Dear A,


I share your concern grieve with you over the corruption of the teaching in churches around the world. Satan is making headway, and people are lured away His Word -- just as happened in Old Testament days again and again.


The most effective deception is part truth and part lies. And when partial truth is presented cloaked in lies, the whole package becomes a lie -- just as when the serpent spoke to Eve in the garden.


If you go to our Topical Index of Scriptures and click on Persecution, you will find a list of reasons why we are considered "negative" or "judgmental" by friends who once walked with us.


But there is a remnant around the world, and that is exciting to see. So, when He comes, "will He find faith on the earth?" (Luke 21:8) Yes, He will, but that remnant might be relatively small in the easy-going, compromising Western world.   


How many of us would be willing to die for our faith like the persecuted Christians in China, Vietnam, Burma, Egypt, Pakistan and India?


May He find us faithful when we are put to that test!


By His grace alone,






 I really appreciate your insightful articles and viewpoint. This is about the emerging church movement. I have a question about the aims or motive of so many so called Christian churches, that seem to be going along with the deception. There is usually some truth in what is being preached/taught, but also a lot of untruth. There is such a mix that you've got to be alert to pick out out the falsehood. The ratio of untruth to truth also seems to be increasing. A person hates to be seen as negative, but how else can one challenge the false teaching.



Thank you for your articles and website.  We have read your articles for several years and are established, strengthened, settled, and secured by your emphasis on God and His Holy Word.  Your articles are very informative about the world around us, but you always point us to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Your presentation of the world situation is sobering because it is truthful, but you remind us to always look to Jesus and trust Him, as He is our only hope and salvation. What a joy and freedom to trust Jesus and walk with Him amidst this world. You are a blessing and encouragement to us.  Thank you so much.Pat H

Thank you so much, Pat, for your kind words and your fellowship in Christ!  How blessed we are to belong to Him at a time such as this!  May He find us faithful as the challenges grow greater in the years ahead!  I Thank Him for the Internet which enables us to stand together and encourage each other for a season.

 By His wonderful grace alone,