A Prophetic Dream in The Harbinger

is suspiciously like a Prophetic Dream acclaimed by American Freemason

By Jeremy James   ~ July 17, 2012

The Harbinger, the Inverted Tree and Prophetic Speculation Updated


In his review of The Harbinger, David James made the following observation:

“In the second half of the book, Kaplan has a dream about the dedication of the temple in Jerusalem which includes the biblical king Solomon. However, when Solomon turns around, be has unexpectedly transformed into George Washington on the Temple Mount. Is this dream just a literary device in the story or did the author actually have a similar dream?

Although he [Jonathan Cahn] has stated that he did not have a dream as described in the book, it is clear that the idea for the dream sequence did not develop in a vacuum. Could it simply represent Cahn’s contemplation and thought process as he sought to arrive at a meaningful interpretation of some of the events in America over the past decade?”

David James asks, “Is this dream just a literary device in the story or did the author actually have a similar dream?” Later in his review, he returns to the same question:

“Although the author has said that this dream is simply part of the fictional storyline, it seems unlikely that there is not a specific reason behind connecting Solomon and George Washington given what is in the previous eighteen chapters. Why does Solomon transform into George Washington on the Temple Mount?”

Well, I believe I can answer that question.

In chapter 19 of his book, The Secret Destiny of America, one of the foremost authorities on Freemasonry, Manly P Hall, gave an account of a prophetic dream that General George McClellan reported at a critical point in the American Civil War. Details of the dream were published shortly thereafter in the Portland Maine Evening Courier on March 8, 1862.

The circumstances and content of the General’s dream were as follows:

While poring over his maps late into the night, he fell asleep and found himself standing in space, staring over a huge map of the country, from the Mississippi to the Atlantic. A voice warned, “Your time is short.” He couldn’t make out the features of the man who addressed him, but he followed his instructions and rapidly noted the disposition of the enemy forces. As Hall states:

“His pencil moving with the speed of thought, McClellan transferred the troop positions from the living map to the paper map on his desk. When this had been done, McClellan became aware that the figure standing near him had increased in light and glory until it shone like the noonday sun. And as he raised his eyes he looked into the face of George Washington.”

The First President proceeded to give the General further information about the destiny of America. When he awoke he looked at the maps on his desk: “But there was one difference; the maps were covered with the marks, signs, and figures which he had inscribed there during the vision.” The dramatic warning from the “Glorified Spirit of Washington” included the following prophetic remark:

“But her [America’s] mission will not then be finished; for ere another century shall have gone by, the oppressors of the whole earth, hating and envying her exaltation, shall join themselves together and raise up their hands against her. But if she still be found worthy of her high calling they shall surely be discomfited, and then will be ended her third and last great struggle for existence. Thenceforth shall the Republic go on, increasing in power and goodness, until her borders shall end only in the remotest corners of the earth, and the whole earth shall beneath her shadowing wing become a Universal Republic...”

According to this prophetic vision, America has been destined to go through three traumatic events. The first was the War of Independence. The second was the Civil War, which the “Glorified Spirit” of Washington said the Union forces would win.

And the third would come about when America became so powerful that all nations of the world would rise up against her in envy and try to destroy her. But “if she still be found worthy of her high calling” she would triumph over them and establish dominion over the entire world, to “the remotest corners of the earth.”

According to this dream-vision, America has clearly acquired the Biblical destiny of Israel, which scripture tells us will be attacked by a confederacy of all nations in the End Time but will survive and become the center of a world empire.

American Freemasons regard George Washington as a man who became a god. This profoundly pagan event is celebrated by a huge fresco — 65 feet in diameter — inside the eye of the Rotunda of the Capitol building in Washington DC: The Apotheosis of Washington in the eye of the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol.

As a ‘god’ he appears from time to time at critical moments in America’s history to guide mortal men and help their nation realize its destiny as a world empire. Here is how Manly Hall describes this work of divine guidance:

“It is written in the old books that when the brothers of the Quest desire to bring about changes in the mortal state they send messengers and strange dreams and mystic visions and, accomplish their purpose by revealing their will to the leaders of nations in sundry and curious ways.

Christians everywhere should immediately recognize all of this as demonic. It is all part of Lucifer’s revolt against the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He wants a world empire where all men are under his control and worship him as the supreme deity. In order to achieve this he has to convince them that they are really gods, not created beings, and that through his ‘divine’ guidance and the inspired use of their creative imaginations, they can break free from the limitations of the flesh and become deified like Washington.

So, when King Solomon is transformed into George Washington in The Harbinger, and this occurs on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, one’s inner alarm bell should ring loud and long.

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