Look What Obama and Congress Have Planned for Us

By Donna Garner

July 16, 2009



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This is the FLOW CHART for the House Democrat Plan for Healthcare: http://docs.house.gov/gopleader/House-Democrats-Health-Plan.pdf
How could an individual patient's healthcare really matter to a Big-Government bureaucracy such as this?  
Picture yourself as a 75 year-old patient with heart problems. Do you really think anyone in this huge schematic of Government-Run Healthcare would listen to you if you were to try to convince this monstrous bureaucracy that you need further medical tests run because your heart is still experiencing erratic heartbeats?  Would anyone really listen?  Would anyone really care if you died, thus saving the system money?
Fact:  More than anything else, Congressmen want to be re-elected.  What we as citizens must do is to make them more fearful of re-election than they are of Obama. 
Please make your voices heard at your Congressional district offices this Friday, July 17....
The district staffers will definitely tell their Congressmen how impassioned voters are against Obama's plan to nationalize healthcare, thus stealing private healthcare away from private citizens.  
Call, fax, write, and buttonhole your Congressman relentlessly.  We must make Congressmen believe that we voters are serious, engaged, and highly motivated to make sure that they never get re-elected if they vote for nationalized healthcare. 
  • We do not want inept and corrupt Government officials making healthcare decisions for us. 

  • How financially sound are Medicare and Medicaid right now?  These are prime examples of Big Government's wasteful mismanagement.  In fact, add Social Security to the list of mismanaged government programs.

  • We do not want the public option that would drive private healthcare providers out of the market because they could not compete with the Government's taxpayer-funded plans. 

  • We do not want our taxes to go sky high while we pay for healthcare for those who expect the Government to take care of them from cradle-to-grave.

  • We do not want rationed care where the Government decides when and if a person is eligible for treatment.

  • We do want to choose our own doctors and do not want the Government to do it for us. 

  • We do not want businesses to drop healthcare for their employees because it would be cheaper for businesses to pay a fine rather than to continue healthcare coverage for their employees.

  • We do not want anything to destroy the American healthcare system which is the envy of the world and which draws people by the millions who come here for healthcare services, particularly from countries that have nationalized healthcare.

Donna Garner  - wgarner1@hot.rr.com 

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