Pop Kabbalah: Mocking the Name of God

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Posted August 30,  2007









Lately I have been researching pop culture Kabbalah. I wanted to learn more about it in the process of studying messianic cults. The Kabbalah is the Hebrew occult. It offers basically anything any person needs or wants: health, wealth, fertility, "cleansing," and POWER over this life, past lives, and lives yet to come through reincarnation. There is an emphasis on the goddess spirit, too, with books offered at the Kabbalah Center with titles such as God Wears Lipstick. (deleted ref. to Women for Biblical Equality since it didn't include the needed information)

Basically, this type of “Hollywood Kabbalah” is done in accord with hidden Hebrew names for "god.” The practitioner is empowered literally by staring at a secret Hebrew name for "god" or writing it over and over, choosing a name depending on his or her ideals.

The Kabbalist names for God have "hidden”, esoteric meanings. Each name offers a different power to meet a specific desire.(http://www.72.com/lks/freetools.php) (Nothing about different powers) One does not have to pronounce the name, just stare and focus while looking at the written name. The Kabbalists call it "technology for the soul."

Like Hinduism, today’s resurgence of Kabbalah teaches that there is only one God, (Hinduism is generally polytheistic, though many do group all the deities under on name such as Ishwar. See Deeds, Creeds and Mother Teresa's Dark Night) the “Life Force”, with a host of powerful entities waiting to answer prayers from seekers who are in search of this elite spirituality kept hidden by the orthodox Christians and Jews who were merely fearful of The Way (http://www.kabbalah.com ) (Nothing about powerful entities kept hidden) in ancient mysticism and healing, so we are told.

Last night I found a book I had purchased about a year ago for research on the current enthusiasm for the Kabbalah and read about a counterfeit "repentance" that, naturally, has nothing to do with the blood of Jesus. The pop Kabbalah offers a counterfeit for everything. Even tithing, specifically a tenth of all income as the Old Testament teaches, is advised for good karma. Souls transmigrate to find their way. That is, until some poor lost soul is led mystically to salvation through the Kabbalah.

So, we see here that Satan counterfeits "peace", "forgiveness", "love", "freedom", "repentance", and "salvation"! For the en vogue Kabbalah seducing our youth in the 21st century, Satan stylishly uses the Hebrew Scriptures to pervert the Hebrew Scriptures, giving words and verses new meanings for a counterfeit enlightenment. The Old Testament is referenced quite a bit. For instance, we learn that Moses did in fact part the Red Sea, but he did this by naming one of the "secret" names of God for energy and control.

Whatever the problem, “smorgasbord Kabbalah” offers a solution. No need for a Savior in this occult system of theology. As Satanism teaches, "Say unto Thine own self, 'I am Mine own Redeemer.'" (where? need reference)

We are all part of "God", "made in ‘his/her’ image," as we live in UNITY with one another. You can have your sin and your kingdom on earth with a vacation package to Israel and an eclectic appreciation for the Jews to boot. Come join the journey beginning in the posh setting of the Kabbalah Center, sipping “Kabbalah water” for cleansing. For the authentic Christian who shares passages such as Isaiah 53 with the Jews to point them to their Messiah and true Gospel, this mockery of God’s chosen people, God’s name, and His holy Scriptures is a heartbreak.

Satan attempts to pervert everything that God loves. The Kabbalah Center offers tours of Israel, and they have special events on Saturday, the Hebrew Sabbath. Popular books currently on shelves for the New Age Kabbalist seeker are The Zohar, The Way, The 72 Names of God, and God Wears Lipstick.

Should we be surprised if the oxymoron of "Christian Kabbalah" catches on in Protestant churches through contemplative prayer venues and also the "positive confession" charismatic movements? Some warn it is already making inroads.

Consider these quotes from The 72 Names of God (By Yehuda Berg):

"By meditating on these letters you push REWIND and ERASE on your spiritual video. You are purified in your present life by correcting your transgressions from your lives in the past. This NAME also cleanses our spiritual environment from spiritual impurities." p. 192

As for death, the Kabbalist is told:

"Meditate with total conviction and certainty upon the absolute demise of the angel of death once and for all!" p. 156

The practitioner stares at a Hebrew name for God for hours to accomplish "the death of death." p. 157

"The names...are not actual words. With a few exceptions they are not pronounceable in any meaningful way...devoid of literal meaning....They are sacred sequences, activated visually. The Hebrew word for letter actually means pulse or vibration. What's pulsating? What's vibrating? Energy! A flow of energy transfers directly to you when your eyes behold the shapes of the names...these universal meditation symbols transcend religion, race, geography, and the very concept of language. The names were intended for all people as a global instrument to connect us to the Light. Their power is released through their unique shapes, through the patterns expressed in their lines and curves." p. 38-39.

"Silence your ego. Push the mute button. Now call upon the Light to speak on your behalf..."
p. 128

Astral projection is also taught as the Rabbi informs:

"...Forget the Dramamine, this flight happens on a soul level. Are you ready? Fasten your seatbelt!" p. 51

"Instead of trying to be right, we must recognize that there is a higher truth: unity! We need to seek harmony with our opponents--not because this is moral behavior, but because unity brings us lasting spiritual light." p. 145
"Yehuda Berg is an ordained Rabbi and is internationally-renowned as a leading authority of Kabbalah. The author of the best seller, Power of Kabbalah, Rabbi Berg teaches at the Kabbalah Centres and plays an instrumental role in making the wisdom and tools of the Kabbalah available and accessible to millions of people worldwide." --The 72 Names of God/Technology for the Soul, Kabbalah Publishing.

What a different message the Bible teaches:

"'Come out of their midst and be separate,' says the Lord. 'And do not touch what is unclean, and I will welcome you. And I will be a Father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to Me,' says the Lord God Almighty." 2 Cor. 6:17-18

"I shall make an end of Moab," declares the Lord, "the one who offers sacrifices on the high place and the one who burns incense to his gods." Jeremiah 48:35

"Before Me there was no god formed, and there will be none after Me. I, even I, am the Lord, and there is no Savior besides Me." Isaiah 43:10-11.

"He who believes in the Son has eternal life, but he who does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him." John 3:36

"Behold the Lord's hand is not so short that it cannot save, neither is His ear so dull that it cannot hear, but your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, and your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He does not hear." Isaiah 59:1-2

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness..." Isaiah 5:20
Dwayna Litz

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