Are you being "Led away with the Error of the Wicked" to the New Age Ark of Oneness?

Part 6

Transcending Religious Differences

 to Become “Truly Human” on the Ark of Oneness

by Tamara Hartzell





“I suggest that such an international, universal, transcreedal, transcultural, transracial  standard for theology is the statement: ‘We Are All One. Ours is not a better way, ours is merely another way.’

      “This can be the gospel of a New Spirituality. It can be a kind of spirituality that gives people back to themselves.”

—the seducing spirit calling itself “God” that channeled its teachings through Neale Donald Walsch in their conversations (Bold added)34

When Noah built the Ark of God, he preached to the world warning humanity of God’s coming judgment. No one had ears to hear. Only Noah’s family of eight people were willing to obediently give themselves to God; they alone boarded the Ark. The rest of humanity persisted in believing and doing what was right in their own eyes and subsequently found themselves the recipients of God’s severe judgment.

Despite its destruction in the flood, and despite its setback when it tried to become One at the tower of Babel, humanity remains undeterred in its self-determination. Even so, humanity thinks it has learned its lesson, that the key is to be on the Ark rather than to be separated from it. So what is humanity’s solution? Build its own Ark of course.

“‘There is no Religion higher than Truth.’ Hence… we must welcome Truth wherever it may be found, without partiality for any one belief as against another.” —Helena Blavatsky35

“Relinquish the pride of mind which sees its way and its interpretations to be correct and true, and others’ false and wrong. This is the way of separation.” —the seducing spirit calling itself Djwhal Khul36

“Everyone fanatically clinging to an idea isolating him from the universal axiom–“There is no Religion higher than Truth”–will find himself separated like a rotten plank from the new ark called Humanity.” —Helena Blavatsky (Bold added)37

Humanity’s spiritual Ark is being built by many groups as the platform of the new world religion (See The Emerging One Church of the New World). Although it gives the appearance of being “Christian,” or “following Christ,” it is a New Age Ark of Oneness. The builders of this Ark are offering the peace and safety of Oneness with God and with each other to all who are spiritual enough to get on board. They are also warning everyone who remains separate from this Oneness to change their wrong separative beliefs or face the coming storm of judgment that is to purge the world of all separateness.38 Only those who forsake “the way of separation” and find “forgiveness” toward others—in other words, those who believe “There is no Religion higher than Truth” and no longer see the ways and “interpretations” (beliefs) of others to be false and wrong—can enter this Ark of peace and safety.

“The ark of peace is entered two by two, yet the beginning of another world goes with them.…

“Think not that your forgiveness of your brother serves but you two alone. For the whole new world rests in the hands of every two who enter here to rest.” —the seducing spirit calling itself “Jesus,” who channeled A Course in Miracles through Helen Schucman, Professor of Medical Psychology at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in NYC (Bold added)39

"The winds will blow upon it and the rain will beat against it, but with no effect. The world will wash away and yet this house will stand forever, for its strength lies not within itself alone.

"It is an ark of safety …” —the seducing spirit calling itself “Jesus” (Bold added)40

The call is still going out. Are you one of those on the way to becoming spiritual enough—spiritually One enough—to become “truly human”? Are you one of those whose hearts are listening and who will help build this “Ark of hope” and create a New Humanity for the new world?

“It is here that the Church, as usually understood, meets its major challenge. Is it spiritual enough to let go of theology and become truly human? Is it interested enough to widen its horizon and recognize as truly Christian all who demonstrate the Christ spirit, whether they be Hindu, Mohammedan, or Buddhist, whether they are labeled by any name other than that of orthodox Christian?” —Alice Bailey (Bold added) 41

“We need to reconfirm the great things in life … expressions of the purest aspects of our spirit, reflections of the Oneness that we are. This is what the Alliance [for a New Humanity] is seeking, a going back to being truly human, a pause, a call to this sense in most of all.…

“Once, when Noah set out to build the Ark, it is said that few wanted to invest their time or resources in such a venture. But it did rain a lot, and those who built the lifeboat sailed and generated a new hope, a new seed for the Universe to continue looking at itself. So goes the myth of Noah.

