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Kathia and I had been with this burden for several months, our concern is the increasing number of Hebron children that had been captivated by the euphoria of this character known as “hello kitty”. Kathia told me some months ago that she felt some rejection to the character in a little girl´s purse, so I told Kathia we were going to see into the matter more deeply.

Some weeks later the Lord brought to my attention the verse in Hosea 4:6a, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” So we started diligently to see into the matter.


First we see that the cult to cats began in ancient Egypt. Cats were considered sacred animals, not pets. They held a high, honoured position in many households, and since many saw them demi-gods, they were more important even than humans. Anyone caught harming or killing a cat, even by accident, was punished by death, for cats guarded the royal granaries keeping them relatively free from vermin which threatened the food supplies. When a cat died, there would be mourning and the cat was mummified like a person and placed in a cat cemetery.

Pibeseth is the city also called Bubastis, which means the city of bast or bastet goddess of joy, and protector of women the cat, venerated in Bubastis, an old egyptian town, northeast of the Nile delta, was linked to sun god Re, and was attributed to joy, felicity, and family-closeness.   Egyptians celebrated bast’s feast day, October 31st, with great joy and enthusiasm honouring their goddess, their protectress. bast is the sacred cat and her name means “devouring lady”. She is depicted as having the body of a woman and the head of a domestic cat. Indeed, the people of ancient Egypt turned to bast for protection and for blessing, as she was a renowned and beloved goddess. She was the protectress of women, children, and domestic cats. She was the goddess of sunrise, music, dance, and pleasure as well as family, fertility, and birth.

We find a reference in the scripture in Ezekiel 30:17. Pibeseth is the city also called Bubastis, which means the city of Bast or Bastet, goddess of joy and protector of the cat.  venerated in Bubastis, an old Egyptian town, northeast of the Nile delta, was linked to sun god Re, and was attributed to joy, felicity, and family-closeness. Egyptians celebrated bast’s feast day, October 31st, with great joy and enthusiasm honouring their goddess, their protectress. Bast is the sacred cat and her name means “devouring lady”. She is depicted as having the body of a woman and the head of a domestic cat. Indeed, the people of ancient Egypt turned to bast for protection and for blessing, as she was a renowned and beloved goddess. She was the protectress of women, children, and domestic cats. She was the goddess of sunrise, music, dance, and pleasure as well as family, fertility, and birth.


During the dark ages –and, indeed, until the past two centuries- the period of respect for the cat gave way to widespread hatred and persecution, possibly because the cat was associated with al sorts of pagan practices and therefore with witchcraft. Demonologists, regarded the cat as a favorite witch´s familiar (supernatural spirit in animal form), and cats often were solemnly put on trial beside their masters or mistresses. The Mayan legends also refered to the devil appearing always in the form of a cat “Nahual Se”.

This Detestation of the cat is a Christian phenomenon. In the non Christian world the cat has never been persecuted on a wide scale. Islamic tradition says that when Mohammed was called away while a beloved cat was sleeping against his arm, he cut off his sleeve to avoid disturbing the pet. Cats have often been treasured in Asia and Africa.

We somehow found a relationship of paganism and idolatry directly linked to the cat, I believe that the cat is an animal which is susceptible to demonic forces.

We have two experiences in our family to ilustrate this:

When Rudy Hoffens was very sick during the night ours he said he would start to pray and cry unto God, on several ocasions he said that almost inmmediatly a cat would start to howl in a very eerie and unsual way, So he will continue praying until the presence of the Lord would be evident to his heart, the cat would stop howling.

Last year Tito brought this cat to the house he named Johnny almost since the cat came odd things started to happen, and we realized it was a satanic influence, because we didn´t knew where it came from, strangely all the cats of the neighborhood would come into my Parents-in-law house an literrally beat Johnny, time after time the howling and shrieking was unbearable, but neither my father in law nor my mother in law, would dare to take the cat away because they didn’t wanted to offend Tito, One Sunday during the worship the Lord spoke to me, and told me to go around the block 7 times each day singing and praising him for seven days, and that the enemies would be defeated ike in Jericho, we did so and we also fasted and on the eighth day the cat had dissappeared, it was very obvious that the cat was only the vehicle of some evil spirit.


Well now we will see the relationship of the acient cult of cats and this Hello kitty character, as a matter of fact bast is still honored by some pagan cults, and that is not surprising because the greeks called her Artemis and the Romans Diana, which is also semiramis and every other pagan goddess around, Bast is represented as we said by a human body of a woman with a cat´s head… that´s Hello kitty description also!!, the difference is that it has cartoon non idol appearance, but as Demetrius the silversmith of Artemis, the “Silversmiths” of Hello kitty, a company named SANRIO (wich in chinese means “Lord of the Mount”), brings in no little business for her craftsmen, claiming net earnings of 114 billion yen for the fiscal year 2001. In an article of the Saint Louis Post Dispatch a woman writes:

"I've spent two decades hiding a secret — and I'm not going to do it anymore. No more shame or embarrassment. No more lies, no more hiding. I am 31 years old... and I love Hello kitty. A lot......She speaks of goodness. She is peace, love and kindness. If there is indeed a power greater than myself, it is Hello kitty."

