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The Reprobate Keynesian Mind

By Donald Hank ~  Posted in Opinion, 3 April 2013.

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      "...the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness.... Professing to be wise, they became fools.... Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves.... God gave them up to vile passions."  Romans 1:18-32

We live in the world Keynes built. Given that Keynes' mind was warped and twisted, is it any surprise that a world governed by his system of economics is depraved and in decline?

I recently had a stimulating discussion with a UK pastor regarding the imminent legalization of a radical new definition of marriage, which for 5000 years, in over 600 languages and dialects, has always referred to a union between a man and a woman. True, some cultures have included polygamous marriages in this definition, but still, marriage was never between members of the same sex. The suggestion of such a union had always been regarded as unnatural.

This pastor made a startling assertion: the power in Europe is in the hands of sexual perverts.

(The occult and perverted Skull and Bones illustrates it well!

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The following excerpts from KEYNES AT HARVARD by Zygmund Dobbs will validate that assertion:

From Chapter IX: The Social Consequences of Moral Depravity

It is quite natural that Keynes should be extravagantly memoralized. The economic, political and sociological ideas associated with his name have become the dominant doctrines not only in Britain but in the United States as well. They have shaped the social fabric of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other nations....

       [In 1932] Keynes reiterated atheistically that, "The decaying religions around us, which have less and less interest for most people unless it be as an agreeable form of magical ceremonial or of social observance, have lost their moral significance...

      In 1967 the world was startled by the publication of the letters between Lytton Strachey and Maynard Keynes. Undisputed evidence in their private correspondence shows that Keynes was a life-long sexual deviate.(12) What was more shocking was that these practices extended to a large group. Homosexuality, sado-masochism, lesbianism, and the deliberate policy of corrupting the young was the established practice of this large and influential group which eventually set the political and cultural tone for the British Empire.

      Keynes’ sexual partner, Lytton Strachey, indicated that their sexual attitudes could be infiltrated, “subtly, through literature, into the bloodstream of the people, and in such a way that they accepted it all quite naturally....” [Note: that's now happening in schools across America!]...

      Keynes and his fellow voluptuaries made numerous excursions to the resorts ringing the Mediterranean, where little boys were sold by their parents to bordellos catering to homosexual appetites.(14)

      The practice of crudely castrating small boys (where most died from infection or shock) to provide effeminized children for the edification of depraved visitors is a well-authenticated historical fact.(15) Boys from the ages of seven up to twelve were subjected to sadistic carnal abuse. Since in almost every instance these children were sold into sexual slavery by desperately poor parents ... it sheds an insight into the hypocrisy of Fabians like Keynes....

      This circle of sexual deviates consisted of a considerable number of participants. ... Most lived off inherited incomes or family patronage. Attachment to Fabian socialism was endemic to this group....

      It is well recognized that homosexuals are prone to blackmail by both communist and fascist movements, however, Keynes had previously proclaimed himself a bolshevik in private correspondence. His subsequent friendship with those accused as Soviet spies in the United States helps to explain his easy access to forbidden Soviet areas.(31)...

      The facade of possessing a wife is a standard device in homosexual circles. .... Frequently such ‘legal’ wives were lesbian or entirely asexual.

      The deviate Keynes circle, dubbed as the “Bloomsberries,” were not originators of the London Bloomsbury tradition.(33) As far back as 1888, Eleanor Marx the daughter of Karl Marx, and her common-law husband Dr. Edward Aveling formed the Bloomsbury Socialist Society.(34) ...

     ..Havelock Ellis, the sexual psychopath, is hailed in our halls of learning as, “The Father of social psychology” and is installed as one of the great progenitors of modern psychiatry....A Fabian reference work in describing Ellis states, “He was one of the founders of the Fabian Society and the New Fellowship.”(49) ... When Ellis was charged with publishing obscene material in 1898, a Free Press Defence Committee was set up including such Fabians as Bernard Shaw, Frank Podmore and Walter Crane....

      Depravity had its rewards. Ellis was made editor of Contemporary Science series for the Walter Scott Publishing Company. These were basic texts used by colleges in Britain and America. They included economics, anthropology, sexology, history and ethics. ... Thus the evil precedent was already laid for the Keynes-Strachey perverted Fabian circle. ...

