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Child Sexual Abuse: Can We Ignore it?

August 29, 2011


This entire issue is devoted to the "new" sexuality and child sexual abuse in both the world and in the evangelical/ Protestant church. If you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or friends with children, or if you work with children, this issue is for you. With Lighthouse Trails' motto, 'bringing light to areas of darkness,' we have been reporting on these sensitive areas since the beginning of Lighthouse Trails.  See the complete report here:


Some may feel that sex abuse and the 'new' sexuality do not fall within the parameters of exposing spiritual deception, but we believe it does. Why are we doing this? It's quite simple, really. What is sown today will bear fruit tomorrow. In other words, what we do for or against the younger generation (children, teens, and young adults) today will be evident in how they function as Christians tomorrow. If we give them sexual abuse, deceit, sensuality, mysticism, pride, arrogance, carnality, lust, surely we must realize what this will reap in the future. ...

The "new" sexuality that has been brought into the church through emerging contemplative advocates has paved the way for even more abuse to take place because of the carnal, sensual nature of the "new" sexuality and the "new" spirituality. One of the things that is very troubling about that is while the emerging church movement says they are wanting to reach out to the young people of this culture (blaming fundamentalist Christians for not doing that satisfactorily), many of these young people have been sexually abused as children, then they come into an emerging church where homosexuality is becoming more widely embraced, and they come into a contemplative church where things like tantric sex are being subtly introduced. And they come into a carnal church that abuses children and then covers it up.

While the "new" evangelicals boast that they are helping young people far more than the previous generation did, with their updated methods and ideas, the opposite is true. What young people need today is the Word of God AND a pure church.

Now we know that the church can only be pure as it submits itself to Jesus Christ and allows His purity and His life to dwell within us as believers in Christ. We cannot have this purity apart from Him.

The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes. Psalm 19:8

But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. James 3:17

By turning to false "gods," so to speak - contemplative mysticism, spiritual disciplines, new sexuality, social justice, purpose-driven, etc. - the church is doing more harm than good to these wounded young people.

God cannot and will not use a church that is arrogant, prideful, lustful, and deceptive. We call upon Christian pastors and leaders who have allowed these vices into their own lives and into their churches to repent, allow God to cleanse, and be truly used of God to help young people.

There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness. Proverbs 30:12

In the past several days, since our story about Calvary Chapel was released, we have heard from many people, a number who have shared their own or their children's personal accounts of abuse and cover up (not all are within Calvary Chapel). Why weren't these stories reported to authorities, some may ask. Anyone who knows anything about child molestation knows that the victim often feels too ashamed to tell about his or her abuse. And in the case where abuse takes place in a church, there is often coercion to "deal" with the matter privately within the confines of the local church.

But sadly, often the abuse is NOT dealt with and the molester is moved to a new location. We saw this tragedy happen in the Catholic church. But it is happening in the Christian church as well. We know there are many churches who do protect their children - for this you are commended. But there are too many that don't.

The majority of people who contacted us after our article last week were extremely supportive of this story coming out. But a few were angry and upset. Some of those felt that the story should not have been released as this is a "private" matter for the church, not for the world to see. New believers will stumble, they say, by this coming out. This is nothing but gossip and so on. Basically, what they are saying is that this shouldn't be talked about publically. But that poses a problem because it isn't being dealt with within the church. Children are being abused, and adult leaders are covering it up.

Today, a lot of Christian figures talk about "revival" and a "new" reformation taking place. However, we should note that whenever true revival has taken place in the past, it was a revival of repentance. People would be humbly confessing their sins. This is a sharp contrast to today's "revival" mentality where sins are pushed under the rug, never dealt with - or worse yet, they are no longer called sin. A "new" reformation or revival that is fleshly, devilish, and sensual is not a reformation from God at all.

Note of Apology: We apologize that some of the material you read in this week's newsletter will be difficult to read and view and perhaps feel offensive. But these things need to be brought out of the secret corners, and in so doing perhaps some children will be saved from abuse. With statistics showing that a very high percentage of boys and girls are molested by the time they are 18, we cannot ignore what is happening in the church, as painful as it may be to all of us.

 Obama Administration Declares Children as ‘Sexual Beings’ By Richard Swier, Red County News

Indiana University Zoologist Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey shocked the nation in 1948 with the publication of Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, followed in 1953 by Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.

Since the publication of these two reports Dr. Kinsey and his research have been scientifically debunked.

However, he lives on in the hearts and minds of the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender movement as a sage. Gays, when confronted with their behaviors, always say the person confronting them is gay also. This has most recently been used against Republican presidential candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry who has been called gay.

