The Global Plan for our Collective Health

Forcing Social & Spiritual Change through UN/US Healthcare

by Berit Kjos - March 1, 2011


UN: Steps to Global Tyranny


"The impending transformation of medicine is a window to the transformation of all our institutions."[1] Marilyn Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy [See 3-Legged "Health" Care]

"For many generations we have bowed our necks to the yoke of the conviction of sin. We have swallowed all manner of poisonous certainties fed us by our parents, our Sunday and day school teachers..."[2] Dr. Brock Chisholm, first Secretary-General of the World Health Organization

"It is the men and women in whom these [Christian] patterns of attitude and behavior have been incorporated who present the immediate resistance to social, economic and political changes."[3] Brock Chisholm and Margaret Mead, "Mental Health and World Citizenship."

"Do not be discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but Godís.Ē 2 Chronicles 20:15

The elite founders of the United Nations shared a common vision for planetary management. But that vision includes some disturbing similarities to George Orwell's familiar novel, 1984. Remember its deceptive promises: "War is PEACE. Freedom is SLAVERY. Ignorance is STRENGTH."

Similar lies permeate today's national and international agencies. For example, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights promises "the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion," as well as "freedom of opinion and expression" and freedom "to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers." But its authors didn't really mean it. The overriding condition in Article 29 turn all the promises upside down:

"these rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations."[4]

In other words, we have no real "freedom" in the eyes of the UN. The promised "rights" don't apply to those who would exercise their "free speech" and criticize the UN or its policies. Every privilege  would be conditioned on compliance. As Andrei Vishinsky wrote in The Law of the Soviet State, "There can be no place for freedom of speech, press, and so on for the foes of socialism."[5]  

That was certainly true in Soviet Union! Dissenters were imprisoned, tortured and killed during Stalin's reign. In later years, they were incarcerated in insane asylums. An article titled "The Cry of the New Martyrs" illustrates the darkness of human nature apart from the restraints of a moral conscience. Remember, this happened in Europe only half a century ago:

"When Stalin fell from favor, his arbitrary and brutal methods of dealing with 'enemies of the state' also came under criticism.... In the 50's and 60's the dissident movement--both political and religious--only increased its ranks....Many of these dissidents turned to study law for use in self-defense. Undaunted by such a counter-attack, the Soviets pulled their own trump....declaring such dissidents 'insane'....

     "One of the primary aims of psychopolitics is the destruction of religious [specifically Christian] groups: 'You must work until 'religion' is synonymous with 'insanity."'[6]

Could that apply to WHO as well?

Yes, it could. From its start, many of its leaders used deception and intimidation to abolish Christian truth and morality. Today, all the UN agencies that deal with health, education, transportation and migration are trained to facilitate the shift from traditional values and freedom to collective values and control. Working hand in hand with its UN partners, WHO serves as a catalyst and enforcer of radical social change.

America supports this agenda as well. Last year, President Obama nominated Dr. Nils Daulaire to the Executive Board of the World Health Organization to serve as the U.S. representative. Dr. Daulaire described a system designed for managed social change:

"Under President Obamaís leadership, the U.S. has made improving health around the world a top priority....The Presidentís historic six year, $63 billion Global Health Initiative expands and builds upon existing programs and incorporates what weíve learned in the last decade to generate measurable, sustainable outcomes. ...we want to thank the WHO for its work on a global strategy for the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases that includes promoting healthier eating..."[7]

The tentacles of this massive system have been multiplying ever since 1945, when the United Nations was founded in San Francisco. That gathering of world leaders was chaired by Alger Hiss, who helped write the UN Charter. His Communist ties were not yet public knowledge.

During that first UN Conference, the following declaration was unanimously approved:

"The delegations of Brazil and China recommend that a General Conference be convened within the next few months for the purpose of establishing an international health organization...."[8]

The World Health Organization (WHO)

WHO was officially established as a specialized UN agency in April 1948. By that time, its first Secretary-General, Dr. Brock Chisholm, a Canadian psychiatrist, had already demonstrated his intolerance for Christianity. Two years earlier, he had written a report titled "The Re-Establishment of Peacetime Society." It was published both in the prestigious magazine Psychiatry and in an international socialist newspaper published by Alger Hiss. Its message was clear: Christianity must be eradicated! Here are some excerpts:

"The responsibility for charting the necessary changes in human behavior rests clearly on the sciences working in that field. Psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, economists, and politicians must face this responsibility....

"Can we identify the reasons why we fight wars...? Many of them are easy to list -- prejudice, isolationism, the ability to emotionally and uncritically believe unreasonable things.... The only psychological force capable of producing these perversions is morality, the concept of right and wrong.... We have swallowed all manner of poisonous certainties.... 

" has long been generally accepted that parents have perfect right to impose any...fears, superstitions, prejudices, hates, or faith on their defenseless children. It is, however, only recently that it has become a matter of certain knowledge that these things cause neuroses....