      In the United States John Dewey led the American Fabians, in a deliberately abstruse manner, to echo the philosophic maze of Moore and Russell.(63) ... Homosexual preoccupation with decreasing population and crusades for birth control has at its foundation their senses of revulsion against normal procreative sex....

      George Bernard Shaw spanned the entire period of this deviant circle beginning with the Oscar Wilde scandal and extending beyond the death of Keynes in 1946. He not only had knowledge of these obscenities and perversions but defended the culprits when they were arrested or accused.

      It was almost inevitable that Keynes and his cohorts would evolve a program calling for a stationary society where production, prices, consumers and labor could be manipulated and controlled by an effeminized bureaucracy. History records many attempts by organized homosexuals to control society. Babylon, Persia, Egypt, Greece and Rome experienced such abominations.(76)

     ...the Janizzaries of the Turkish Sultans and Knight Templars (1314) of the Roman Church were charged with similar motives. Since the 15th century such charges were leveled against the Illuminist sects of Spain, Portugal, France and Germany and when the Jesuits of 1773 were outlawed by the Pope, sexual deviation as a power seeking ingredient was one of the accusations used....

The word for reprobate as used by Paul in Romans 1:28 is adókimon (αδόκιμον), which is a composite of a (α) meaning not, or without, and dókimos (δόκιμος), meaning approved or simply proved, and is a derivative of dokimazo (δοκιμάζω), meaning to prove or put to the test.

Now the word could mean, according to the first equivalent, “unapproved.” But according to the second, it would suggest something that had been tested and failed the test.

Paul applies the word to homosexuals, who he says reject the Creator but worship the creation. He says God abandoned them to “reprobate minds.”

Note that a mind that God has allowed to be changed fundamentally from a mind that has passed quality control to a failed (reprobate) mind will fail not only morally but in every other sense, and specifically in the processing of vital data for the conduct of daily activity. Such a mind in control of a national economy could only produce disasters because it would be incapable of foreseeing obvious potentials for economic problems and a catastrophic breakdown of law and order.

This is because common sense is God-given, and when God withdraws this gift (abandoning one to a reprobate, or in other words, failed, mind), then the mind is no longer functional and this failure is allowed by God, or in other words, success is no longer allowed by God. There can be nothing more terrifying!

Now also note that the Western world, including the US and Europe, have long adopted an economic model known as Keynesianism. We are supposed to believe that this model actually succeeded in the FDR administration and enabled us to pull out of a severe depression. A study by a team of economists at UCLA, however, showed that, far from promoting recovery, FDR’s policies delayed the recovery by 7 to 8 years.

In actual fact, we recovered only because America still had a strong manufacturing base, whereas Europe’s manufacturing was destroyed in the war, providing us with a captive export market. Ask yourself: Do we still have a strong manufacturing base to support a recovery? The Keynesian Richard Nixon promoted and won Most-Favored-Nation status for Mao’s communist China, sealing the doom of American industry.

Japanese experiments with Keynesianism, based on the false FDR model, failed.

America and Europe have tried Keynesian ‘stimulus’ as well, with the result that the job situation is still poor, growth is almost at a standstill, inflation is our most abundant export and the euro zone is failing dismally. Economic failure is accompanied, predictably, with a breakdown of law. Ask any Cypriot. Or look at the gangs of illegal immigrants terrorizing American cities.

But who was Keynes, the mastermind of this economic model that has failed consistently?

Well, according to Paul’s definition, John Maynard Keynes was a prime example of a reprobate mind.

If you have the stomach, you may read this chapter of “Keynes at Harvard” to see why Paul would call him morally reprobate:

If you have the time, you may read the whole book:

The economic debacle in the US and Europe is a direct result of putting power in the hands of reprobate minds—minds that can do nothing but fail. ... Look around you. Look at the cost of staples today, compared with last year. Can anyone argue with that?
Can anyone argue that our power structure is in the hands of people with reprobate minds?

Donald Hank has been the owner/operator of the Christian news and views site Laigle's Forum since 2006. His work has been published by WorldNetDaily, Canada Free Press, Christian Worldview Network, Etherzone, FedUpUSA, Renew America, Desert Conservative and Midia Sem Mascara. From 1971 to 2009 Don was the owner and operator of a technical translation agency. He has translated professionally from over 20 languages and is the author of Japanese-to-English Technical Translation Manual and French-English Dictionary of Aluminum Manufacturing Terms. He is now retired and residing in Panama.

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