Futurologist Foresees a Green Religion

Horx: Saving the Planet is the New Fundamentalism


November, 24, 2007 (idea)









Bonn, November 23 (idea) The German futurologist Matthias Horx foresees a "green" religion emerging as a reaction to the looming climate catastrophe.

"The climate religion is the adequate cult for a consumer and media society distrustful of itšs own progress. It is the new fundamentalism for everyone," writes Horx in his Future Letter.

Saving the planet is turning into a mainstream religion, according to Horx.

People are counting their carbon-dioxide emissions. They believe that they will advance doomsday with every breath, every light bulb not to speak of every journey by car, rail or air.

But redemption is close at hand, writes Horx ironically. People can buy modern "indulgences" in the form of balance payments for ecological sins.

The new green religion is an old phenomenon, according to Horx. The idea that the world is doomed is as old as humankind itself, and can never be refuted, writes Horx, who is not a Christian.

In his view it would be best to adapt onešs life, onešs business, onešs products and marketing to the ŗcarbon-dioxide age".

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