Feminists Calling the Bible a “Dead Book”

By  Dwayna Litz  -  www.ltwinternational.org

Posted July 3,  2007









These "evangelical" feminists continue on their quest to give Ephesians 5 a new meaning. Nevertheless, Christ is still the "head" of the church, and marriage is a picture of the relationship Christ has with the church. Yes, the Bible teaches mutual submission, in that the husband is to honor the wife just like his own body. It is a picture of how Christ loves the church. But with this point conceded to the feminists, the structure remains that Christ is head over the church just as the husband is head over the wife and home. Christ leads, and the church follows. Such is the order for a Christian family.

The problem with the feminist men married to the feminist women is they often do not want to lead. It is a good thing, because these women obviously would not let them. (Note: Virginia Mollenkott is not an author featured at Christians for Biblical Equality, but the spirit parades itself the same).

The Christian feminists obviously disdain the authority of the Bible, as well as the structure God has ordained for the home, quoting from an excerpt from the Mystery of Iniquity blog:

"...the point is that the Spirit is not bound forever in one time or one place, on this or that page, in this or that thing. Protestant fundamentalists, who so castigate Catholics for 'worship' of statues, fail to recognize their own idol, the one they’ve made of the bible. They’ve replaced the first commandment. Rather than listen to their God through the spirit, they 'listen' to the rustlings of a dead book, forcing God to 'come down' to their level through their magical thinking, mistaking their tool of spirituality for the real thing..."

Virginia Mollenkott writes, in “Women, Men, and the Bible” that:

"As we have seen, the New Testament teaches that the Christian way of relating is through mutual submission and mutual and voluntary loving service. But as somebody once quipped: 'Who ever said that Christianity hasn’t worked? It’s never even been tried yet!' Certainly the history of male-female relations through the centuries demonstrates that Jesus’ teachings concerning mutual submission have at best received only lip service, and at worst have been converted into a cruel parody of themselves. Christ like submission has been taught to wives but not to husbands. Instead of giving themselves up for their wives as Jesus gave self up for the church, husbands have been encouraged to assume that their wives are supposed to make all the sacrifices."

And who is Virginia Mollenkott? Peter Jones explains in Spirit Wars, p. 112-113:

"Virginia Mollenkott, who acknowledges being greatly helped by the New Age text A Course in Miracles, thanks 'the angels who hover near and the Depth that has called to my depth throughout this writing.' In working to undermine the evil hetero-patriarchal society that obstructs the advent of a new day of human liberation --'God's 'kingdom,' [sic] emphatically different from God's Kingdom.' Mollenkott claims to have been 'told,' and she quotes the Divine message:

"It is your nature to work for the social change that is already in the process of happening...a great shift of consciousness is occurring in the world, and you are a part of that shift...it is essential for you to cooperate by being one of my activist channels into the world...It is a special blessing to play your position willingly, because then your heart is able to feel the tenderness...of my angels and Spirit Guides."

"Christians are told to test the spirits. Gnostic knowledge found within is occult knowledge. Its source is not only the human heart, as many so naively think, but also the forces of evil amassed against the truth of God as revealed in Scripture. It claims to be divine prophecy, but it is false prophecy from the father of lies."

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