Excerpts from

The Church Must Not Conform

By A. W. Tozer

"A stimulating little book written by a thoughtful observer of the religious scene attempts to explain Christian sects and denominations as reflections of the social conditions out of which they sprang.
        "The idea is, if I understand the author's arguments correctly, that the differences in doctrine and in forms of church government among various Christian bodies, have resulted from different, economic, political, racial, and cultural patterns throughout Christendom.
        "According to this theory, a democratic state would tend to produce a democratic church, whereas under a political dictatorship, the authoritarian form of government would naturally prevail within the Christian community. In a highly cultured society, ritualism would mark the worship of the church, along with much rich symbolism and forms of external beauty.  ...this explanation is probably an accommodation of fact to theory and, while partly true, does not tell the whole story.
        "One thing is certain, however; it is that wherever the Christian religion differs from itself, there will surely be found elements that are unscriptural, and altogether without Biblical authority, and it is always those elements that divide the church against itself.

       " In whatever language they appear, the Scriptures continue, century after century, to say the same thing to everyone. The Spirit that inspired the Christian revelation never differs from Himself, but remains from age to age the same.

       "God works according to an eternal purpose which He purposed in Christ Jesus before the world began, and our Lord assures that till Heaven and earth pass, not one jot or tittle shall in no wise pass from the Law till all be fulfilled. God's Truth is the same wherever it is found, and if the church conforms to the Truth, it will be the same church in doctrine, and in practice throughout the entire world."

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