“Today we are again swamped with our forgetfulness of Being … We are again callous to each others’ pain as we indulge in our separateness. We must call again, for those whose hearts are listening … Call upon ourselves to help us build this Ark of hope, this Human-Net.” —Deepak Chopra, President & Co-founder of the Alliance for a New Humanity, a popular spiritual leader who is highly acclaimed as “the preeminent voice of Eastern Philosophy in the West” (Bold added)42

“This is an opportunity for us to transcend our religious differences, our ethnic boundaries, and create a new humanity which is based on love, sharing, compassion, giving.…

“You know in historical traditions, in religious traditions, God rained on the earth for 40 days. And from that came Noah’s Ark and the creation of a new humanity. Can we create a new humanity that is not based on militarism ethnocentrism, racism, bigotry, hatred, and prejudice?” —Deepak Chopra (Bold added)43

Unlike the world in Noah’s day, this time many people are listening. Multitudes are joining the efforts to warn the world and help build humanity’s Ark of Oneness to save the world from its global and planetary problems, which the New Age teaches are caused by separation, or lack of Oneness due to “forgetfulness of Being.” The hope of this Ark is its spiritually One “New Humanity” that will “remember” or “awaken” to the “divine” “Reality” of “who they really are” in the core of their “Being.”

In other words, the hope of this Ark is the belief in humanity’s inner “Oneness” with God, which is the basis for humanity’s spiritual “Oneness” with each other. Oneness embraces panentheism—the belief in God’s immanence, or that God is in everyone and everyone is in God (and therefore everyone is One with each other)—and ultimately leaves no separation (or gap) at all between God and humanity. This panentheism is the New Age New Spirituality’s misunderstanding of Acts 17:28, “For in him we live, and move, and have our being,” which is why this verse was included in the New Age transformation to the Christian Ark mentioned earlier.

“Key to the New Spirituality is a belief that God is not separate from anyone or anything — and neither are we.” —Neale Donald Walsch’s Humanity’s Team website44

“God is All in all in a very literal sense. All being is in Him Who is all Being. You are therefore in Him since your being is His.... By your awakening to it, you are merely forgetting what you are not. This enables you to remember what you are.” —the seducing spirit calling itself “Jesus”

“The beautiful relationship you have with all your brothers is a part of you because it is a part of God Himself. Are you not sick, if you deny yourself your wholeness and your health, the Source of help, the Call to healing and the Call to heal?... For healing will be one or not at all, its oneness being where the healing is. What could correct for separation but its opposite?...

It is an ark of safety, resting on God’s promise that His Son is safe forever in Himself. What gap can interpose itself between the safety of this shelter and its Source?”  —the seducing spirit calling itself “Jesus”
(Bold added)46

The hope of the New Age faith, or New Spirituality, is that when this One Humanity has achieved its “divine potential” and all separation has been purged from the world, then world problems such as “tribalism” and poverty and hatred and violence will be left behind. The world will then be transformed by this New Humanity into a divine new world of peace, love, good will, and sharing where everyone can be free to worship his own inner (immanent) “God” of his own understanding in his own way. The call for this New Age “kingdom of God” is now being so widely heeded, even in today’s Christianity, that the building of humanity’s Ark of Oneness is suddenly nearing completion.

“Our opportunity now is to create the space of possibility for a New Spirituality to emerge upon the earth ... bringing to our world at last an  individualized experience of the Divine in a unified form that makes no one wrong for the way in which they are approaching the God of their understanding, and that creates no condemnation or conflict in God’s name.” —Neale Donald Walsch (Bold added) 47

“Today men’s minds are recognizing the dawn of freedom; they are realizing that every man should be free to worship God in his own way.... His own God-illumined mind will search for truth and he will interpret it for himself. The day of theology is over..." —the seducing spirit calling itself Djwhal Khul (Bold added)48

“The search for a new narrative that unites us and takes us to the dawn of a new civilization is a fundamental driving force at these crossroads of humanity.” —Deepak Chopra

Purposefully casting aside the key that gives entrance into the true Kingdom of God, humanity is doing its own kingdom building of an inclusive counterfeit kingdom that “all men of peace and good will” in any faith can enter.50

“Getting to heaven’ will no longer be the ultimate purpose in life. Creating heaven wherever you are will be seen as the prime objective.” —Neale Donald Walsch 51

“We are concerned with only one subject, the ushering in of the new world order We are occupied with the formation of that new party which will gather into its ranks all men of peace and good will ... This new party can be regarded as the embodiment of the emerging Kingdom of God on earth, but it should be remembered that this kingdom is not a Christian kingdom ... It is a grouping of all those who -- belonging as they do to every world religion and every nation and type of political party -- are free from the spirit of hatred and separativeness, and who seek to see right conditions established on earth through mutual good will.”  —the seducing spirit calling itself Djwhal Khul
(Bold added)52

Although humanity intends for its Ark of Oneness to bring the world love, peace, compassion, brotherhood, goodwill, sharing, beauty, justice, virtue, unity, service, and elimination of global and planetary problems, humanity is ultimately being driven by the god of this world to a very specific destination (a destination that not every builder and would-be boarder of the Ark is necessarily aware of ahead of time). This Ark of Oneness is the ultimate forbidden fruit.

