How Western Powers Aid and Abet

Christian Persecution

by Don Hank

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"...the Chinese government's stranglehold on information makes it impossible for all of the instances of Christian persecution to be documented.....It also highlighted three new alarming trends: the full-scale suppression of Christian human rights lawyers groups; use of abuse, torture and mafia tactics; and a severe crackdown on...churches that do not accept government control." Government persecution of Christians escalates in China

"...three Coptic churches were firebombed by mobs of radical Salafi Muslims....According to one report, 12 people were killed and more than 200 injured.... It took the Egyptian army nearly five hours to respond to the violence, leading some to fear that the army and local police forces are either complicit in the attacks or unwilling to defend Egypt's Christian minority. When the second church was attacked, Muslim mobs prevented fire trucks from reaching the church." Muslim Extremists Attack Egyptian Churches:

"In Nigeria, Muslim rioters killed more than 100 Christians and burned more than 40 churches yesterday 'in response to the election of Jonathan Goodluck, a Christian, as president.'  ...Christians in those Muslim-majority areas 'have faced repeated bouts of violence and discrimination' and 'tens and thousands of Christians have been killed' over the years." Election leaves Christians under fire in 3rd African nation

Recently, it was reported that Chinese Catholics will defy their government’s ban on observing the International Day of Prayer.

But how can there be a government ban on this, since prayer is speech, which is, to quote Barack Obama, a “universal right.” Obama said that in a speech warning Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak not to step on the human rights of Egyptian protesters, who were destroying government property and burning cars in the streets.

So what did our courageous White House resident have to say about the blatant human rights violations in China?

Nothing. Neither did any other Western “leader.”

In fact, no president has complained about any human rights violations in China, where Christianity is strictly regulated, and in North Korea, where North Korea, where Christians are reportedly jailed, beaten, executed and, in one case, pulverized with steam rollers, and where Kim Jong Il reportedly starved 2 million people to death.

Today's official Western response to inhumane dictators seems to be:

1. Ignore any human rights violations against Christians anywhere

2. Support groups hostile to Christians.

In many conflicts involving Muslims, the West’s intervention has led to the persecution of Christians, and in some cases, decimated the indigenous Christian population.

Saddam, though a tyrant, protected Christians during his reign. Once he was toppled, the persecution of Christians was immediate. The US government under Bush/Obama did nothing and did not protest. The Assyrian Christians there were quietly deported to Sweden, which granted them asylum. Think about it: a country under American control persecuting its Christians with the tacit permission of the Americans (who now go to war to protect “human rights”).

Mubarak held the line as best he could against anti-Christian actions. He didn’t do a great job of it, mind you, but tried his best in view of the anti-Christian atmosphere among the populace. But the day he was forced out of office — under pressure from Obama — the Egyptian military fired on monks and workers at a Coptic monastery.

The Ivory Coast had a Christian president, Laurent Gbagbo, who claimed election fraud in his re-election bid. Indeed, there was strong evidence that there was fraud and that the Muslim candidate who claimed victory had in fact lost on number of votes (as I reported before, I read this in a French paper that had the chutzpah to report it, showing photos of altered ballots). The UN kicked out the Christian and declared the Muslim president without investigating the claims of fraud. In one area under UN control, 1000 Christians were murdered. There was no meaningful protest from any Western powers, which months prior to this had investigated reports of human rights violations by the Christian president.

Anyone who wishes to learn the details of brutal Chinese and North Korean persecution of Christians can go to sites like Voice of Martyrs. Yet what do we do about China? Why we practice “free” trade with them of such magnitude that we destroy Western industry and make them the second richest nation on earth? Why did Obama fete Hu Jintao in the White House, even as Chinese dissidents, including Nobel prize winner Liu Xiaobao sit in Chinese prisons for speaking their minds?

Question for the reader:

Do you think the West will ever do anything to protect Christians outside the West? 

It is often suggested in the media that the purpose of “separation of church and state” is to protect non-Christians from human rights violations by theocratically minded Christians. But here is what most of us have been lulled into forgetting: It is one thing — and quite a bad thing — for the government to favor the majority religion over another or set up a theocracy. But it is quite another for a government to promote, through its foreign policies, groups that persecute people of any religion because of their religion.

Note from Berit: Ponder this statement from the article, "Whitewashing the Muslim Brotherhood:

       "Of the fifteen professors, only one, Jamsheed Choksy (Indiana University), strongly opposed empowering the Muslim Brotherhood. Not coincidentally, he was the only one who considered American strategic interests. By contrast, Rashid Khalidi (Columbia) explicitly opposed interfering with a Brotherhood ascendency, even if it hurt our geopolitical standing."

       The goal for the world's elite leaders seems to be a global government. The Muslim Brotherhood has a parallel vision: a global caliphate. That vision would imply (1) global Sharia law, (2) a submissive dhimmi state for non-Muslims, and (3) forced conversion or death for all uncompromising Christians.

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