Oil Spill, Earth Charter & UN "Laws"

By Al Duncan

July 21, 2010


The Creator of All


When a lie is promoted long and hard enough eventually people believe it.

Not one to allow a “good crisis” to go to waste, Obama is pledging to use the BP oil spill as an opportunity to push the U.S. Congress to pass his controversial climate bill.  During a recent interview Obama directly compared the current crisis in the Gulf to 9/11, indicating that he believed that it would fundamentally change the way that we all look at energy issues from now on. 

Obama tells us in an interview, seen on Youtube, “The Cap & Trade (C&T) system has regulation requirements that necessitate renovations and restructuring, and the cost of these changes will be passed on to the American taxpayer at billions of dollars.”

Roughly $100 billion is needed to initially finance climate-change schemes in the developing world.  An additional $10 billion to $20 billion would come from taxes on fuels used in aviation and shipping. The rest, $25 billion to $35 billion, would be loans and grants from industrialized nations to poorer countries.

Where will all this money come from?

Switching to a "low carbon economy" will raise costs.  All carbon taxes imposed on polluting industries will be passed onto the consumer.  There will also be direct carbon taxes on individuals to control the amount of energy, travel and electricity each person is allowed to use.  Airlines have no low carbon alternative to jet fuel and will bear the full burden of higher fuel costs and carbon taxes, and fares will rise by at least 140%. Countries will invest in high-speed-trains to bring down emissions.  Food flown from abroad will escalate due to the cost of transport.  Locally-grown food Prices will also increase because of a rise in the cost of fertilizers.  Clothing costs will rise one percent, household goods like washing machines by two percent, all according recent studies.

The climate bill that’s being pushed wouldn’t save us from so-called “global warming/climate change” but it would do the following: Drive gas and electricity prices through the roof—at an approximate cost of $2,250 per household annually.  Crush the already fragile U.S. economy with new taxes and regulations on U.S. businesses—at a loss of some 2.4 million jobs.  It would increase worldwide pollution by forcing companies out of the U.S. and into undeveloped nations with no pollution restrictions.  Every home and business would be federal managed (the new-job-claims accompanying C&T) and controlled by the Environmental Police, all at the expense of the home and business owner.  H.R.2454 of the C&T bill requires homeowners to maintain a home efficiency license/label costing around $6,800 per family of four. 

With $2 trillion in overt and hidden taxes, this bill would represent one of the biggest tax increases in U.S. history.  Since every action we take involves the production of carbon emissions (including the act of breathing), it would open the door for an era of tyrannical climate fascism where the U.S. government literally monitors every aspect of our lives to assure that everyone’s being “eco-friendly”.

As devious as this is, one must admit that this plot to tax the people of the world for using one of the four God-given elements of life, CO2, is truly diabolically ingenious.  This conspiracy (yes, this is a conspiracy) perpetually transfers the wealth of the people into the coffers of the Power Elite at enormous financial gain.

The Earth Charter and Agenda 21 epitomize the devious game plan of all that happens in the world today, and it’s being implemented by the Hegelian dialectic: a crisis that conditions’ people to accept an undesired change, usually accompanied by a controlled opposition to the crisis, and finally the pre-determined solution. 

The UN’s Earth Charter, written by The United Nations Conference on Environmental and Development Secretary General Maurice Strong, ex-President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Steven Rockefeller (David Rockefeller’s nephew) is considered the Power Elite’s Ten Commandments—remember, the Rockefellers started the UN.  The Earth Charter is housed in the Ark of Hope—a pitiable imitation of the Biblical Ten Commandments, housed in the Ark of the Covenant. 

The Earth Charter is a covenant to which every nation must adhere.  Each panel represents one of the four traditional elements of life: Water, Fire, Earth, and Air.  The fifth component, Spirit, includes the religious aspect.  It’s a worship of mother earth (GAIA) and the environment, and the Global Warming/Climate Control agenda is the covert method of introduction.

Agenda 21—Sustainable Development/Smart Growth—is the UN’s goal for government's re-engineering of society.  The Earth Charter and Agenda 21 are the blueprints for the New World Order.  Fabricated under a noble banner of saving the earth, Agenda 21 is the global contract that binds governments around the world to the UN’s plan for controlling the way we live, eat, learn, move and communicate, and it’s being integrated into all bureaucratic policies at every level of society.  When fully implemented, Agenda 21 places government involvement in every aspect of every human’s life on earth.

Chapter 17 of Agenda 21 focuses on the “Protection of the Oceans, including the seas, the air space above, and the seabed beneath.  If the Law Of the Sea Treaty (LOST) is ratified, the UN will be guardian of the seas and possess “rational use” of the oceans and their resources

Treaties supersede the Constitution. According to the New York Times, the State Department official Margaret Hayes revealed that the Obama administration was “crafting a plan to ratify the UN Convention on the LOST.”

The LOST establishes rules governing the uses of the world's oceans more than 200 nautical miles off coasts as the purview of a new international UN bureaucracy, the International Seabed Authority (ISA).  The ISA would have the complete authority over the oceans’ surface (vessels, cargo, and military), its sea beds (removed or inserted), and the airspace above (aircraft and contents, including CO2 emissions), and production controls for ocean mining, drilling, and fishing, ocean exploration, issuing permits and settling disputes in its own new court.  The US would have one vote of 140 and no veto power, which is why Bush refused to ratify this treaty.

Each country that ratifies the LOST yields control to freely traverse the seas, while simultaneously empowering the U.N. to tax them for that very right they relinquished.  This will, for the first time in history, give the impotent, incompetent, and corrupt UN sufficient means to hire a standing army to enforce these laws.  And according to Margaret Hayes, Obama intends to ratify this treaty and surrender our rights to a foreign State.

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