Saturday, January 25, 2014

1. "Son of God" is an outgrowth of last year's miniseries on "The Bible." While some of its previous scenes (used or unused) are feartured in the well advertised movie, Mark Burnett and Roman Downey have indeed prepared a spectacular version of the Bible's message of the life of Jesus Christ.  Released on Febr.ry 28  


2. "'The Bible' producers Mark Burnett, Roma Downey 'cast out' Satan from 'Son of God' after Obama controversy."  In an article titled  "The Bible producers Mark Burnett, Roma Downye "cast out' Satan from 'son of God' after Obama controversy. ... Why? After last year's conroversy over the actor's resemblance to President Obaba last year, the producers simly deleted him from the script. A simple way to dismiss that troubling character! The fact that he no longer exists in a movie that supposedly encourages the masses to trust God's Bible is disturbing. (section on devil) "Resist the devil, and he won't cause any more presdential controversy." 


As Roma explained, the Obama comparision was simply a "distraction" from the story's unprecedented "success."  No need to mention an evil Satan in a "postive" story written to adversise a "feel good" version of the original message of the true Bible!


2b.   "Both Mark and I have nothng but respect and love for our President, who is a fellow Christian," said Roma. "Falsestatements such as these are just designed as a foolish distractions to try and to try and discredit the basuty of the story of the 'Bible."


... I want the name of Jesus ot be on the lips of everyone who sees this mvoide, so I cast Satan out," Roma quipped to TheBlaze.  It absolutely tive me great pleasure to tell yuthat the devil is ion the cutting floor."


3. Roma Downey says upcoming "Son of God" will be "Epic, sweeping" Reminder of God's love:  (said Roma)

     The upcoming, highly-anticipated film "Son of God" is going to be an "epic, sweeping" reminderof God's love, said Roma Downey, who co-produced the film with her her husband Mark Burnett. ...

     "We hope audiences leave theaters feeling they know Jesus more and more and also that they are reminded of how deeply he loved us," she said."This is a big, epic sweeping film -- an exciting movie and sometimes a tense movie with intense drama and real danger." "At the end you feel incredibly humbled and loved -- reminded that we are all children of God."

    ....."We have glet upport across all denominatins... busineses are buying out whole theaters and donating the seates to churches, encouraging folks to come opening weekned andt e brign a friend.... "she said. "We believe this message of hope and loive will touch the lives of millions."


4. Miracle Couple Mark Burnett andf Roma Downey from Northern Ireland Touched by by the 'Son of God':

     [Mark and Roma] say that their deep-rooted Christian faith came into play and overcame any diffences and eventually this resulted in this Emmy Awarding husaband and wife teaming up to produce the  "The Bible"..."....