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From The Old Story to The New Story

According to humanist educators and globalist propaganda

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The Story Behind "The Old Story" and "The New Story" . . . .

I do not know for sure where these charts originated. But I can tell the story about our first contact with them. Significantly, these charts were unveiled in conjunction with a conference that ushered in the "transformation" of education, and featured David Hornbeck, one of the national education reform "gurus" responsible for outcome-based education and the restructuring of schools (now codified into No Child Left Behind). Two Iowa citizens, Marla Quenzer and Karen Kurth, attended this conference and were eyewitness when Dr. Cordell Svengalis of the Iowa Department of Education unveiled these diagrams in a presentation that introduced the new global education curriculum mandate for Iowa schoolchildren. Karen Kurth recorded her experience in an article published in the Iowa Report (Dec. 1992) entitled "What on Earth is Gaia?"
"The first time I encountered ...Gaia was at a conference called 'Iowa to Iowans. . . Defining World Class Education' [1989] during a workshop entitled "Global Education: Reaching for Common Vision" presented by Dr. Cordell Svengalis, an employee of the Iowa Department of Education. His presentation included an overhead slide of "Earth: The Old Story: Conventional Wisdom" and another slide "Earth: The New Story: Transformation." There appeared on the second slide the word "Gaia." Here I heard "Gaia" referenced as both an entity and a deity.

"Dr. Svengalis also had in his possession a manual entitled Catalog of Global Education Classroom Activities, Lesson Plans and Resources. When I asked him where I could obtain a copy of this he told me it wasn't being published yet. As soon as this was available I obtained a copy of it along with A Guide for Integrating Global Education Across the Curriculum from the Department of Education.

"Listed in the Bibliography of this Guide was a book called The Gaia Peace Atlas. It was recommended as an excellent source of general background information. The Gaia Peace Atlas calls us the people of Gaia and contains James Lovelock's definition of Gaia. Several more references occurred in the original versions of these Department of Education documents, including classroom activities for children that utilized James Lovelock's pseudo-scientific, religious "Gaia Hypothesis."
Another interesting story about these overheads is recorded in an article by me (Sarah Leslie), "The Myth of Tolerance: Left-Wing Conspiracy Theories and the Rise of Neo-Pagan Bigotry," published in the Free World Research Report (February 1993). This article describes the contents of a packet of documentation compiled by the Iowa Department of Education about how to deal with "right wing extremists":
"For whatever reason, the Iowa Department of Education felt it necessary to include an article written by Dr. Cordell Svengalis, the global education expert at the State Department of Education. In this TIMELINE article (Issue 7), he defends the ideology behind his two overhead transparencies which have generated so much controversy, entitled "The Old Story" and "The New Story." Dr. Svengalis discusses the threat that the Religious Right poses to the "transformation of human consciousness" that "must occur":
"'The opposite of the holistic view is the separationist or dualistic thinking view which has guided human thinking since the rise of civilization and has divided humanity from the Earth. The separation philosophy has given rise to the lenses through which most people view the world.... It has led to the fragmentation of our world that we now seek to mend. This view has also been instrumental in the evolution of hierarchies, patriarchy, war and other conflicts, consumerism, and the destruction of the environment.'
"Dr. Svengalis boldly states that "[the] old separationist story... has become dysfunctional."
Sarah H. Leslie

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