US Gay Group Fights Russian Law Banning Homosexual Propaganda

by Julio Severo


Note from Berit: Julio Severo, a concerned Christian, is all too familiar with the hateful agenda of AllOut. Last fall, this militant homosexual organization was using Facebook and Twitter to pressure PayPal to quench his freedom and censor his moral convictions. Now AllOut is aiming its fury at Russia.

People around the world are cheering a new law in St. Petersburg (the second largest city in Russia) banning homosexual propaganda.

Yet, AllOut is not cheering! Instead it's urgently calling on gays and government officials in America, Europe and around the world to defeat the Russian law protecting children from gay indoctrination. The American gay group launched an international campaign this week to exert pressure on Russian lawmakers.
AllOut says,

“Over the past few months over 250,000 people have joined AllOut in denouncing the bill, and thousands of us have picked up the phone to call our foreign offices, pushing the US, UK, Germany, France, Australia and others to issue official condemnations. We have to keep up the pressure — now, more than ever.”

It also says,

“Calls and letters have rolled in from around the world, but it's not enough.  So with your help, we're going to hit the Governor of St. Petersburg where it counts — in his wallet.” 

In its international campaign to have my PayPal account closed, AllOut wanted also to hit me in my wallet, hindering my readers and friends from sending me voluntary donations through PayPal.
Even though PayPal has chosen to succumb to their pressure, my readers and friends keep helping, by other ways.
I do not know what St. Petersburg can do to resist such pressure from an American gay group, but there is no doubt that AllOut needs to be hit in its wallet too.
The economic crisis in America could affect AllOut, but then the Obama administration could manage to help them, as its priority is to promote the gay cause, even by threatening to hit Third World nations in their pockets — by denying them aid — if they do not comply with the US-gay agenda.
Hillary Clinton and the US government have openly condemned the conservative law in St. Petersburg. According to LifeSiteNews,

“The bill, which prohibits ‘public activities promoting homosexuality,’ is being denounced by homosexualist activist groups as ‘anti-gay’ and it is being vocally opposed by the U.S. State Department.”

The powerful liberal structures in America will only stop their anticonservative actions when deeply hit in their own pockets.
I miss the times of Ronald Reagan, when American conservatism threatened Russian communism.

This nation, which once spread truth and freedom to a needy world, is fast becoming a fountain of cultural decadence.

" not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.... Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good." Romans 12:2, 9