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dear ones,  the engagements  EPHESIAN 6 TYPE, in actual,  I was witness to the homeless hermits, it was there my first heavy encounter took place, I was heading back in the semi dark moon sliver nigth, I bent to tie my boot and than saw two things standing 50 yards on rail bed  black as black gets, what is that???, I was scared for a sec I saw they were big one tall and appeared to hold something,  I prayed and went ahead no place to go but to them I raced for them,,,and end up right between them,  it was  unreal wordless, I called out to the tall one point blank I saw nothing where a face would be and the other closed in on me.   I rebuked them  soundless,  night was deeply still for me, ready to get what ever now lord protect me please, ,  it let strange low moan go and I quickly turned they had gone,   I saw him but he did not touch me, I thought it would end me there, they can carry the sable knife in the arm sleeve which lets them cut fast. sorry  all to real and powerful,,, real .,,,


they operate in complete impunity from people,  for the most part completely night driven secret and clairvoyant, they stock like predator,  the other encounter six surrounded me in a laundry matt all marked up and faces and every symbols I have seen,  than there was an old witch in far off town came to me and laundry matt, hermits go there at night for warmth water and reading..... she told me they were watching me, yep they were, I got followed recently by two trucks  for 10 miles right on me,  than gaga on my blog she was  interested , and wrote, marked me, I saw here words and the others with her, she recently has taken to the streets to preach her gnostic evil ,  views and dark life, how she found me not sure but they do once you cross that line sis the hunt is on,,, they never step back,  time is with them they deal in months and years, they know the system, the state of the public mind set is kaput and they capitalize on the missing parents fast, new Loudon college  their, in it,,,yes, they opposed on open email once,  and are spirit led by the other side and have communion with it often...


 I have and feel them to degree, yester day again and found site they used, amazing  I knew they were in there I been followed for hours in the deep forest of this region.....not far from there a I once saw building structure it was an alter very old and used , I now know what for  Ephesians 6 I like the kj3, others anything with changes made to the ole masonic additives.


NEXT they sense, I am sure your article have drawn them to battle you in the definitions of theology their good at it,,, the one that wanted to know your sources the unction in me said he is one he wants names and locations how they conjure info ,,, and you.... not to scare you,, it’s real the warfare is total with them,,,, the article in north Carolina is  something not surprising to me,  the devil is killer he will kill his own in search for sacrifice he hates even them,,,,,  the game is for souls and lies and death,  I will send you, pray God hears them,,,


Mike was in heavy contact to they  ganged on him,,, many of  the churchians are masonic up here, not much of any real value, lost in warren Osteen junk for  playing religion, here is fact froe some one who came to me for help. she had list of 300 of them all of them,  many were inside the organized religions and others officials they like power control over peoples’ lives. she was nurse like you and the other 4 nurses came to me when I was recently heart condition,  told me of the area I knew was laden all four of the pastors they were were  in this stuff it was amazing story they came into share with me.. .... just trickle,  the nest they have at least 3 or 6 places are key, they form a pattern over the land scape,

pray for his discernment,  you’ll know and feel, .... be back intouch


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Franz, you are showing me a side of life that few could even imagine.  I have tended to believe that the spiritual war raging between our mighty King and the realm of demons is only known to a hidden and secretive few.  But I’m probably wrong.  The evil ones may just seem to be few because they are so rarely seen by ordinary people. 


Can you tell me more about those images that surrounded you?  This is all far beyond my understanding, but I tend to believe that we might go through a time of severe testing as well as terror before our time here is finished. I think of the warnings in Matthew 24, and ask God to prepare my heart for the rising battles that we might face in the years ahead.  


You may be interested in this “Biblical Outline of End-Time Events.”  I’ve posted it here:


I really want to understand what lies ahead of us. Will we be among those who are alive and pass through the tribulation period? Or will  we “sleep” and be "awakened” at His coming? 


He has shown us so much through His Word, but I know I have much more to learn in order to be useful to Him and others. 


I pray that God will continue to guard, strengthen, alert and use you in mighty ways – especially as you out into the night as His warrior – always ready to demonstrate His victory in the midst of the darkness.


By His grace alone,



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I have drenched in swett sis as I knelt be fore the  images I saw who surrounded me, I it was wordless as unreal as it gets and in so doing God sent me headlong through it all,,, they know me now , the game has changed it’s chess pieces,  I move to new location to odd set the  route used... love the verses psalms dear to me read them have prayer book I use for fast times, I need help and gather myself, Ashville is awful sis, oh the kids as dad that just tares me apart inside ,,,  to know... I will be out this weekend big time ,,, thanks.


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Amen, Franz!


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 From: Franz Schulze

Triumphant faith confronts the spirit of doubt and fear and makes a choice to clearly identify it and present it to God. The Lord is constantly available to hear you when your heart is afraid or in doubt. He's the Most High God, and He isn't irritated or troubled when we open our hearts to Him. The psalmist writes, "I sought the Lord, and He delivered me from all my fears" (Psalm 34:4). If I didn't tell God my fears, He couldn't deliver me from them.


 Another way of thinking at narrowway. blessings