According to Robert H. Knight, “[T]his comes from Kinsey stating that 95 percent of men committed sexual crimes such as rape, sodomy, incest, homosexuality, adultery, public exposure, fornication or other offenses. If most men were sexual criminals of one sort or another, Kinsey reasoned, then society should redefine what is ‘normal’ and reduce penalties for sex offenses.”

It appears that the Obama administration and the U.S. Department of Health and Human services agree with Dr. Kinsey. Time to redefine “normal”, especially in children. Click here to continue reading.

Feedback on Article about Calvary Chapel and Child Sex Abuse Case

Regarding our article from 8/25/11, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa named in Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit,  Lighthouse Trails received many responses. We have decided to post some of them as we think it is important for our readers to see what is being said by others. We have included the negative comments we received also.

Thank you for this e-mail and for your stand on truth. Even though I am a Calvary Chapel pastor and choose to continue to be affiliated, things like this do need to be exposed. No denomination or affiliation is perfect, and it’s my prayer that I and all the other CC Pastors and leaders would take a closer look at these kinds of things (doctrine as well) that are taking place within the Calvary Chapel fellowships, and repent. May the Lord have mercy on us all. Only By His Grace, ( John, not real name, a Calvary Chapel pastor)

I am stunned, shocked, sickened and grieved by this article. As a survivor of child abuse within my own family, I know the after affects of this type of abuse. And as a member of a CC church in ________, it grieves me to be aware that such a thing can go on within the CC movement and not be condemned from the highest platform. As difficult as it must have been for your organization to report this, I, for one, thank you for having the courage to report it; and pray your organization can stand strong against what will probably be strong resistance to this report. May God continue to bless you. My prayers are with you. (Joyce, not real name, a Calvary Chapel church member)

Truth is Truth no matter where it leads you. We understand this is like Ezekiel 8 all over again. (G.L.)

It just sickens me as to how bad everything is getting out there. Pastor Raul Reis is one that I always recommended to people to listen to and now this! I do attend a Calvary Chapel and from the time I first walked in the doors, I have continuously kept my eyes and ears open. But I do have to say, that it was not because of everything that I have learned about C.C.’s over the last year. It was just because I came out of a Word of Faith church and I am very careful as to what they are teaching or endorsing. Yes, I have noticed some things and have asked questions about my concerns but I am needing to get some more information/documentation. . . .  Once I can get my hands on what I need, then I need the courage to step up again and present what I have. Yes, you did the right thing, I believe, in sending out this message. It is ‘scary’ where everything is going. If I have to leave this church, I seriously do not know where I will go. Oh, there are plenty of churches in the area but . . . I can point out where they are embracing the Emergent/Contemplative movement. (R., a Calvary Chapel church member)

Very sad indeed….God help us! (J.)

 Thank you for having the courage to send this out. We attended the local Calvary Chapel a couple of times.  We discovered that they supported Rick Warren’s 12-step program “Celebrate Recovery”, and the Dominionist 2000AD program. Then they advertised a special speaker.  A man who was coming to speak on the topic of “All religions have truth”.  I didn’t bother to go. We only went a few times after that.  On one of the Sundays we were there, they had ”The Shack” promoting Gayle Irwin as a speaker.  (This was shortly before it was publicly known that he was doing this.) The last straw was after we talked to the assistant pastor about the heresies of Rick Warren and were met with skepticism. I thought, ”Why would I want to sit in a pew where I know more than the pastor about what is going on?”  We left with sorrow. (S.)

We are glad you chose to bring this to the light on Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.  We have seen similar examples from churches in our area, one of them being a 12 year old girl in the past being told by the “pastor” that he would teach her the proper way to have “sexual intercourse.” It is not just the false Catholic system involved with this wretched sin, but sadly a number in the so called Protestant church as well.  I do not know if you had seen this article on pedophiles that recently met an hour away from here in Baltimore:

stands to reason, when sodomites are allowed in “man’s” eyes to be “married” that pedophilia would be the next thing to consider as “normal” possibly being followed by bestiality… I do not see these past two earthquakes and hurricane Irene as coincidence but judgment from the Almighty for a nation that for the better part is trying to bite the Hand that feeds it…. Psa 2:1-5: “Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure. ” (Luke)

 You did exactly the right thing in bringing this to the attention of the Church. Jude is quite clear that Christianity would be in this sad state of affairs. My husband and I have consistently fought for the past 35 years to ward off this evil day. Very few listen. Very few. This is a time for humility and repentance … neither of which is in evidence in these last days. Keep up this necessary work. Your reward is in heaven (and WE appreciate you right now). May the Lord bless and keep you until His soon coming. (C.M

