New Spirituality: A portion of the truth?

By Discernment Group

Posted September 24, 2006



From the chapter entitled "One Truth," Many Theologies," in Tamara Hartzell's new on-line book In the Name of Purpose: Sacrificing Truth at the Altar of Unity, is a discussion on “A Portion of Truth, Great or Small, Is Found in Every Religious and Philosophical System.” [Excerpted with permission]:

“In every race and nation, in every climate and part of the world … men have found the Path to God … The testimony to the existence of this Path is the priceless treasure of all the great religions and its witnesses are those who have transcended all forms and all theologies, and have penetrated into the world of meaning which all symbols veil.
     “These truths are part of all that the past gives to man.… They are the inner structure of the One Truth upon which all the world theologies have been built …” —Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul (Emphasis added)1

“Another point which should be remembered is that in the new generation lies hope - … hope because of the promptness with which they recognize truth wherever it is to be found
     “The churches in the West need to realize that basically there is only one church, but it is not necessarily only the orthodox Christian institution; God works in many ways, through many faiths and religious agencies; in their union will the fullness of truth be revealed.” —Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul (Emphasis added)2

In his biography of Rick Warren, Richard Abanes has a chapter titled, “A New Spirituality?” in which he tries to show that Rick Warren is against it. In this chapter, he defends Rick Warren’s tendency to quote “many non-Christians and people of other religious traditions.” Abanes points out that Rick Warren does this, not “because he agrees with them on everything,” and not “because he is promoting them as examples of sound Christians,” but because “he is showing that all ‘truth’—wherever it may be found—is God’s truth” (emphasis added)!3

This defense even challenges what Abanes had said in the beginning of his book: “Rick Warren’s mega-bestseller seems to be helping a lot of people find Jesus and focus on God as the only source of truth.”4

If “all ‘truth’ is God’s truth,” then these other sources of “truth” found in other religions (faiths) and perspectives must be given equal authority with God’s Word. Indeed, this is increasingly evident in those that believe this. Contrarily, the Lord God, Who is not on the broad way and is the truth and light, definitely is the only source of truth (light). Therefore, the truth can only be found in God and not “wherever it may be found” on the broad way of darkness, which is where “non-Christians” and “other religious traditions” are that Rick Warren is supposedly quoting “God’s truth” from!

This lack of discernment is prevalent in Christianity today, which is why the (New Age) New Spirituality is making such broad inroads into it. Yet God’s Word and warnings go unheeded when people only want to hear what is “positive” rather than the whole counsel of God, which includes a great deal of what is deemed “negative.”

The Spirit of truth, Who cannot be received by the world, is the One Who guides us into “all truth” when we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ
(see John 8:31-32, 16:13, and 14:17). He guides us into “all truth” through the Word of the Lord Jesus Christ, not through the teachings of different religions (faiths) as is believed today.

“We believe we can learn truth -- I’ve learned a lot of truth from different religions. Because they all have a portion of the truth.” —Rick Warren (Emphasis added)5

It isn’t both God’s truth and the broad way; it is either God’s truth or the broad way. Yet the former is exactly what the Angel of light, Lucifer, wants mankind to believe and has been teaching through his various channelers for a long time. In the 1888 issue of the theosophical magazine Lucifer, the popular occultist H. P. Blavatsky wrote an article titled, “To the Readers of ‘Lucifer,’” in which she expounded this doctrine of devils, which according to Lucifer’s devices has twisted and changed the meaning of “absolute truth”:

“Our motto was from the first, and ever shall be: ‘THERE IS NO RELIGION HIGHER THAN--TRUTH.’ Truth we -search for, and, once found, we bring it forward before the world, whencesoever it comes.…

     “There is, and can be, but one absolute truth in Kosmos. And … if it is absolute it must also be omnipresent and universal; and that in such case, it must be underlying every world-religion -- the product of the thought and knowledge of numberless generations of thinking men. Therefore, that a portion of truth, great or small, is found in every religious and philosophical system, and that if we would find it, we have to search for it at the origin and source of every such system, at its roots and first growth, not in its later overgrowth of sects and dogmatism.

     "Our object is not to destroy any religion but rather to help to filter each, thus ridding them of their respective impurities. In this we are opposed by all those who maintain, against evidence, that their particular pitcher alone contains the whole ocean.” —H. P. Blavatsky (Emphasis added; caps in the original)6

The emerging universal religion (the “New” Spirituality) does not seek to remove all religious divisions. This would actually oppose its purpose of getting people to believe there are many paths to God. Instead, it seeks to draw people into the belief that all religions (faiths) have drawn “a portion of truth” from the same source, the “ocean” of the “fullness of truth.” Then they can be lured deeper into deception.

Those who believe that “the One Truth” underlies all religions (theologies) can easily be led into believing that all gods are simply diverse manifestations of “the one God” and that all religions are just a different path to God.


The Truth:

"Hear ye, and give ear; be not proud: for the LORD has spoken. Give glory to the LORD your God, before He cause darkness, and before your feet stumble upon the dark mountains, and while you look for light, He turn it into the shadow of death, and make it gross darkness.

"But if you will not hear it, my soul shall weep in secret places for your pride; and my eye eye shall weep sore, and run down with tears, because the LORD's flock is carried away captive." (Jeremiah 13:15-17)

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