lent exposé of the pernicious lengths to which the collectivists have gone in order to influence those interested in artistic accomplishments.
Revealing are the faces and postures, for example, of Individuals presented in the paintings and sculpture of these “artists.” The facial expressions reflect a state of complete hopelessness, and a recognition and acceptance of the Inevitable. This fact in itself ought to be most convincing, and it should show that the philosophy which It is attempted to portray is not a philosophy for freeborn Americans.
One of the more pernicious of these “bits of art” is the statue of Jesus Christ shown on the cross as a large Insect. To quote from this article by Miss Pels, ‘What more subtle way could be devised to destroy children’s faith in religion than to show Christ on the cross as a gigantic insect? Nothing Is more despicable in modern art than the vulgarity of ugly distortion in religious themes.”
Our robotnists have, Indeed, done their work well and most effectively. This list of their tools and some of their achievements is not intended to be complete by any means, for their activities embrace every phase of life. Conspicuous, of course, is the typical attitude of the public bureaucratic employee. Studied blindness of the department store clerk, insolence and downright rudeness when he Is disturbed In his daydreamings, deliberate inattentiveness by the gas station attendant, are becoming the rule of the day and can have no cause other than this deliberately engineered flight from responsibility.
Elbert Hubbard wrote about this some years ago in his “A Message to Garcia” when he said, “Slipshod assistance, foolish Inattention, dowdy indifference, and halfhearted work seem the rule; and no man succeeds, unless by hook or crook or threat he forces on bribes other men to assist him; or mayhap, God in his goodness performs a miracle, and sends him an angel of light for an assistant.”
But why should the individual bestir himself in any efforts at self- betterment? Does he not have complete cradle to the grave security, and has he ever been exposed to any philosophy other than that of the progressive educationist who drools feelingly over his destructive accomplishments in the field of human relations? The bright boys and girls of the “mental health program” are now most happy to find the perfect opportunity created for them by fifty years of robotry In which they can contribute another spoke on two to the wheel of human mediocrity.

Another subject that is being artlfically agitated out of all proportion by our professional collectivists is that of fluoridation of public water supplies. It was discovered quite by accident that a water supply containing relatively large amounts of the fluoride ion seemed in some instances, when taken over the early years In a child’s life, to decrease the incidence of tooth decay. The fact that a gross disfigurement of the teeth known as mottling occurs in from 15 to 25 per cent of the children so exposed does not seem to be seriously regarded since it is alleged that this is merely an indication that the child has