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From Personal Freedom to Collectivism and Control


Christian paradigm


Humanist Paradigm


Global Paradigm


Source of values: God and His Word, parental training Humanist education, dialog, feelings... Imagination & feelings (through facilitated dialogue and peer pressure)

Locus of


1. External (Biblical authorities: God, parents, pastor, etc.

2. Internal (Holy Spirit, conscience)

1. External: information, relationships

2. Internal: reason & feelings

1. Internal: Imagination and feelings

2. External: Peers, facilitators & suggestions (curricula, storytelling, entertainment...)

Thoughts & opinions Objective - based on Biblical truth, fact, faith and reason Objective & Subjective - based on facts, presumed truths, reason and relativism Subjective - based on wants, cravings, the rejection of any absolute truths or unchanging values. (1 John 2:15-17)



Learn truth, wisdom, work skills and citizenship Learn facts, skills, citizenship Become a collective thinker, team-player, community server, ready to flow with "continual change." (Proverb 12-13)
Methods Teach truth and facts, encourage self-discipline, train in skills and Christian virtues Teach facts and logic, encourage self-discipline, train in skills and humanist character qualities. Use psycho-social manipulation and continual assessments to measure change, resistance, "progress," etc. (Legalizing Mind Control)
Essential lessons Personal responsibility

Human rights (Deut 28:15)

Collective duties or responsibilities (Re-inventing the World, Part 2)

Right &


Don't tolerate sin (but love sinners)

Tolerate all lifestyles (Rom 12:2, 9)


Don't tolerate dissenters (Zero Tolerance)



God and His Word, not self *

Human reason  (Col 2:8)

Your feelings (unaware of manipulation by facilitators and psychosocial tactics)

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