Notes from trip


Airport in Sofia: "Is it enough for you to improve your game. Or is it your goal to change the game itself? Be a tiger!"

Check into buying Linden Tree

Ian Barclay, Alive for God (UK, Canada)

McA?? The Facts of ???

Ramona...  Books (Cluj)

Teens changed. distracted easily, media invation, difficult to reach them, must be relevant and up-to-date, movies.

1. Difficult to open hearts

2. Slavery mentality: this idea of God


Biblecal Modern - humanist postmodern - emergent
Abrsract truth relative values continual
Biblical authority self reigns group consensus
Individual response to God god replaced with naturalism & materialism re-imagine and dialogue concerning God

Sofia: Prayer. Give them your justice. Accept tham as those who have suffered in our place....

Emily Commanius

John Maxwell (17 Leadership Laws Training Manual 2003

Don Schmierser and J. Burns,  "Youth Builder"