Excerpts from

Preaching and Preachers

By D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

 "ONE Gospel" --  Chapter 7, The Congregation, pages 121- 142

"…We are all one in sin, one in failure, one in hopelessness, one in need of the Lord Jesus Christ and His great salvation." Page 133

"My final comment is that the real trouble with this modern outlook (ed. -see quotes below) is that it forgets the Holy Spirit and His power.  We have become such experts, as we think, in psychological understanding, and at dividing people up into groups – psychological, cultural, national, etc. – that we conclude as a result that what is all right for one is not right for another, and so eventually become guilty of denying the Gospel.  ‘There is neither Jew nor Gentile, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free.’  This is the ONE Gospel – the ONLY Gospel.  It is for the whole world, and the whole of humanity....

We have fallen into the grievous error of adopting modern psychological theories to such an extent that we evade the truth, sometimes to protect ourselves from the message, and certainly to justify methods that are not consistent and consonant with the message which we are privileged to deliver."  Pages 141-142

"It is quite clear that the new factor in this respect is the great emphasis being placed today upon the pew." Page 121

"…it is what the modern man can ‘accept’ that becomes the determining factor.  It is the same as all the talk about ‘man come of age’, and other characteristic modern clichés." Page 122 – 123

"We must look at some of the ways in which this attitude tends to express itself.  It does so in its approach to what we may call ‘the ordinary people’.  We are told that today they cannot think and follow reasoned statements, that they are so accustomed to the kind of outlook and mentality produced by newspapers, television and the films, that they are incapable of following a reasoned, argued statement." Page 123

"…There is no greater fallacy than to think that you need a gospel for special types of people.  It is entirely contrary to plain biblical teaching; it is also contradicted completely by what we read in the biographies of all the great preachers such as Whitefield, Spurgeon and also in the stories of evangelists such as D.L. Moody.  They never recognized these false distinctions, and their ministries were blessed to all types – intellectual, social, etc. – of people." Page 130

"In the third place, this modern idea is really based on false thinking.  This, to me, is most important.  It assumed that the difficulty and the trouble with modern man, the thing that prevents his believing the Gospel, is almost entirely a problem of language and of terminology, what is described grandiloquently today as ‘the problem of communication!’  That is the reason behind so much of this thinking." 

"I agree entirely that we should always seek the best translations possible.... 130

The simple answer to the argument that people in this post-Christian age do not understand terms like Justification, Sanctification and Glorification is simply to ask another question. When did people understand them? When did the unbeliever understand this language? The answer is: Never! These terms are peculiar and special to the Gospel." 130-131

"Then take that other false argument, that we have got to know the exact condition of people before we can truly preach to them, and that therefore the preacher should go and work in a factory for six months in order that he may preach effectively to factory workers. This is to me the most monstrous and fatuous argument of all, because, if this is true, and is pressed to its logical conclusion, your training will never be finished, because, if you are to preach to drunkards you will have to spend six months in the drinking saloons and bar-parlors and so on.... Then , and only then, will you be ready to preach to them. .... You would have to have one service for, and one congregation of, the non-intellectuals; then you would have a special service for the intellectuals.... {venues}132

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