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December 20, 2005

        We are now in the final stages of the “cradle to grave system” that we have been warning America about for seven years. To completely control a country, you must steal the minds of the next generation through indoctrination or incapacitation.  The federal system of education has provided the indoctrination, and a forced mental health system can provide the incapacitation.
        EdWatch has discovered, through our presence in Washington DC, that the state and federal government are going ahead, right now with plans to implement a universal mental health screening system that includes intervention and monitoring beginning at BIRTH for ALL children. The radical liberals who have rewritten history, corrupted education standards, invasively surveyed our children, and undermined our parental authority are not satisfied.  They want ownership of the MINDS of our children, and they have developed a plan to get them! Let me explain:
        The Federal Action Agenda explains that the “Prevention and Early Intervention Grant Program is designed to develop mental health promotion and early intervention services targeted to infants, toddlers, preschool and school-age children...” Can you see the cross hairs on the foreheads of our children? The Federal Action Agenda goes on to include parent and family intervention. States will be given grant money to locally implement the plan. Can the future thinking of our children be controlled?  If this system is put in place, yes!  Will children be medicated unnecessarily?  Yes. Will we lose all parental authority to instill the individual family traditions and values that the liberal education icon, John Dewey, said causes mental illness?  Absolutely! Picture a nation of selectively chosen children being monitored, counseled, treated, and drugged.  Will my child be one of them?  Will yours?
        I am not talking about something on the back burner, in the think tank, being brain-stormed or piloted.  I am talking about RIGHT NOW - “intervention” into your family targeting the most vulnerable: ALL our children - newborns, schooled, private schooled, preschooled, daycared or not! This is evil and almost unbelievable!
        We have to protect our children no matter what the cost!  How dare federal and state governments think they have any right to step over me and access my children! I hope you feel the same way.        
        Will you please help me and the rest of the incredible staff and personnel at EdWatch fight this fight?  We need to make visual presentations to send across the country, travel to Washington DC, continue coalition-building with other groups, and immediately get this to people of influence around the country.  Committed volunteers like Dr. Karen Effrem, Julie Quist, and Michael Chapman need to know that you are standing behind them in their amazing efforts.
        EdWatch is preparing our defense and our offense. We are trusting that you will understand the urgency of this letter and what it will mean if we are able to do nothing. As President of EdWatch, I must constantly consider how we will financially survive. There is only one way and that is with the generous tax deductible financial support from those who believe we are fighting the good fight! We really need your help right now! Thank you very much, and may God bless your family this Christmas as we celebrate the birth of a very special baby.

Renee T. Doyle,

P.S. Please take a look at the state and federal plan diagram below (from Addressing Socio-Emotional Development and Infant Mental Health in Early Childhood Systems (p. 7). In: Building State Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Series, No 12 from the federally funded National Center for Infant and Early Childhood Health Policy.) Take the time to let your elected officials know what you think about universal mental health screening for children, toddlers, and infants.
P.P.S. Look over the 2005 EdWatch in Action report for a very brief summary of what kept us so busy this year.

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