After many hours of studying, I have composed a new book jacket advertisement for the Purpose Driven Life. This is what it would say if I wanted the globalists to use it to bring in their new world religion:

  ----- Fictitious Book Jacket  -----

 This is a book written by a genius. It will bring almost the entire Christian church (everywhere in the world) into the forefront of the movement to usher in the utopia in which poverty will be ended for all the nations and there will be global peace and solidarity. The author said that after 21 years in the ministry his most important sermons explain his Global P.E.A.C.E. plan. 

Without actually stating it, his book trains leaders and church members of every culture and religion to understand that tolerant good human relationships and loyalty to leaders takes precedence over any doctrine as the guiding purpose of their life. They learn that The Bible is simply a human collection of translations and paraphrases that attempt to say what the holy book means; and discussion in small group communities is necessary to understand its meaning in their own subculture. Therefore they will have learned unconsciously that it is not absolute knowledge of the one and only way to salvation, so it will not threaten to supersede other religious beliefs.

The author uses the latest and best methods to transform the thinking and world view of his readers. He incorporates ideas from the famous humanist Peter Drucker and other highly respected experts in people management and marketing. He employs small groups and time-tested techniques to bring group members to collective conclusions in accordance with the teacher’s or group manager’s agenda. He also teaches everyone the importance of confessing to the group and staying united in their thinking, which makes members loyal to the teachings of the pastors. That is the method that has been proven so effective in controlling the people of mainland China and the former Soviet Union. 

 The unspoken purposes of the Purpose Driven Life are (1) to make thousands of church members ready to work for and live comfortably in the interdependent global community that we hope to see soon, which they are practicing in their small groups; and (2) to enlist people to fulfill their responsibility to the global peace movement by going on overseas “missions” and assisting the government and the NGO’s improve the spirituality, leadership, economy, health and education of thousands of others. Their work will greatly assist our government and the United Nations in bringing in the New World Order. This new vision of Christianity may be acceptable as one “denomination” of the new ecumenical religion unless it dogmatically claims that it is the only way to truth and possesses the only correct standard of behavior – which the Purpose Driven Life does not do.         

        ----- End of Book Jacket -----

 I have studied the Church Growth movement recently from writings, tapes or videos from Dr. Stanley Monteith, Berit Kjos, Joseph Chambers, Dean Gotcher and Dr. Robert Klenck.[1] When my pastor decided to go into the “Forty Days of Purpose” and handed out Rick Warren’s book, the Purpose Driven Life, I started reading it and also writing this Critique.


Now you might return to the first page and re-read the “fictitious book jacket” that would presumably appeal to knowledgeable proponents of the New World Order. If you studied the “Critique,” you should see that the Rick Warren’s materials and programs fit that description.