The Invisible War

Dear Lydia,

In these times of rising hostility toward Christianity both in our schools and communities, I have a suggestion for you. Decades ago, before any of my books were published, I wrote a little book for children titled The Invisible War. It has been quite popular through the years, and l continue to get multiple orders from families across the country who want to share them with others.

The minds of children today are all too often steeped in beliefs that are contrary to God's Word. Small wonder, when schools and secular neighborhoods offer multitudes of tempting tales that nudge our children further and further away from God's Truth and values.

While "spiritual warfare" plays a significant role in today's changing culture, relatively few families seem to be aware of Satan and his enticing lures. Hopefully, my little book will continue to provide the spiritual encouragement needed to prepare today's children for genuine victory in Christ our Lord!

The dark side of that spiritual war is fast destroying much of the Middle East, Europe and parts of Africa. It is now spreading fast in our "land of the free!" Yet few seem to understand the threats and significance of this hidden war that continues to rage behind the scenes. 

A few days ago, I finished reading the 42 chapters on Job in the Bible. It was a good reminder of Satan 's cruel activities. In this fallen world, we all face an unseen enemy who delights in urging both children and adults to reject God's Word and yield to deception.

Lydia, I know that NLP is not looking for new more authors this year. But I truly believe that we need to find ways to point our vulnerable children toward God's light and love rather than the world's misleading fascinations.  Perhaps this simple little book would help serve that purpose.

If New Leaf Press is interested in this topic, I would be happy to update this little book - especially the beginning chapters.

Gratefully in Christ,
Berit Kjos

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