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Tax-Exempt FOUNDATIONS [Dennis Cuddy]

The Dark Roots of EUGENICS  [Dennis Cuddy]

The Power Elite behind the New World Order  [Dennis Cuddy]

Welcome to Global Governance [Henry Lamb]

The Hijacking of 9/11 [Jan Markell]

When Evangelicals Dine with the Wicked  [Jan Markell]

The Cry for a Global Fix [Jan Markell]

Why compromise costs in the long run [Jim Fletcher]

Why I wrote "The Hate Factory" [Erica Carle]

Look What Obama and Congress Have Planned for Us [Donna Garner]

Just How Much Is $1 Trillion Dollars?  [Donna Garner]

Welcome to Global Governance [Henry Lamb]

The Emergent Church Could Submerge Yours! [Jan Markell]

A Spreading Sickness [Jan Markell]

Wait -- the Outrage Isn't Over [Jan Markell]

Just How Much Is $1 Trillion Dollars? [Donna Garner]

Wait -- the Outrage Isn't Over [Jan Markell]

Israel - Alone Again [Jack Kinsella]

"Mere Anglicanism"  [Richard Nathan]

It's All Coming Together [Heidi Swander]

Inaugural Prayer to the God of Our Many Understandings! [Jan Markell]

Obama's Fictitious Pro-Israel Team [Jan Markell]

America Cries, "Give us a King!"  [Jan Markell]

Are Evangelical pulpits about to praise Islam? [Jan Markell]

Socialism in America - A Revolution in the Making [Jan Markell]

The Dual Covenant Heresy: More End-Time Deception [Jan Markell]

Social Justice or Educational Injustice  [Laurie Higgins]

Social Science for a Non-Free Society [Erica Carle]

Get rid of sociological stupidity in schools [Erica Carle]

Thirty Small Singing Soldiers [Ingrid Schlueter]

Kinsey's Fraudulent 'Science'  [Dr. Judith Reisman]

Can We Control the Weather? [Rosalind Peterson]

Pillars of the Alliance of Civilizations: Earth Charter [Constance Cumbey]

Deceived on Purpose & Enter Robert Schuller [Warren Smith]

"Days of the Dead” at Cornerstone “Christian” Youth Camp [Dwayna Litz]

 What’s Wrong With a “Female Adam” Anyway? [Dwayna Litz]

Reinventing Jesus, Chapter 3: Neale Donald Walsch [Warren Smith]

The Chamber of Commerce - It's Power and Goals  [Erica Carle]

The Intelligent Student's Guide to the New World Order [Erica Carle]

“The Secret” - Christianity or New Age [Lynn Stuter]

The Freemasons

Promoting Homosexuality in the Public Schools [Donna Garner]

Assessment: Measuring the Value of Human Capital [Cynthia Weatherly]

TeenScreen - Stealing Our Children's Future [Jeanyne Wanner]

TeenScreen’s Pseudo-Scientific Basis [Doyle Mills]

Brrrr I'm COLD; It must be Global Warming [Joyce Morrison]

Top 10 Amazing Facts of Mormonism [Jill Martin Rische]

Disarming “Shoot First” Apologetics [Jill Martin Rische]

Shock rock guru Alice Cooper a Christian? [Neil Cooper]

Maitreya Has Come and Will Save the World [Ingrid Schlueter]

Editor Threatened with Prosecution over Homeschooling [Alexandra Colen] 

How homosexual school clubs offer sex to students [Linda Harvey]

Theophostics  [Bob DeWaay]

Review of 'The Barbarian Way' [Kevin Reeves]

Are Campus Pornography Courses Sexual Abuse? by Dr. Judith Reisman

Euthanasia is sweeping America [by a 15-year old boy]

Public schools and what you are up against by a 16-year-old student

Lord of the Rings: When an Obsession Is an Idol [Ralph Cabrera]

Disarming “Shoot First” Apologetics [Walter Martin]

Church Growth Hormone  [Pastor Ray Baumann]

Are you “listening” as your property rights fade away? [Joyce Morrison]

4-H vs. BIG BROTHER by Joyce Morrison

Millennium Campaign an interview by Kathryn Price

Community Oriented Policing by Phillip Worts

Zondervan -- Anything For a Buck [New teen"Bibles"]

Chamber of Commerce - 2: Blanket over the world [Erica Carle]

This Is Not Being Racist  by Donna Gardner

'Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy' is Destroying the Church  [Ingrid Schlueter]

The Gospel According to Rick Warren by Ingrid Schlueter

Excerpts: Wilkinson's Dream For Africa is Shattered

Our Purpose Driven Diversion by Scott MacIntyre

MegaShift by Steve Muse

The Quiet Revolution by Lynn Stuter

To Chip or Not To Chip by Ray Gano

Why Fear Reveals Love  by Rev. Ken Silva

The falling away of the Evangelical Church by Rev. Ken Silva

Who's crazy? Experts or non-experts? by Dr. Joan E. Battey

Semantic Infiltration and How to Combat It by Chuck Venhuizen

A New Song - Part 1 & Part 2 by Paul Proctor

The Ten Commandments Controversy by Paul Proctor

Confessions of a facilitator by Paul Proctor

When 'Christian Educators' prefer Islam by Jennifer Shroder

Taking America back?  by Paul Proctor

Sailor Moon by Monique Desir

War with Iraq: the Aftermath by Gary Kah

Seeing Red by Paul Proctor

The Peril of Polls  by Paul Proctor

Diaprax Goes to Seminary  by Paul Proctor

Rethinking VeggieTales by Cathy Mickels

The Real Makers of Lethal Weapons Are in Our Schools by Servando Gonzalez

Shaping the New World Civilization by Gary Kah

A Region in Conflict by Gary Kah

A World Of Change by Gary Kah

God (please) Bless America by John Selck

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