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More Insights into The Harbinger

A response to What's Wrong with The Harbinger's "Ancient Mystery"?

By Jeremy James   ~ April 27, 2012


Biblical prophecy must be studied and interpreted in its totality; elaborate conclusions based on one or two verses is very dangerous. You are correct, I feel, in pointing to a possible Cabalistic angle in Rabbi Cahn’s message.
I really like your analysis of the word vow. People such as Cahn use a variety of devices to create the effect they want. Important terms are never properly defined (like the word ‘vow’). Conflicting scriptures are ignored. And a clear line between truth and falsehood is rendered impossible by the use of a fictional mode of presentation. Cahn’s work is not exegesis but speculation. Many of his readers won’t know the difference.
Other authors who use this clever ‘dialogue’ mode for luring their readers into a false sense of complacency are William Paul Young (‘The Shack’) and Neale Donald Walsch (‘Conversations with God’). C S Lewis got away with this for years. It is such an effective way to disarm the reader and neutralise his or her spiritual discernment that I suspect it will continue to be used for years to come to beguile the unwary.
The book’s strength lies in the truth of its central message, namely, that the US has wandered far from God, and unless a sizeable number of professing Christians repent, a truly devastating judgment will come upon her. The problem with this, of course, is that a strong central message induces the reader to believe all sorts of ancillary stuff which has no real Biblical validity. There are no prophets today bringing new truths. The LORD has told us what’s coming in his Holy Word. The selective application of isolated prophetic verses to specific historical events, such as 9/11, is very dangerous. Once the reader takes the ‘leap’ and accepts the association, he or she is hooked. After that all kinds of additional assertions can be made which go uncontested because the reader has ‘bought’ the thesis.
I think you are right to be very concerned about The Harbinger. It presents a basic truth on a false foundation and then uses that foundation to support further assertions which have no Biblical validity. What is more, the so-called truths revealed by the ‘prophet’ in The Harbinger are given to an unbeliever! The subtext here is very clear – you don’t need a knowledge of the Bible to understand this prophetic message.
Cahn seems to follow in the tradition of British Israelism which regards the English and the Anglo-Americans as two of the lost tribes of Israel. This idea also overlaps with Freemasonry, which sees the Anglo-American race as the people of destiny. George Washington, a Freemason, was in that tradition. Capitol Hill and various other buildings in DC give expression to this Masonic ‘ideal’, a peaceful, one world utopia ruled by a benign godman.
Without studying his work, I can’t say where Cahn fits into all of this. It is possible that Daschle, John Edwards and Obama cited the verse from Isaiah because of some esoteric significance that it has among American Freemasons.
Cahn seems to identify the US with ancient Israel to such a degree that he interprets OT prophecies and events as though they were directly applicable to the US today. This shows a marked disregard for the context of Biblical prophecy but is fully consistent with the British Israelism tradition.
Another point of real importance is that the book seems to imply that it is itself a quasi prophetic work, an inspired commentary on the true meaning of Biblical prophecy.
On the whole, most Americans find it hard to accept that their country does not figure in Biblical prophecy, other than as one of the many Gentile nations that populate the earth. Cahn's book exploits this fact.
So what damage, if any, will a book like this do? This is hard to say. However the following outcomes seem certain:
  • It will reinforce the modern trend of interpreting Bible prophecy out of context and without proper regard to the totality of God’s Holy Word.

  •  It will reinforce the modern tendency to seek new prophetic revelation and ‘messages’.

  •  It will further blur the distinction between sound Biblical exegesis and fictional speculation.

  •  It will leave the door open to similar works which make claims that are even more at variance with Biblical principles.

  •  It will lend credence to the concept of Anglo-American Israelism.

  •  It will support the idea that Freemasonry -- with its false god -- is somehow consistent with God’s holy will for America.

I would like to believe that it would at least have the merit of bringing more American Christians to true repentance, but this is not a well-founded hope. Most Christians today confuse repentance with psychological concepts like regret, remorse, or reform. If his treatment of ‘repentance’ is as Biblically shallow as his treatment of prophecy, I have no doubt that most of Cahn’s readers will have no idea what the LORD requires of us.

After all, we are talking about a nation that murders around a million unborn children every year for the sake of convenience, and yet most born-again Christian pastors across America remain silent in the matter. If the Lord heard the voice of the blood of Abel crying to him from the ground, how truly terrifying must be the voice of the blood of the 50 million or more children slaughtered since 1973. If that thought alone does not bring people to repentance, I don’t think the fate of a sycamore tree on Wall Street is going to make any difference.


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