Berit, I was sharing your scriptures about Israel in a conversation with relatives back ease. In that regard I decided to share some things I had written about Israel and other organizations clearly connected to their fulfillment. I wanted to share this with you. I know you know all of this, but maybe you want to share it with others or not as you deem it a good thing or not.





I love these times because I see so much precise fulfillment of Godís Word playing out right before my very eyes as we speak. Israel in particular is such a clear fulfillment of prophecy in every single regard its amazing to watch. 

Thus says the Lord God: "This is Jerusalem; I have set her in the midst of the nations and the countries all around her."  Ezekiel 5:5

"He who scattered Israel will gather him, and keep him as a shepherd does his flock."  Jeremiah 31:10


Most prophecy people agreeÖ.Israel becoming a nation again in 1948 pretty much is central to the whole last days clock. There are countless end time prophecies that are tied to the nation of Israel. If Israel is not a nation then a whole list of prophecies cannot come about. Scripture prophesied accurately that the Jews would be dispersed all over the world and lose their homeland. This occurred for a period of almost 2000 years beginning in about AD 70.  Its historical fact that the Jews were indeed scattered throughout much of the world. Its also historical fact that the Jews were/are hated and persecuted where ever they went. (also prophesied to occur). Scripture very specifically tells us though, that in the end times Israel once again would be a nation and it would happen in precisely one day. This happened on May 14th 1948 in one day just as foretold. I believe its accurate that no other country became a nation in just one day. Then since then they have also fulfilled prophecy by having the entire world (and especially the Muslims) hate them and come against time and time again. Their survival of this during some 6 or 7 wars since then, is miraculously legendary (of course we know its God keeping them for the purpose He has in mind for them during these last days).


Another very telling aspect to this story that defies normal human conduct. Not only were the Jews scattered all over world, not only where they persecuted wherever they went, but during this extremely long period of almost 2000 years, they managed somehow to maintain every small aspect of their language, their culture and their Judeo religion. The odds of that happening outside God being involved is not even within a universe of being likely.


Now on top of all the above very specific accurate prophecies the following should make one sit up and pay attention. Right about at the time (and thereafter) that Israel became a nation a whole long list of One World organizations also came into being. Does one really conclude this is coincidental. I think not. This is a short list as those organizations and peoples and various movements in this regard is massive and would take a library to spell out completely.



The United Nations kicked off in 1945.

The World Council of Churches began in I think 1947.

The World Bank in 1944.

The International Monetary Fund in 1944

CIA was formed in 1947.

The World Health Organization in 1948.

The General Agreement on Tarifs and Trade began in 1948 (It later became known as the World Trade Organization)

The World Federalist Movement Internationalists Secretariat began in 1947

The International Environmental Movement began in the 1940ís

Bilderberg Group began in 1954

Club of Rome in 1968

The International Forum on Globalization began in 1994

Rio Earth Summit 1992

The Earth Charter launched in 2000.