Sustainable Development Law: S-1619

By Sovereignty International.

November 27, 2009


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Reinventing the World

Senator Christopher Dodd introduced his "Livable Communities Act" , ( ) (S-1619) on August 6th.  This bill will establish two new bureaucracies: "The Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities" within the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the "Interagency Council on Sustainable Communities."

The Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities will be charged with administering two new grant programs.  One program will pay for multi-regional comprehensive planning; the other will pay for the projects called for in the multi-regional plans.  Nearly $4 billion is authorized to be appropriated. The Interagency Council on Sustainable Communities will see that Sustainable Development policies are implemented throughout the federal government.

For years, various departments of the federal government have encouraged "Sustainable Development," with a variety of grants to local communities, states, and to NGOs.  This bill, if enacted, will set in bureaucratic concrete the concept and plan for sustainable development as set forth in Agenda 21.

It is imperative that people understand how virtually every recommendation contained in Agenda 21 erodes individual freedom, private property rights, and ultimately, free enterprise.  We have devoted an entire section of our website to Sustainable Development, <>.  Please view the free videos.  You may wish to order the videos on DVD to share with your friends and family.  Read the material we have assembled for you.  Learn all you can about Sustainable Development.

This bill is not likely to move until the other major issues confronting Congress are resolved.  Rest assured, this bill will not go away.  Get prepared now to persuade your  representatives to reject the bill, and all elements of the freedom-eroding concept of Sustainable Development,.

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