What a heart breaker. Thanks for publishing this news and providing such excellent  documentation of the facts. Our family was also touched by early child sexual abuse. The Lord  knows the terrible, far-reaching impact of this sin. I still pray for my daughter’s abuser, who was (at that time) a 12  year-old girl who was also being abused by her step-father… No doubt you will get a huge backlash…. Thanks for being willing to  take it. (C. from Oregon)

More comments here:

Mental Health Group Looks to Remove Stigma From Pedophilia – American Psychological Association’s Role in These Efforts

LTRP Note: Last week, Fox News released an article titled ”Mental Health Group Looks to Remove Stigma from Pedophilia” [child sex abuse]. The article reports on a group of professionals who are making efforts to take the stigma out of pedophilia. While this group of people does not directly reflect the views of the APA, the American Psychological Association, we emphasize the word directly. What many readers may not know is that in 1998, the APA released a “research” report in their publication, Psychological Bulletin, which stated that sexual relations with children is not necessarily harmful to them. The report was nicknamed “The Rind Report.” Because of efforts by Dr. Laura Schlessinger and other child advocates, a bill was created and submitted to the House of Representatives, which in turn passed the bill and rejected and condemned The Rind Report. Dr. Schlessinger stated:

“This study is the first step on the road to normalizing pedophilia – just as homosexuality has been mainstreamed to the point where tolerance is no longer sufficient: we have to “embrace” it.”

In a 2002 WorldNetDaily article written by Dr. Schlessinger, she reiterates the efforts being made to normalize pedophilia. In that article, she states: 

Pedophiles are, under the best of circumstances, extremely difficult to convict. Often members of revered professions in the community, accused pedophiles appear in court in three-piece suits, as well dressed and well spoken as the judges themselves, who can’t bring themselves to believe that such upstanding citizens could be guilty of such heinous crimes. The terrified, violated children are no match for them....

God’s view of child abuse can be capsulated in the words of our Lord Jesus Christ: “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones” (Luke 17:2).

And now the Fox News article:

A group of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals say it’s time to change the way society views individuals who have physical attractions to children.

The organization, which calls itself B4U-Act, is lobbying for changes to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, the guideline of standards on mental health that’s put together by the American Psychiatric Association.

The group says its mission is to help pedophiles before they create a crisis, and to do so by offering a less critical view of the disorder.

“Stigmatizing and stereotyping minor-attracted people inflames the fears of minor-attracted people, mental health professionals and the public, without contributing to an understanding of minor-attracted people or the issue of child sexual abuse,” reads the organization’s website. Read more:


Efforts to Eliminate “Stigma” Against Pedophilia and Call it “Normal” Are Underway

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa named in Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Former Child Star Says Pedophilia No. 1 Problem for Children in Hollywood

72 charged in probe of child sexual abuse network

“A Slap in Face to Victims” – Catholic Priest Admits to Abusing Children; Refuses to Give Up Priesthood

Where Predators Hunt  By Greg Reid
(from The Color of Pain)

Predators looking for [children] and teens to molest want to be in situations of access or trust to the target kids. These are some of the most likely places predators find that access:

Schools as teachers, coaches, librarians, custodians, etc.
Boy Scout groups, Big Brother programs
Churches & youth groups
Libraries, bookstores, adult bookstores
Public parks
Health spas, YMCAs
Motels & hotels
Malls, movie theaters
Picking up hitchhikers
Beaches & lakes
Video arcades, Miniature golf courses
Dungeons & Dragons & Other fantasy related setups
Bowling alleys & skating rinks
Daycare centers
Internet chat rooms, news groups, kids’ websites and forums
(from chapter 4 of The Color of Pain)

"The wicked prowl on every side, when vileness is exalted among the sons of men."  Psalm 12:8

Deaf victim of sex abuse is suing pope, and going public with his story for the first time

From our 2010 archives

By Scott Bronstein
CNN Special Investigations Unit

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin – Terry Kohut has kept a dark secret for nearly 50 years. Now he is breaking his silence, becoming a key figure in the sex-abuse crisis in the Catholic Church and the growing controversy over what Pope Benedict XVI did about it.

When Kohut was barely a teen, and for years afterward, he says, he was sexually molested and assaulted by the headmaster and priest of the school where he lived, St. John’s School for the Deaf, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. What occurred there is one of the most notorious cases of sex abuse in the Catholic Church.

Kohut was not alone. From 1950 to 1974 the headmaster of St. Johns, Father Lawrence C. Murphy, raped and molested as many as 200 deaf boys, according to court and church documents.

Kohut has now filed the first sex-abuse lawsuit against the Vatican actually naming Pope Benedict, previously known as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, as a defendant.

