How the Left successfully creates fear

CURE  ~  Posted April 25, 2011


"We must accept every lie from the Left as a challenge to explain and fight for what we believe." Star Parker 

If you were able to catch my segment on Neil Cavuto's show this week, you would have seen the political commercial that Leftists are airing against Paul Ryan's plan to save Medicare and Medicaid.  In the video, an actor portraying Paul Ryan wheels an old woman in a wheelchair through the woods and towards a precipice that juts over the ocean.  As they get closer to the edge, the old woman realizes that "Ryan" isn't going to stop and struggles to get out of the chair but it's to no avail as "Ryan" dumps her over the cliff and into the ocean towards her death.

This disgusting and misleading commercial is straight out of the Saul Alinsky community-organizer playbook that's designed to defeat conservatives at the polls and install liberals at all levels of government. 

Paul Ryan's bold plan to reform medical entitlements that consume 20 percent of our federal budget has enraged the Left.  The New York Times even called Medicaid unsustainable yet Liberals have never proposed an alternative to reform this wasteful government program. In fact, the Left has no intention of reforming medical entitlements because the status quo is what gets them elected.

Medicaid currently pays the medical bills of 50 million Americans.  ObamaCare will add 16 to 18 million more people to that figure.  Medicare, on the other hand, pays for the partial care of 40 million Americans.  Ryan's reform plan does not affect today's seniors on Medicare and reform of that program will only begin in 2022.  But his reform plans for Medicaid would start immediately.  As we can see in that commercial I described, the Left purposefully won't make this distinction between the two programs.  In fact, after the committee vote on the Ryan plan, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee said in a statement that Republicans voted to end Medicare!

MoveOn, the extreme leftist organization, pounced on the confusion between Medicaid and Medicare and sent an email to their followers to gather in Chicago to protest Ryan's plan.  Many of their followers showed up with signs that said things like, "Hands off my Medicare" and "Paul Ryan Plan: Let them eat cat food."

John, it's no surprise that Liberals obtain their power through lies and creating confusion.  The saddest part about this story is that the Left is very good at what they do.  They trap people into government programs that assure their elections while Americans suffer.  When their power is threatened or if anyone complains, they go after their enemies like rabid animals until they're defeated or become one of them.  We saw this happen when even Newt Gingrich criticized Ryan's plan by calling it 'right-wing social engineering.' Ryan's reform plan is hardly any different in its implementation than Gingrich's bold welfare reform in 1996.  Newt Gingrich obviously thinks criticizing Ryan is going to help him attract liberals or people who call themselves independents to his campaign.  Good luck with that!

Medicaid is one of the most wasteful and harmful government programs that exists.  Right now, 30 percent of African-Americans are on Medicaid.  A study from the University of Virginia showed that surgical patients on Medicaid fared worse than the uninsured!  Forty percent of doctors in America refuse to accept Medicaid patients, which limits the choice for Americans who are trapped in this inefficient entitlement program.  The Left likes to talk about two Americas: one for the haves and one for the have-nots.  The reality: this is the system they created in our inner-cities and they will not stop until they obtain complete control over every American.

I was in Washington, DC last week with Paul Ryan.  Since Gingrich reformed welfare, we've never had a member of Congress who was bold enough to realistically propose reforming a major entitlement program.  Will you help me seize this opportunity by contributing $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or even $1,000 by following this link right now?  The choice is ours.  

We can let the Left succeed with their tactics or we can fight back and educate the public to reform wasteful programs, reduce our tax burden, and increase our individual freedom.  Our formula is unique in the world and is proven to create a greater standard of living for everyone instead of the poverty and misery that Medicaid thrives on and create

Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renewal & Education and author of the re-released book Uncle Sam's Plantation.

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Star Parker is president of the Coalition for Urban Renewal & Education (CURE)

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