Raising a Generation of Sociopaths

by Maria Kneas

May 3, 2013 

Is this America?

Part 4


Recently, WorldNetDaily had an article about a race riot in Virginia Beach - wide-spread violence and destruction by black college students who were "having fun." This involved forty thousand college students. That is a huge number of people. It's like a full-fledged invasion.[1]


Their "fun" included destroying a small family business that had taken a lifetime to build. It was the kind of small place that gets "regulars," where people know each other.


That "fun" also resulted in three stabbings, three shootings, and numerous beatings - one so severe that it resulted in bleeding in the brain. These college kids were terrifying people "for fun." All of the victims were white, and all of the perpetrators were black. 


(For the record, my writing about this incident has absolutely nothing to do with racism. I was a civil rights activist back in the days of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. These are facts that show something about the state of many of our young people, regardless of race.)


These were not gang kids. And they were not poor, oppressed, deprived, inner city kids. These were college kids. They had enough education and enough money to be able to go to college.


The destruction and violence wasn't based on anger due to some kind of Rodney King incident or anything like that. It was just a bunch of college kids "having fun."


This reminds me of the video of college students having "fun" at a birthday party by playing a game called "abortion battles." Pairs of boys put balloons underneath their shirts, pretending to be pregnant. They attacked each other's bellies with forks, trying to pop those balloons. And the party crowd was laughing and cheering them on, yelling things like, "Kill that baby!" These were college students, mostly white, and girls as much as boys. (You can see a video of this on YouTube.)[2]


It also reminds me of some kids who gang raped a girl. Then they laughed and said things like, "She is so raped!" They also urinated on that girl, and bragged about it, laughing as they did. (You can see a video of their bragging on YouTube.)[3]


It also reminds me of something that happened back in the days when I was a temporary secretary, going from place to place. In one office, I worked with a young woman who cheerfully told me that she had deliberately gotten pregnant in order to see if she was able to. Then she had an abortion, because she didn't want to have a baby. She murdered a baby in order to find out if she was fertile.


She told me about this cheerfully and pleasantly, as part of light conversation, as if what she had done was normal behavior. Here again, we are are not talking about some poor, disadvantaged, uneducated person. We are talking about a secretary - a professional with education and special training.


For years, our public schools been promoting "values clarification," and teaching kids that there are no moral absolutes. That there is no such thing as objective truth. That there is no such thing as objective right and wrong. The behavior I described above is the fruit of that teaching.


The definition of being "criminally insane" is being unable to tell the difference between right and wrong. So we are literally teaching school kids to become criminally insane. Or to put it another way, we are teaching them to become sociopaths.


There is a TV channel called Nickelodeon. Years ago, it had reruns of good old-fashioned clean-cut shows like "Leave it to Beaver." Parents believed that their kids could safely watch this channel, because of the shows that it carried. However, between the segments of the shows, they had quick skits showing kids with total disrespect for their parents, and things like that. Perhaps you could call those "commercials" for a spirit of lawlessness.


They also had a game show. I saw one episode of it. They took two teams of school kids, and put them in rooms (nice rooms, with nice things in them). The aim of the game was to totally trash the rooms as fast and as thoroughly as they could. There was upbeat music playing while they did it, and the audience was laughing and cheering. The team that trashed their room the fastest won a prize.


That game was teaching those kids to do exactly what those college kids did to that family business in Virginia Beach. And it was teaching that lesson to middle class kids in nice homes, in nice neighborhoods, all over America.


This kind of stuff is satanic. However, most of these kids are not satanists or occultists. Most of them are not being cruel and destructive in an attempt to get occult power. Rather, they are just "having fun."


Other people don't seem like real people to them. They perceive them as being just props on their stage -- just objects to be used. These kids are acting like sociopaths. And our entertainers and our teachers have taught them to be that way.


To that mix, add the fact that many colleges today are teaching that, by definition, every white person is a racist. And that racism doesn't depend on what they say, or what they do, or how they think. According to those colleges, just having white skin, by definition, makes people racists. Therefore, the teachings of those colleges encouraged those black kids to attack, terrify, and vandalize white people in Virginia Beach.[4]


We all know that the Nazis and the Communists did things that were cruel and destructive.But for many of them, that was not their original intention. They had been taught that what they were doing would lead to a utopia, to a better world for themselves and for their children. They saw themselves as doing something that was necessary in order to bring about the utopia that they longed for.


Because they had a conscience, they had to be deceived in order to get them to do bad things. It took a lot of clever propaganda, shameless lying, and brainwashing techniques in order to get the people to the point where they would call evil good, and call good evil - and act accordingly.


They were taught that what they were doing would lead to a "greater good," to a better world. Of course, their thinking was twisted. But because they had been deceived, they thought that they were doing the right thing.


With Muslim jihadists, it is something similar. They think that it is a religious duty to get rid of "infidels." They believe that it pleases their "god" Allah - that he wants them to do it, as has been written in the Koran. And they are also looking for a utopia -- a world-wide caliphate with universal sharia law.


Muslim clerics teach them that it is a virtue to hate "infidels." I saw a video of one cleric who proudly said, "I hate them from the bottom of my heart." Again, it is twisted. They are calling evil good, and calling good evil. However, because they have been deceived, they think that they are doing the right thing.


What we are seeing here in America has gone even further down the slippery slope. These kids don't have to think that mayhem is for the purpose of creating a "greater good." They will do it just to "have fun" - as if it's just a video game or something.


Violent video games that they play keep reinforcing that. So does the violent rap music, or demonic rock music, that they keep pumping into their heads. And so do HBO's music videos.


Years ago,  I once saw one of those HBO music videos when I was visiting somebody in the hospital. He turned off the sound, but I saw an incredible amount of violence and death and occultism, all mixed in with sex. Of course, that associates death and violence with sexual pleasure. It was unspeakably depraved.


Kids like these would fit in well for working at concentration camps, and being torturers, and so on. They have no conscience at all. They have become sociopaths. And these college kids will become leaders in society, because of their education.


However, none of this could have happened if the Christians in our nation had been vigilant, instead of being seduced by the world, and distracted with materialism and busy-ness.


Dr. Erwin Lutzer describes the essence of this problem in the title of his book  - "When A Nation Forgets God." His book also describes the consequences of such behavior.[5]


We didn't need to have a Babylonian invasion in order to destroy America. We have done it to ourselves, from within. And the "cultural Christians" in this nation have allowed it to happen, right under their noses.


But, as in the days of Elijah, God has a faithful Remnant. And He can use even this mess for His glory. He can use it to wake some people up, and make them realize that they need God. They cannot make it on their own. They desperately need God.


So, as in the days of the early church, under horrible persecution by the Romans, the true church will grow and get stronger. True Christians will become more serious about God, and more devoted to Him and to their brothers and sisters in Christ. What the enemy means for evil, God will use for good.


Our nation is under God's judgment. But individuals who love Him will come through the refiner's fire as pure gold. Look at Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Corrie ten Boom.



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