It is the no-holds-barred grand finale of the serpent’s seduction of humanity, which he began in the Garden of Eden. At its core, underneath all the alluring external trappings of love, peace, compassion, and so forth, this emerging Ark of Oneness and its counterfeit kingdom of God are nothing more than the serpent’s promise:

Ye shall not surely die: ... then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” (Genesis 3:4-5)

      “When, therefore, sight has been attained and the light streams forth, revelation of the oneness of all life is a simple and immediate occurrence....
      “[lln these days many are attaining sight and light is pouring in....
      “An increase of pressure on the part of all who recognize the factual nature of the inner subjective kingdom of God, will produce amazing results....
      “We are all the children of God; we are all equally divine; we are all on our way to the revelation of divinity ...“ —the seducing spirit calling itself Djwhal Khul
(Bold added) 53

“This divinity in man must be brought to the birth, both in the individual and in the race, and thus can the kingdom of God on earth be brought into being.” —Alice Bailey
(Bold added)54

Essentially, this emerging counterfeit “kingdom of God” is the kingdom of Humanity in which to become “truly human” is to become “truly God.” The serpent’s purpose for this kingdom is to “initiate” you into “the mysteries of Being,” that is, the “revelation” of “the Secret” that God and Christ are already within you as “Who You Really Are” regardless of what you believe or do. In Oneness there are no right or wrong “interpretations” (beliefs) of truth; there is only your own inner “light” of your own personal experience of your own “Christ” and “God” of your own understanding through your own “Oneness with God.”

“Being alone lives in the Kingdom, where everything lives in God without question.” —the seducing spirit calling itself “Jesus” (Bold added)55

“That is why we make no distinction between having the Kingdom of God and being the Kingdom of God.” —the seducing spirit calling itself “Jesus”
(Bold added) 56

"The teaching of Christ is not obsolete and out of date. It needs only to be rescued from the interpretations of the theologies of the past, and taken at its simple face value, which is an expression of the divinity of man, of his participation in the kingdom which is in process of being brought into recognition, and of his immortality as a citizen of that kingdom. What we are in reality passing through is ‘a religious initiation into the mysteries of Being,’ ... and from that we shall emerge with a deepened sense of God immanent in ourselves and in all humanity.” — Alice Bailey
(Bold added) 57

“Truth lies within ourselves. When we can contact our own inner God all truth will be revealed to us. We shall be Knowers.” —Alice Bailey
(Bold added) 58

“The kingdom of God is not some one particular church with its own peculiar doctrines, its particular formulations of truth ... and of approach to God.

       “The true Church is the kingdom of God on earth ... composed of all, regardless of race or creed, who live by the light within, who have discovered the fact of the mystical Christ in their hearts, and are preparing to tread the Way of Initiation....
      “The work of the disciple is the founding of the kingdom, and the primary characteristic of its citizens is immortality.... [T]hey have life everlasting because there is in them that which cannot die, being of the nature of God. To be immortal because one’s sins are forgiven seems an inadequate reason to an intelligent mind; to have everlasting life because Christ died two thousand years ago does not prove satisfactory to the man who is conscious of his own responsibility and his own identity; to live for ever because one is religious, or has accepted certain forms of belief, is a reason repudiated by the man who is aware of his own inner power and nature ...“ —Alice Bailey
(Bold added) 59

“The New Spirituality is a civil rights movement for the soul, freeing humanity at last from the oppression of its belief in a separate, angry, violent, and fearful God.” —Neale Donald Walsch

Oneness has no use for the key to the true Kingdom of God. In the “safety” of Oneness, humanity becomes “as God” with everyone knowing and interpreting and deciding for oneself what is good and what is evil. Thus in Oneness, humanity can “safely” believe and do what is right in its own eyes without fear of judgment from God or man. In the “safety” of Oneness and its “true Church” (i.e., its Emerging One Church), a darkness-loving humanity can finally emerge out of the reproving light of the knowledge of the true God and achieve what it has really wanted all along: “Absolute Freedom of Human Thought.”61

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