CATEGORY . Sunday Assembly: A Godless Service Coming to a 'Church' Near You :


The Sunday Assembly atheists who celebrate life through speakers, music and other church-like rituals are coming to major cities in the United States in October and November. ....Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans lead the London Sunday Assembly, a group of church-going atheists who are catching fire in the U.S. From Oct. 20, when its crowd-sourcing campaign begins, to Dec. 15, the assembly will launch 30 new groups in Britain, Canada, Australia and the United States. Recently, at the first-ever service in the English seaside town of Brighton, 240 atheists turned up for sermon-like speakers, readings, singing -- and all the things you would expect in a religious setting. "We talk about developing an attitude of gratitude," Sanderson told "It's catchy, isn't it?" "It's like TED for the soul," he said referring to the nonprofit devoted to new ideas. Sanderson said he was tired of the dour meetings held by the Humanists and the Unitarians. "Why on earth aren't people clapping and dancing around and jumping up and down at those gatherings?" he asked. Sanderson concedes that "church" in the U.S. has "certain bad associations" but, he says, the idea of organized atheism is catching on. ...."We wanted to do something like a church for people who don't believe in God," said Sanderson. "Life is such a wonderful thing to have been given -- and frankly, it's as transcendent as any one god. We come from nothing and go to nothing and in between we have these short glazing moments of awareness and consciousness to love and sing and mess up and try again. We should celebrate it." ...Fully a third of U.S. adults say they do not consider themselves a "religious person." And two-thirds of Americans -- affiliated and unaffiliated alike -- say religion is losing its influence in Americans' lives. About 5 percent of all Americans say they do not believe in God or a universal spirit, but only about one quarter of these nonbelievers actually call themselves atheists. One, Roy Speckhardt, who is executive director of the American Humanist Association, likes the idea of the Sunday Assembly, citing its "technology, entertainment and humor." "It's not like what we have done before with weekly lectures and a gathering lunch afterwards," he told See ARTICLE


The Common Core education system (or standards) is the latest step on the century-old ladder to new heights of dialectical oneness and new depths of moral corruption and mind control. It may sound good to those who seek global unity or believe its misleading propaganda. But it's actually strategic system that will cull out useful tomorrow's elite leaders while punishing free thinkers, sincere Christians, and students who dare take a stand against the increasingly corrupt assignments.