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Postmodern Emphasis in Schools and Culture

God doesn't change. Nor does human nature. We, like Israel in Old Testament days, tend to forget that God is the One who has blessed our nation. So, when we today ignore His ways, He once again withdraws His protection and turns us over to the natural consequences built into His creation. [See Human Nature

The New Social & Educational Emphasis

Old Paradigm

New Paradigm

Biblical Truth

Multicultural Myths


Experience and Feelings


Imagination (key to occult thinking)


Speculation and intuition


Politicized Pseudo-Science



Factual History

Multicultural Storytelling

Moral convictions

Changeable  Values & Attitudes

Objective Thinking

Subjective Feelings

Bible-trained Conscience

Group Consensus

Individual Responsibility

Collective Responsibility


See also America's Spiritual Slide

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