Page 10, Letters to Editor Saratoga Weekly News, April 30,

  "For years, public school children have been in sex saturated learning environments, while parental authority is discouraged by state lawmakers, school administrators and teachers preferring hands-off child rearing, giving them clout.


Girls as young as 12 can be taken from school for an abortion, without parental knowledge. So when Saratoga High School sophomore Audrie Pott committed suicide, shamed after photographs of her sexually violated and defaced, unconscious body circulated her school, allegedly by three male classmates she called “friends,” it is unrealistic to blame these boys or the parents in whose absence this happened.


Males are not taught to protect females anymore, and morals are not learned in a vacuum. Today, everyone does what is right in their own eyes. Anyone not accepting this “new normal” should demand change from those responsible for the chaos: state lawmakers, school administrators and teachers. RONNA DEVINCENZI