We should find out why is this character so popular as to entice a 31 year old woman to express such statement of adherence, to a fetish cartoon character, when that precise statement is to be said of Jesus and his work in our life. Again I sense a spirit of idolatry and paganism behind this character, and how some many Christians had fall unto it bringing into their homes the acient cult of Bastet goddess of joy and play, Shouldn't be Jesus Christ and Him alone our only Joy!!!??

More disturbing is the fact that for decades, the debate has raged: why doesn't Hello kitty have a mouth? .......... The same writer above notes:

"The theories abound. There's the Sanrio Conspiracy Theory — that H.K. knows something, but Sanrio doesn't want her to talk. There's the mutation theory — perhaps she was once normal before a horrible accident robbed her of a mouth and left her with an abnormally large head. Perhaps she is a political statement — that women should be looked at but not listened to? Some have suggested that her lack of mouth is just the oversight of a lazy artist but I, personally, have debunked this theory due to its inherently flawed reasoning. (There ARE no lazy workers in Japan! Ha!)

The official line from Sanrio is that she has no mouth because she speaks from her heart, unbound by any one language. On my good days, I'm inclined to believe it. H.K. may have no mouth, but she speaks to me through golden silence."

My so called theory is that there is a dumb spirit behind her, mentioned in Mark 9:16, and our children the children of Hebron are being drawn to destruction for no other reason that for the love of this world, satan Shrewdness brings this so called "Toy" because he knows Christians would reject Mickey Mouse, Pokemon, but Hello kitty? Oh she's so Cute, Most disturbing is the fact that Pi Beset in hebrew means "mouth of loathing".


Also it is said that bastet is the goddess of the Lesbians, recently Mcdonald's launched a toy collection of Hello kittys dressed as a She and as a He, they came in such couples, of She and She but dressed as He and She, isn't that a repulsive statement of Lesbianism?????

And Finally the must troubling thing about this character was sent to us in a e-mail news wire: Kitty and the rest of her "family" seem to be everywhere these days. The official "hello kitty" website www.sanrio.com introduces some of her family members. On its pretty pages, children meet all kinds of cute little characters and pagan symbols.

A page titled "The Mystic Pandaba's Astrological Zone" introduces children to divination -- one of the pagan practices God warns us to avoid. If they choose to read their horoscope or write a question for the fortune teller, they could open the door to a growing interest in the timeless practices listed in Deuteronomy 18:9-12.

Kitty's maker, the Sanrio Company, offers a similar page on divination at its corporate headquarters in Japan: <http://www.sanrio.co.jp/english/>. A click on FORTUNE CORNER! brings children to a page that tells their fortune if they identify their supposed astrological sign. If they do know so, they can read a "horoscope" message such as:

"You are filled with inspiration and power this month. You can make things turn out the way you want, no matter how hopeless the situation may appear at first. A surprising present arrives at your doorstep...

"You could progress beyond friendship. Dress a bit more grownup-like for your next date... Make friends with someone a little older than you. You'll learn plenty, and have a good time, too

"A little advice from...Badtz-Maru: If studying has drained your batteries, clap your hands loudly three times, and you'll feel refreshed.

"Lucky Item : scarf"

Tabo's Psychology Fun Corner is not much better. It "features a series of simple and fun questions designed to give you a better look at your own personality, and your relationships with others. It's a light-hearted, fun activity which you can enjoy with friends, family and other loved ones. Try it, and see what truths are revealed...."

One of the questions listed on this page asks, "Tomorrow is Sunday. What are you going to do?" Going to church is not one of the options. Instead, the site suggests that

"Sunday is a day you are free to use however you want. Having freedom to do whatever you want is like having money to spend however you want. Becoming good at managing your finances is an important step towards independence. What do you think of your money spending habits? A penny for your thoughts!"

A question about objects missing from a picture, brings the following "psychological" evaluation. Notice how it fits the dialectic emphasis human relationships and on peer group conformity:

"In your personal life, the thing you place most importance on is your own spiritual growth. Your answer to this question reveals the way you tend to search for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Crossing a river is a psychological equivalent of getting out and finding that special someone. In any case, if you don't make an effort to meet people, there's no way any relationship is going to start at all. So, get to it!"

Another question asks what animal. If you happen to click on "lion" you are told that "You desire power and want to wield control over others." If you choose "koala", "You want to be popular with others.

Your thrive on others' acceptance and approval of your actions." The underlying suggestion in both is that your identity lies in your relationship to peers and other people. Both profiles include an additional but equally questionable suggestion:

"Everyone has dreams of transforming themselves into something or someone else. We usually keep such fantasies on a short leash, but when our imaginations are let loose we can discover much about our true desires. Were you surprised by what you found?"

