Excerpts from

My Soul's Boast

Writings by Margaret Winslet

during the Japanese invasion of Shantung, China.


Published by The Second Presbyterian Church, Chattanooga, TN, 1939

March 28: Nothing goes according o schedule. We haven't missed a meal, nor much sleep and between (bombing) spells, life carries on--cooking, grinding, gardening, quarreling, gossiping, having babies, even washing." (page 100)


Under the Shadow of the Almighty:






March 14:  This morning the planes ... stayed an hour and a half, circling and dropping  bombs, also machine gunning....


It's my privilege and pleasure God's goodness. For there's much more than war and destruction. There's also the grandeur of courage and faith and service on the part of our Chinese leaders and Christians-- and splendor and heroism that is thrilling to see. I was never more content with my lot. (81)


March 30: God ahs kept me from fear of wha5 is happening. I have been full of gratefulness at being here and of a sense of being lifted up. They have been days of  exceeding joy. I have never felt such love for people-e or such overflowingness and fullness.... Surly God was with us and delivered moment by moment. He is proving true 6to all this promises of help and those who call upon Him and has gving energy and quietness and deep joy in Himself. (103)


March 31: Our population at the South Compound must have increased by 100 at least since last count. ... So many new faces and all kinds, even two Buddhist nuns. Another is a 96 year old woman attended by daughters-in lay 84 and 76.... She thought she was deceived about the danger of living in a city because she is blind and almost totally deaf and can't hear the explosions of bombs and shells and didn't believe there was such a thing as a plane. To attempts to explain why we must be in a cellar, she says,

"You are older than I am and know more than I do?" Didn't I go through the T'ai Ping Rebellion" There were no plane or bombs!"

True, for the Tai Ping Rebellion was long ago -- in 1850-1864.(107)




It has seemed that these days of peace (so-called, not gun fighting anyway) with everybody wanting his own way and everybody working against any kind of order have been harder than the days of fighting. Then, at least, we weren't trying to prevent peole from climbing over the walls at night and bringing back stolen stuff.... deceiving and plain paying no regard to the regulations, all the time living under our flag's protection. (230)


July 22: Little David died at midnight.... He was her only grandson, not a year old and adored... They threw his little body out to the dogs, believing that the sooner it is destroyed the sooner the mother will conceive and have another children. They also believe that if they dishonor a child who has died, it will protect the other children to come. Or if they show any affection for the dead child (dress it up and bury it properly and show any sign of love or sorrow) that its spirit will enter the next baby in the family and it will die also.


July 30: So many are sick or have boils -- probably 8 out of 10, dysentrey, colds and so on. This is a part of the whole, but again not the part I had bargained for . Bombs and shells didn't face me, but this inability to do anything or avert catastrophe does. )307)


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