Ratzinger was once head of the Vatican’s powerful CDF, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, charged in certain circumstances with investigating the sexual abuse of minors by priests. And though church records show the abuse by Father Murphy was brought to the attention of Ratzinger and the CDF years ago, a church trial against the headmaster was stopped and he was allowed to remain a priest.

The Vatican’s “policy of secrecy” in abuse cases, and its “directives to conceal the sexual abuse of children” by priests, the lawsuit says, helped bring about the abuse of Kohut and others by Father Murphy.

Kohut has never before gone public or spoken about what Father Murphy did to him. He has remained anonymous in the suit, listed only as “John Doe 16,” one of dozens of men alleging abuse.

In an exclusive interview with CNN, Kohut, 60, spoke with his hands and through an interpreter, describing how the abuse by Father Murphy started....

What happened to Kohut and the other deaf boys -– and the handling of the Murphy case by Ratzinger’s office – are central issues in a widening examination of the church’s role in covering up sexual abuse by priests. Did that approach reach as high as the man who would become the pope? Click here to continue reading.

Is This America?

Some “experts” have surprising ideas about children and sexuality. Right here in America there are some psychiatrists and professors who want to “normalize and decriminalize pedophilia (child rape and molestation).”

Does that seem “unthinkable”? Well, in these post-modern times, “unthinkable” things are happening fast. In Germany, the government is actively promoting pedophilia. The German Federal Health Education Center has published booklets recommending that fathers give sexual massages to daughters aged one to three, and that parents give explicit sexual instruction to children aged four to six. These booklets are being used to train nursery workers, kindergarten teachers, and elementary school teachers.

By Mary Ann Collins
Kjos Ministries Writer

We live in a world where multiculturalism, secular humanism, and occultism are rising like a monstrous tsunami in opposition to God’s ways and moral guidelines. Compromise has become the norm, and God’s unchanging Truth is dismissed as an obstacle to solidarity. Rarely has it been more difficult for Christian parents to pass their faith and values on to their children.

Public schools have long been undermining the Biblical faith and morality of Christian children. Through sex education using manipulative techniques such as “values clarification”[1] and facilitated dialogue, they expose children to sexual lifestyles that God’s people were warned never to imagine or experience.

The same mind-changing techniques are used to promote all kinds of spiritual alternatives to Christianity. Classroom projects making Hindu gods, New Age rituals to a mystical Mother Earth, interpretations of Tarot cards, and “worry dolls” that supposedly ward off evil spirits are merely four examples of today’s promotional blitz of popular occultism.[2]

In addition, today’s children live in a world that is filled with movies, music, toys, and video games that promote a worldview that is diametrically opposed to Christianity. Click here to continue

Presbyterians in Mexico to break with apostate PCUSA on homosexuality

By Gay Christian Watch

The church’s sexual civil war is going global. Thankfully, there’s good news to report from the Mexican front via the Washington Post as the Presbyterian Church (USA) suffers another loss because of their ungodly support of homosexuality.

Presbyterians in Mexico are breaking ties with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) because of differences over homosexuality.

The theologically conservative National Presbyterian Church of Mexico voted to stop working with the U.S. denomination. U.S. Presbyterians voted last May to remove barriers for ordaining people in same-sex relationships. The churches share a 139-year history and a network of social service ministries that spans the Mexican-U.S. border.

Presbyterian leaders in the United States said Wednesday they are saddened by the decision and hope to find a way they can continue helping the needy in Mexico and along the border.

The vote by the Mexican church was announced as a group of theologically conservative U.S. Presbyterians meet in Minnesota to debate whether they should break with the denomination, which is based in Louisville.

Presbyterian leadership in the US (like several other mainline US denominations) have been steadily bleeding memberships after capitulating to homosexual religious activists entrenched in the organizations. Click here to continue reading.

The Unforgotten Face of Eva

Note: The following is a short excerpt from Laughter Calls Me by Catherine Brown. In this section, Catherine is in the office of the Child Exploitation Division of the Los Angeles Police Department. She is sitting at a table looking through confiscated photos to find pictures of her own children. One photo she came across remained implanted in her mind forever:

"One girl’s picture kept popping up in various magazines, different pictures of her but the same girl. Her name was Eva. Her voluptuous, blond, curly hair hung softly over her bare shoulders and chest. She wore heavy eyeliner, ruby red lipstick complemented with lots of bright blush. Eva sat naked, hands folded in front of her, her legs crossed seductively. She could have easily passed for a woman posing for Playboy or Penthouse, or a woman of the streets standing on her corner, easily that is, except for one thing ... Eva was five years old! Eva wore no smile on her young face, no light shining out of her eyes. What light she had been born with had faded long ago."

There are millions and millions of children and teens who are exploited by child pornographers. Child pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry. If you don't believe that, just call the Child Exploitation Division of any major city.

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