If your answer to the question, "Why do UFOs visit Earth?" is "For sightseeing", this concludes that,

"You feel that foreigners are different from you. You won't make friends, but you will welcome them anyway.

"This question reveals your attitude towards those from foreign lands. When people meet those from other countries, they tend to sense differences in culture and perception. However, this is an era of free and open association between countries and cultures. Why not take the opportunity to make a new friend, and gain a new perspective on Spaceship Earth?"

Finally, a page titled "The 'Social Communication' Business" features Shintaro Tsuji, President and CEO of the Sanrio Company. Below it gives its basic philosophy:

"No man is an island." Humans need each other.

We help each other to survive, to live a meaningful life.

We trust and depend on our companions .

We strive to get along with one another.

Perhaps that is what happiness is...

And who are our "companions"? For a start, there are those closest to home: Mother, father, children, brother, sister, lover...

Then, there are our schoolmates, our work mates... If one looks broadly enough, our circle of companions encompasses all of humankind.

In order to get along with one another, we need to respect and to love.

And the expression of respect and love is the basis of Sanrio's "Social Communication" business.

Sanrio Company promises to build character, tolerance, oneness and social skills -- all in the context of Asian beliefs, traditions and values. These include superstitions, faith in a pantheism (a cosmic mind or energy infuses all things making everything sacred), and an emphasis on group thinking. None are compatible with Biblical faith. Nor are the pop-psychology and other dubious suggestions. God says,

"Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ." Colossians 2:8

Social Communication, without a mouth? How then does it communicate? according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience..... because anything that doesn't brings us an our children to the obedience of Christ, is not other thing but DISOBEDIENCE, And so maybe some contemptuous parents would snap… Are you saying I am exposing my children to witchcraft and sorcery!!!!!! Well maybe this parent should not wait until he sees his children in some sort of pagan practice, since the scripture says that rebellion [is as] the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness [is as] iniquity and idolatry. And adds … Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from [being] king.! Sam 15:23 And indeed Ephesus the capital of diana, was a city with one particular trait we find in Acts 19:19, …. And a number of those who practiced magic arts brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all, witchcraft and ocultism is deeply linked to the goddess diana, artemis or bastet, all the names refer to same evil force... , even we find october 31st to be “her day”.


In conclusion there is a mind behind the euphoria of hello kitty, and such mind is the one in control of the world, such spirit will only come out, as it says in Mark 9:28, And when He had come into the house, His disciples asked Him privately, "Why could we not cast it out?" So He said to them, "This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting."

The only answer for this aching and troubled world is a fasting and praying church. The prophecy en Ezequiel is very clear “"The young men of On and of Pi-beseth Will fall by the sword, And the women will go into captivity.” The young men falling by sword and the women sent into captivity, our children, our young ones dwelling in Pi-beseth, the city of the cat goddess? Our boys falling by sword and our girls being sent into captivity, by our own lack of knowledge ?? I believe is our love of this world that we reproduce in our children by giving them these toys because “everybdy has them” or “because they´re the hottest thing around”. I believe parents should be warned of what they are exposing their children to, with this … so called toys and paraphernalia.

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Juan Pablo Leonardo Is a graduate from the Hebron Ministerial Institute in Guatemala City, He works as a Certified Psychofisiologist and also Serves part time in his Church as Bible School teacher Ages 9-10, is sent by the ministry to preach and teach to Honduras, El Salvador and Various Cities in Guatemala, also is a member of the Hebron Choir, which Has toured Mexico And Southern Texas, He lives in Guatemala with his wife Kathia who helps him in the ministry and works also with him.


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> >I recently researched the article in your site about Hello Kitty, we
> >have seen with concern the increasing numbers
> >of christians who are taking their children to the acient cult of the
> >Cat goddess. We have found some relationship between
> >the Hello Kitty euphoria and the goddess of joy and play, known as
> >this was a pagan idol of acient egypt, which had a cat's face and human
> >body, and according to tradition was able to transform into full cat
> >form, although this might sound disturbing, it is the truth the city
> >dedicated to Her is noted in Ezequiel 30:17, and the destruction that
> >would be within is hereby prophecied, and that's exactly what is
> >happening since the young ones are the ones being atracted to this
> >character who is said to be the goddess of the lesbians and
> >also related is artemis the goddess of the greeks, which some say is
> >same Bast, therefore it behooves us to be vigilant of this so called
> >"toys" since they are another deception of satan, bringing idolatry,
> >paganism, and indeed ocultism to our childrens heart, other aspect of
> >the pssichology behind hello kitty is that she doesn't has a mouth,
> >is a unsual trait that brings one to the precise spirit behind
> >in Mark 9:16, finally I shar with you the experience of our little
> >she is 6 years old, but her mother reports that one night she was at
> >corner of her bed ready to jump head first, and bed side a lot of Hello
> >Kitty Toy's, if your child owns hello kitty toys be observant of the
> >works of this dumb spirit in his/her behavior.
> >
> >God Bless You
> >
> >Juan Pablo and Kathia Leonardo
> >Guatemala City