Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

Review of pages 462 to 539  

According to ancient Egyptian thought man is made up of two parts: the Ka (soul/spirit) and the Ba (body). The mythology of the Phoenix parallels the right of an Adept in occult order initiation.  In that order an Adept Minor is in the condition of  “man (ba)  to ascended man (ka).”  In other words a man’s flesh is still in control of his soul/spirit (baka) but he is aware of his soul/spirit as it begins to awaken. As an Adept Minor evolves into an Adept Major his condition changes to that of “ascended man(ka) WITH man (ba)” wherein ascended man is equal with the flesh (ka=ba).  As an Adept Major evolves into an Adept Exempt his condition evolves into “ascended man (ka) in control of man (ba)” where his ascended man is in control of the flesh (ka=ba)

In effect, the rising of the phoenix is the death, resurrection and ascension of man to god.

The Ritual of the Middle Pillar:  This ritual accomplished the drawing down of the energy of the universe into man’s sephriah. The chant says, among other lines, “Soul Osiris slain and risen” and in the ritual when you manifest Osiris as risen it is the same symbol as ascended man.  A well-known euphemism for Osiris is the Phoenix.

The “Order of the Phoenix”  could be a parallel to an Inner Order of an Occult organization. ("Peter" became an Adept Major and a Temple Master in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn)

The connection between the Dark Lord and Harry.  P. 531.

The connection described here happens in psychic war.  Spirit exchange.  When two individuals are involved in a psychic battle and neither dies bits and pieces of the spirits of both of them exchange.  Eastern mysticism calls this an exchange of energy at the chakra level.  Hermetic magicians exchange this energy at doth.(A vertical dividing line within the Cabalistic (occult) Tree of Life

Harry and the snake.  P. 462  Harry’s dream changes and takes on a new form.  He becomes a presence inside the body of a snake and he sees through the snake’s eyes to watch the attack of Mr. Weasley

• Voldemort morphs into a snake – transmutation in occult terms. South American magic refers to this as a nagual – the taking on  and sharing the life of an animal form.  (A War of  Witches.  Timothy  J. Knab, Ph.D, Harper Collins, Publishers, 1993.)

• Harry: bilocation.  He’s in two places at one time.  The physical part of him (ba)  was in bed asleep.  The part of him connected to Voldemort (ka) experienced what Voldemort was doing when he attacked Weasley.  Harry experienced this attack in his physical body.

Occlumency, page 530.  Occlumency is a “branch of magic that seals the mind against magical intrusion and influence.”

This is identical to the Sign of Hypocrates.  You learn this sign when you learn astral travel so that you cannot be attacked.  Hypocrates was under attack by Set and when Set attacked Hypocrates turned himself, astrally, into stone so that he could not be attacked.  The attacker cannot get through the barrier.

Legilimency, page 531.  “those who have mastered Legilimency are able under certain conditions to delve into the minds of their victims and to interpret their feelings correctly… Time and space matter in magic.  Eye contact is often essential to legilimency.:”

There are two parts to this in occult magick:

• One part of this is aura reading.  If you can read someone’s aura or the ka of that person you know what is going on inside that person.  Eye contact is necessary to read someone’s aura.  Eyes mirror the soul.

• The other part is the fact that occultists can hear what people broadcast spiritually much the same way that if we could tune into certain frequency we could hear radio signals in our heads.

•Time and space DO matter to occultists because everything has to be done in the NOW.  You can’t change the past or read far into the future so everything must be sown in the present.

“Clear you mind and let go of all emotion”

page 535.  This idea is repeated on the next page when Harry is instructed to focus and discipline his mind. 

This is the first law of the Tablet of the True Seeker (Code of Survival in the system of Hermetic Magick):  purge love and hate.  Love blindly inclines one to error and hate repels one from the truth.

Snape is teaching Harry that is he fails to discipline his mind he will die or be taken over completely by the Dark Lord.  P. 536 and 538.  Empty your mind every night before you go to sleep.

Snape is teaching Harry how to prevent psychic attack.  He is also teaching Harry to take his ascended man (a or soul/spirit) and impose it on the body (Ba) so that he has the power purge his emotions.  No one has the power to control emotions in the flesh – emotion can only be controlled from the soul/spirit. 

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