"There is something to be said... for gently putting aside the mistaken old ways of our elders if that is possible. If it cannot be done gently, it may have to be done roughly or even violently.[1]

Six decades have now passed since Dr. Chisholm called for UN controls that would abolish those troublesome Christian "certainties" and moral values. Today, WHO commands a worldwide network that fuels social transformation and monitors the ways their people think, choose, and behave. Called Nations for Mental Health, it links each member state to the UN agenda and promises to steer each nation toward the UN goal:

"Governments will be assisted to formulate, implement, monitor and evaluate mental health policies.

"Mental health policies should enable all individuals whose mental health is disturbed or whose psychological balance may be compromised to obtain services adapted to their needs, and to promote the optimal development of the mental health of the population."

To develop "the mental health of the population" and to prevent dissent and conflict from blocking progress, everyone must participate in the dialectical consensus process. Assessments for all -- young and old -- will show who might be "at risk" of not meeting the new mental standards for healthy communities.

Some years ago, school children were practicing compliance by signing the Healthy Practices Pledge. It sounded innocuous at first -- just promise to

- then sign the pledge. But the contract was open-ended. It suggested that other "healthy" behaviors would be added later.[10] What if the next part of the contract added "cooperation with" and "tolerance for" something that conflicted with a child's faith? What if a refusal to sign the contract would bring ridicule and persecution? Would your child be ready to follow God, even when pressured to embrace contrary values?

Prevention and Change

In this context, the key to "prevention" is continual and controlled training, measuring, monitoring, and remediation.

Does that remind you of Pastor Rick Warren's year-long health program? It should. Its stress on prevention, holistic health, and individual data tracking would fit right into the WHO agenda. (See 3-Legged "Health" Care)

In the UN plan for Healthy Cities, prevention becomes a personal duty. Since compliance within the collective group is important, friends and neighbors could be asked to report on one another -- just as in Nazi Germany. That threat alone would push many potential strays back into the crowd. Few would dare make a positive statement about God's love or Christian faith.

"I challenge our young people to realize their important role in this seamless system," said Donna Shalala, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and human Services during the Clinton administration. "Many times, you as friends are the strongest link in the chain of contact. You know best when your brother, your sister or your friend is facing problems..."[11]

President Clinton made a similar suggestion: "The Justice Department will make its own hate crimes training curriculum available. A lot of hate crimes still go unreported... If a crime is unreported, that gives people an excuse to ignore it."[12] Then he announced a Justice Department website that invites children to tell "trusted adults" about "hateful" or exclusive attitudes they see among their relatives or friends.

Hard to believe? It all makes sense when you remember the United Nations' hostility toward traditional values. Ponder the words of Federico Mayor, Director-General of UNESCO back in the mid-nineties:

"The mission of UNESCO... is that of advancing... international peace and the common welfare... We have witnessed... the resurgence of nationalism, the growth of fundamentalism and of religious and ethnic intolerance. The roots of exclusion and hatred have shown themselves even deeper and more tenacious than we had feared... Peace... requires, in the words of the Constitution, 'the intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind'."[13]

Molding the Minds of the Masses

The goal of brainwashing in the Soviet Union was to create the new "Soviet Man."[14] The UN goal is to mold global citizens so committed to the new ideology that they cannot be turned back -- even when confronted with the most logical arguments. UNESCO's 1995 report, Our Creative Diversity, said it well:

"Education must inform... but it must also form, it must provide them with a sense of meaning to guide their actions...

"Education should promote 'rational understanding of conflict, tensions, and the processes involved... and provide a basis for the analysis of concepts that will prevent...chauvinist and irrational explanations from being accepted.'...

"Its primary task is to provide information, explain and analyze problems and subject them to criticism...

"It should cover adults as well. The principle of lifelong education should be the aim of all societies."[15]

Edward Hunter wrote the book Brainwashing, an insightful report on the experience of prisoners who survived Soviet brainwashing strategies in communist countries during the fifties. His warnings should shine a red light into our foolish presumptions that this process couldn't be used in America.[16] Compare his words with the above UNESCO report written over four decades later:

"Even when he stands by himself, the truly indoctrinated communist must be part of the collective. He must be incapable of hearing [i.e. accepting] opposing ideas and facts, no matter how convincing or how forcibly they bombard his senses. A trustworthy communist must react in an automatic manner without any force being applied."[17]

Having learned to process away facts and to spurn truth, these conditioned masses would resist logic and hate God's Word. It's natural. After all, "the whole world is under the control of the evil one." Therefore, Jesus warned His disciples long ago, "If they persecute me, they will persecute you, for they do not know the One who sent me."  (1 John 5:19-20)

Are you and your children ready to face hostility and rejection for your faith? If so, you will delight in this promise:

"Blessed are you when men hate you, exclude you, and revile you, and cast out your name as evil for the Son of Man's sake. Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, for great is your reward in heaven." Luke 6:22-23


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