteriously disappear....

Thank you, Gen. Pacepa. I will never forget your sacrifice.

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Darnelle Mason directed a Christian ministry, Oasis International, from 1984-1992 that brought humanitarian aid to Romanians, the Romanian church, as well as assisted Romanian exiles and emigrants. At present, she continues to assist Romanian families through a nonprofit organization, The Guardian Foundation. She is featured in the WND Films movie documentary, “Disinformation: The Secret Strategy to Destroy the West.”

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96 of 102 people found the following review helpful By A. Upshir on June 26, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition
This is a must read. From the first words of the book, I was hooked.

The use of Disinformation, the deliberate manipulative tactic to create, out of whole cloth, a great lie with the deliberate intention of destroying reputations of men, peoples, races, faith groups, and institutions, is well, staggering. We may not want to accept it-we may believe it can't really happen. If you doubt, read the book and post a review.

Let me give you an example from the book. Do you remember during the Clinton administration, there was an alarming report announced. Black churches were being burned at an historic rate. The KKK-like overtones to this story were humiliating and alarming to Americans. People all over the world heard of our shame-the evil of violent racism--plaguing American and the South. Legislation was passed at the Federal level! Bill Clinton came out reminiscing of the church burnings he remembered from his childhood. During that time, I remember me unease with the way the story was being accepted, seemingly without scrutiny by the press--almost gleefully. Well, sometime later, hardly reported (unlike the charges), an independent study proved every single charge had been false! In Disinformation, we learn that Soviet agents were responsible for this slander and libel against the American people. But the damage was done--and that is why Disinformation is implemented--it works! And let's just say it, it happened in AMERICA! It is much easier to believe this going on during the Cold War in in some unfortunate country like Romania, but not America! And this was during the 1990s!

There are so many more illustrations, equally or more egregious. The disinformation campaigns against Jews and the Christian church are, nothing less than heartrending. One thing I can say about the designers and implementers of disinformation--they're really, really good at what they do.

Pacepa's work is an eyeopener, and I believe a seminal work, documenting for history the malevolence and effectiveness of unrestrained power in centralized governments. This is truly Animal Farm, 1984 and Brave New World lived large in the real world of flesh and blood humanity--wreaking unquantifiable harm on real people who live and breathe under the power of government unchecked. The power of Soviet disinformation is the power to destroy lives, hearts and minds.

If you want to see into the birth of modern terrorism-you'll find it hear. Would we be living in this same world today if it were not for the diabolical campaign of sending 4000 agents into the Middle East with the Great libel against the Jews in the form of the legendary writings called, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" a book about the secret Jewish plan to take over the world--this is still sold today in Muslim countries next to Mein Kampf. Yes, disinformation has changed the course of history. Look at what high schools and colleges teach today as history--this should be required by all students studying Modern History.

BTW, disinformation is not to be confused with misinformation as the book explains.