Confronting our spiritual bankruptcy

By Douglas J. Hagmann,  December 17, 2012

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"...the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one." 1 John 5:19

The clamor that is about to dominate the next several news cycles will be the usual stable of pundits engaging in obligatory verbal hand-wringing over the unthinkable death of innocents in a small Connecticut town. Newtown was once a town where life was the imitation of a Norman Rockwell painting, and where any of those young children whose lives were shortened by unimaginable madness could have been the very faces depicted in the paintings by Rockwell himself....

Our nation once proudly served as the moral and spiritual foundation for not only our citizens, but for the world. We were once a nation that accepted the true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and built its walls on the cornerstone of just men acting in compliance with the moral and spiritual guidance of a just God. Adherence to our spiritual principles and obedience to the laws of God, not man, were necessary to keep evil in chains. We have abandoned our spiritual foundation and not only accepted, but invited evil into our lives under the false pretext of societal tolerance.

Be warned that the clamoring from the ubiquitous cheerleaders of moral equivalence on each side of the perverted political paradigm will increase in intensity and tenor in the coming days. Many will shake their fists at others and shout to the perpetrators of evil, “through your lax laws and love of guns, you allowed this to happen!” They will assail the laws of man and demand immediate change of gun ownership laws to stop a behavior that cannot ever be legislated. They refuse to accept that the laws of man, no matter how restrictive, do absolutely nothing to recalibrate our moral and spiritual compass. They are not only shouting in the wrong direction, but from a wrong direction.

Meanwhile, the more introspective and spiritually grounded among us will instead fall to our knees and cry out, “why have we allowed this to happen?” But those hearing our cries will fail to understand that we are not blaming our system of laws, but our own acquiescence and failure to honestly confront our unquestioning acceptance of evil. We realize that we cannot fix spiritual problems and repair moral deficits with the legislation of man. We will never be successful in fixing spiritual problems with political solutions. Yet few have the courage, insight or willingness to address this very foundation of our existence as a people and a nation.

By permitting the perversion of our core spirituality from a new age ideology that has replaced or redefined our spiritual values, the blood of innocents are on our hands as well. By our own acquiescence to moral and spiritual perversity cleverly packaged as tolerance, we have embraced the very evil that is embodied within tolerance. In that form, tolerance itself becomes evil, and we become enraged at the mere symptoms of a great spiritual problem rather than the problem itself.

What should we expect from a nation of men and women who for years and even generations have demanded and subsequently celebrated the successful eviction of God from our lives, our national institutions and country as a whole? All of this is the name of tolerance, of equality, of the perversity of equal rights at the behest of our elected leaders and their spiritually bankrupt appointees and minions. Also included are the “big-box,” all inclusive Christian leaders who have drunk from the cup containing a devil’s brew of a tainted tincture of secular coexistence with evil. Have we not considered the ramifications of the redefinition of spirituality and morality, of good and evil, rather than its reinforcement?

The Godliness and spirituality of our nation has been incrementally yet aggressively assaulted. Human life itself has been redefined under the insidious contention of women’s rights, yet how many who decry the life lost in Newtown will weep for the thousands of innocents murdered through deliberate blood sacrifice legalized by the laws of man? The value of human life has been defiled in all of its phases. Are we so naive to think that we are not now reaping the whirlwind of the unjust, and suffering for our own acquiescence and moral and spiritual relativism?

We will indeed hear the cacophony of debates about gun laws over the next few weeks, but such debates and those advancing their own agenda will never address the real reason we find ourselves sobbing with our heads in our hands. Not until we realize that our problems began when we declared God as an unwelcomed guest in our nation and opened ourselves to a coexistence with evil, will we even begin to repair the damage caused by years of spiritual defilement.

Can we walk back the evil we have accepted, embraced and even exported? Unless we direct the argument to its root cause, and refuse to continue our subjugation to the evil thrust upon us by a leadership of the un-Godly, then it is unlikely.

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness.... Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand..."  Ephesians 6:10-14

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