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The Hand of God -- Just a reminder that in a world addicted to pleasure and corruption, God still reigns. He will guard and guide those who follow Him. John 16:33

The Stories Behind Famous Christian Quotes: "Eighty and six years have I served Him, and he never did me any injury; how then can I blaspheme my King and my Savior." --Polycarp, disciple of the Apostle John, and Bishop of Smyrna See also Polycarp and Preparing for Persecution


While "Unsinkable" Titanic Sank, John Harper Preached: "Lifeboats were quickly made ready and women and children were ordered to get into them first (Christian culture had stamped the ideas of chivalry into men, making them willing to give up their lives for women and children as their protectors)....

      "The captain ordered the band to play to keep up the spirits of the passengers. It began playing a rag-time tune, but soon was playing hymns....

     "One of the passengers traveling on the ship was evangelist John Harper. He put his six-year old daughter into a life boat and then ran through the ship warning others of the danger and talking to them about the eternal destiny of their souls. When he was finally forced to jump into the icy water, he clung to a piece of wreckage and asked another man 'Are you saved?' When the man answered no, John said to him, 'Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.' ... John Harper was among the 1,522 people who died."

The Story of Edith Easter (enter "Edith" into search engine) : "I guess it goes without saying that the 8th floor of Mercy Hospital had never experienced anything quite like the presence of Edith Berns. It was obvious she was in a great deal of pain, but you never once heard it mentioned... she only talked about Easter! 'Weeping endures for a night,' she would tell her roommates. 'Oh, but joy comes in the morning!' Psalm 30:4-5 Here's the original version and author of the shorter story we posted earlier.

Until That Day - Taking control of the church with the consent of the masses. This autobiographical story of Karl Hoffmann, a young theology student in Germany during Hitler's rise to power back in the 1930s, exposes the strategies used by the Nazi hierarchy to subjugate the Church and its values to the those of the budding Nazi state. May American Christians be as alert to currents threats to religious freedom and purity as were the courageous believers in Germany more than half a century ago.

Are We Fundamentalists? "There are now two kinds of evangelical.... The old is the authentic, biblical position.  The new is far off the track, not in its basic view of salvation, but in its readiness to compromise with doctrinal error and worldly ways. The new is selling the faith for earthly respect and recognition... and churches are being ruined."

The Hebrew Names of God

The Cross and the Resurrection

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